Blizzard Composer Russel Brower Interviewed

CVG has posted a new interview with Blizzard Composer Russell Brower. Russel is chiefly responsible for the music of World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3, and while the interview concentrates on WoW, there are some questions about the other two games as well.

CVG: What about Diablo III? Is that dark, brooding affair – again, how do you make sure it doesn’t distract or overpower the gameplay?

Russell: It’s a little early to talk about it, but I’ll say this: The music in Diablo I, II and the expansion is some of the most iconic music in video game history.

We have a huge guidepost there and we’re not going to violate that. Diablo III’s story and gameplay expands into new areas as the game unfolds, and you’ll hear us going bigger and going wider [with the music]. We’ll take each scene as it comes and find a way to approach it.

If the music was to ever overpower, to bring too much attention to itself, it’s probably not doing the job that it should.

This issue comes up in discussion from time to time, and the conversation is usually hijacked by people who assert that only Rammstein (or whatever) is appropriate to listen to while killing digital demons. But I’ll ask anyway—how important is the game music to you guys?  Do you listen to it? Will you listen to it in Diablo 3? Does anyone play without any music at all? If you play your own, do you match it thematically to the game, or just play whatever your current favorite is?

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  1. Bruce Lee would use a shield if a demon was breathing fire at him, even if he did not most of the time.

    WTH, I don’t get it, so there are not going to be sword wielding wizards or what? They probably won’t have a skill like enchant this time around I suppose, but seriously, with the various rune-words, a phase blade wielding sorceress was one of the most powerful characters in the game (granted, the required rune-words were near impossible to make…). I know they haven’t said that yet, but I am worried by the general willingness to limit it more than they did in DII.

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