Bashiok has hopped into a long thread of v1.13 feedback and made a few general remarks. They’re absent of specifics, other than confirming that no more changes will be made until after the New Year and semi-promising that we’ll see additional patches after v1.13, but are fairly encouraging on the whole.


    Hopefully I haven’t given the impression that we’re not aware of all the threads and issues people are discussing though. (moar tppk threads plz) But regardless thanks for the thread and at least trying to do something positive during the testing period.

    A lot of good feedback and some good external sources and guides on reproducing some issues have been provided, they’ve been infinitely helpful on informing us of how these things happen and even just simply how we can address them immediately.

    We’re being careful right now about posting replies (ie not doing it) because we can’t commit to anything yet. There’s been too much expectation around 1.13 already. We’re still evaluating a lot of reports, a lot of issues, new or returning requests, and we’ll have to make decisions on a case by case basis for how we’ll move forward. It would be a mistake at this point to further raise expectations of requests/fixes that can’t or maybe just won’t make it in. To give you a small hint, nothing is going to happen or be decided until after the new year.

    Click through to read a couple of more from Bashiok in the same thread.

    I also want to impress upon everyone that 1.13 isn’t and never has been intended as a final patch for Diablo II. I realize with the long delays in getting it to PTR, and longer stretches of time inbetween patches that it seems like it’s necessary that 1.13 encompass everything because, well, there’s just no guarantee that anything will come after. Or in a timely fashion. But, there is a solid long term plan of action for future support of Diablo II. There’s obviously plenty of room for skepticism, and I can’t blame anyone for that. But even with that skepticism I hope that we can get the message across that we have no intention of stopping here.

    Report what they READ… hmmm so did Bashiok even report the big bugs/glitch/hacks we have written, since he is the only one from Blizzard “reading this” can we be sure that every Diablo 2 staff realy knows the real problems in Diablo 2 LoD!

    I dont blame you Bashiok, but it is a well know fact, that people sitting in the same chair, doing the same job everyday, has the ability to forget and oversee whats it all about. I would love to see more Blizzard faces on the forums.

    Bashiok: Actually the legacy programmers/developers, QA legacy team, and myself are reading through the forums. So no, it’s not just me.

    I’m just the only one that posts, because I am a huge ego-maniac and I don’t want people to steal my spotlight. My lonely, oft berated, sometimes hated, dark, sad, pin-hole sized spotlight.


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