Blizzard Comments on the D3/SC2 Release Schedule

We reported on this over the weekend, about Battleforums claiming that all StarCraft II developers moved to Diablo III for a quicker DIII release. Well, we already KNEW this was fake, but if you want further information on it, here is a link to our main site as well as a quote from DiabloWikiBashiok.

[LIST][*]Diablo III Release Date Rumour Debunked[/LIST]

We’re pleased with the development progress on both StarCraft II and Diablo III and are looking forward to sharing more news about both games at next month’s BlizzCon event. Development is proceeding at full speed on both games, but we do not currently have any release dates to announce for either game.

Development on StarCraft II continues to proceed with a full complement of developers. We are pleased with the development progress on the game and are excited to share more news about StarCraft II at next month’s BlizzCon event.

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