Seems like a lot of little things went weird with the latest patch, as Blizzard replies to more bug reports with “yes, we know, working on it.” See our previous Patch 2.0.5 bug-documented posts here and here and here.

    Not a bug to start with, but a useful clarification on this week’s D3Y2 anniversary buff:

    The Anniversary buff does not affect Kadala’s loot
    Grimiku: You’re correct! The anniversary buff does not influence the Legendary drop rate from Kadala or Horadric Caches. It’s good to keep this in mind as you adventure through Sanctuary over the duration of the anniversary celebration.

    Note that the patch buffed legendary drop rates from caches independent of this anniversary week buff, but only for caches earned on DiabloWikiTorment 2 and above.

    On to the bugs. The DiabloWikiNemesis Bracers that cause a Champion pack to spawn whenever a shrine is triggered have a bug that’s causing them to only summon one type of enemy every shrine in each act.

    Nemesis Bracers spawn predetermined champ?

    The champ spawned by my nemesis bracers inside rifts are always Fallen Masters. Why doesn’t it spawn more types?
    Tsarnis: This is indeed a bug that we are aware of. Thanks for the reports about this!

    A follow up to a bug we posted about yesterday; Blizzard has hot-fixed the extra damage Plagued effects were dealing.

    Elite ground attacks ninja-buffed to majorly OP

    Go near a Plagued or DiabloWikiDesecrator pool and barely touch it, your hit points will drop faster than Hogan’s wrecking ball in custard.
    Grimiku: Some of the ground effects are doing too much damage currently, and we intend to tone them down. We don’t have an ETA to share yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

    I have a little more information to share with all of you about this, so here we go. 🙂 Plagued was doing higher damage than we intended, and we found the error. The good news is that it was something that could be addressed in a hotfix, and we implemented that fix last night. So, at this time you should no longer be experiencing extra deadly plague pools, but your regularly scheduled deadly plague pools instead.

    Finally, some infos about a Witch Doctor thingie involving those little naked dudes with knives.

    Can we please get a number indicating the amount of fetishes we have summoned? Since they just overwrite each other after 15. I don’t want to keep respawning new ones while they are dpsing. Thanks blizzard!!
    Grimiku: Currently, fetishes summoned through the DiabloWikiFetish Sycophant passive are replacing the oldest fetishes, and that includes those summoned by Fetish Army. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except that many Witch Doctors now have very powerful fetishes being summoned through Fetish Army, and those bonuses do not apply to fetishes summoned through the passive (as noted in the quote!). The good news, though, is that this is a bug that we intend to fix in patch 2.1.

    Our plan is to separate the fetish cap for each these skills, so that new fetishes summoned with the Fetish Sycophants passive will only replace older fetish sycophants. Fetishes summoned through Fetish Army will remain for the duration of Fetish Army (possibly forever for those of you with the Zunimassa 4 piece bonus).

    I like the new WD skills and zoomancer options and keep meaning to play some more WD in RoS, but there never seems to be time. It sucks not being 18 forever. That said, I live vicariously, and one of my favorite verbal typos is when someone pronounces this skill “fetish psycho-pants”. Which 1) always makes me laugh, and 2) sounds like an awesome WD-class legendary item for the legs slot.

    How goes your D3 play, on WD or otherwise? Is the D3Y2 buff influencing you to play more this week/weekend? Do you wish it included DOUBLED exp also? Or is rolling bounties and stocking up Rift Keys, while finding more legs as well, good enough for an anniversary celebration?

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