Blizzard Comments on Diablo 3 Multi-Boxing

Some months ago a fan asked about Diablo 3 Multi-Boxing, playing the game on multiple computers at once, and finally got a reply from a Blizzard EU CM last week. Here’s the official word, which isn’t real enlightening.

Today on i have seen the man playing by 4 monks.

This is the link on this man:
This is his twitch:
Widely says about multiboxing:

Can i play like this? Is it legal?
Vaneras: This is a very tricky topic to address, because there are quite a few different approaches to multiboxing out there and only some of them goes against our Terms of Use.

It is an issue if and when multiboxing automates gameplay, but as long as the player who is multiboxing is the legitimate account holder on all the involved accounts, and as long as all the characters being played are 100% under the player’s control without any kind of automation involved, then we are okay with it… if we use air planes as an analogy: it is fine to pilot one plane and remote control other planes, but it is not fine to switch on the auto-pilot on any of the planes.

Vaneras: Again, the question of multiboxing is a very hard one to address and it is a rather grey area because there are several ways to interpret what constitutes automation… to us, automated gameplay is when characters perform actions without direct interaction and instruction from a human player.

You are free to play more than one character at the same time using more than one client at the same time, but each character must be played the same way you would play a single character normally in a single client. This means that one character must not react and perform actions automatically based on actions performed by another character. You can send commands and instructions to multiple characters at once, which is fine of course, as long as each action performed by the characters are a result of direct player interaction and player choice.

Multiboxing characters must be controlled 100% by the player!

So basically you can legally multi-box just as you would single-box. Play as you wish, but you can’t use macros or other automations. But since the whole point in multi-boxing is that you get the benefits of multiple players in the game without actually having to control them via 4 mice and keyboards, I’d assume that pretty much everyone who is multiboxing is “cheating,” as Blizzard defines the term? Since just running a program that makes the other machines follow your lead character violates the EULA and TOS, especially if some kind of “pick it” program is working to make those other chars pick up legendaries and rare jewelry. (Which would pretty much be the whole point in doing it as far as I can see, to take advantage of D3’s “full drops for everyone” system.

Have any of you guys tried multiboxing Diablo 3? As we’ve long lamented, the game doesn’t provide major (D2 style) benefits to playing in parties, and it’s not a WoW-style party game so you never “need” tanks or artillery or other RPG party rolls, but the fact that everyone gets a full share of items and gold would seem to make multiboxing profitable, as you’d basically be doubling (or tripling/quadrupling) your loot for only slightly more effort.

Patch 1.0.4 reduced the monster hit point scaling to 75% for each additional player, which means that monsters in a four player game on MP0 have 325% (100 + 75 + 75 + 75) of their normal hit points, but do not do any additional damage. (They did at launch, but that was hotfixed out last summer.) Thus a four player game is roughly equivalent to playing solo on MP3, except you don’t get the bonus Exp/MF/GF, and the monsters do less damage… but if you’re playing 4 characters at once, you’re getting four times the drops.

Worth the trouble?

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18 thoughts on “Blizzard Comments on Diablo 3 Multi-Boxing

  1. Monsters “do not do any additional difficulty”. 🙂

    “Dear Sir, I’m afraid I have to inflict difficulties to you!” 🙂

  2. Multi-Boxing is not “cheating” and it never has been. If it was Blizzard would ban them, but they never have. As such, no reason to even debate the topic.

    • According to me it’s cheating whatever blizzard says. And you should be banned for multi boxing.
      Without cheating in another way there’s NO way to even be close to be competing with a multi boxer. I think this is a problem.

    • Agreed not a priority problem. I can’t believe there was that much community outcry over it. Guess I been away from the official forums too long.

  3. Well that shuts the door on multiboxing since I believe most (all) forms of it use some kind of 3rd party to provide indirect control of the other three characters based on the key presses of the character you are in “direct control” of.

    I always kinda viewed multiboxers as sadistic botters anyway because who else would want to sift through 4x the crap loot that normal players already have trouble swallowing.

  4. It is possible to multi box 4 characters without cheating. Think about 1 keyboard 4 screens. you place 4 characters of the same class and skills on top of each other. each key press sends the command to all 4 characters. You level all 4 and you can pick up only legendaries/jeweleries. Legal and efficient.

  5. So it’s fine for one person to have one button press do 10 things on 4+ computers, yet it’s not fine for a person to have one button press make their character automatically farm the game for them.

    Yes, multiboxing is botting. The only difference is Blizzard receives more money from a multiboxer, so they’re ok with it.

    • Blizzard’s stance has always been, one button press, one action, on as many characters as you can hook up to that button. That isn’t counted as automation in their eyes as your button press only activated one action per character. You’re not allowed to have one button press do more than one action ever.

      • That is not true. In wow Blizzard support macros and you can have 1 button – activates 1 macro that does multiple actions ( like cast 3 spells without a global cooldown for example )

        • That’s only for spells that don’t have global cooldown though. Any spell that does have a global cooldown can only be cast 1/1 buttonpress.

  6. “You can send commands and instructions to multiple characters at once, which is fine of course, as long as each action performed by the characters are a result of direct player interaction and player choice.”

    That statement right there makes it sound like multi-boxing is legal, as long as each character’s actions are controlled directly by the player and not in response to other characters’ actions or by autopilot.

    I’m not a fan of multi-boxing, but that’s what it sounds like to me.


  7. Lol, the RMAH basically turned this game into a “How much money can I make if I bot” game instead of a “how do I make money from botting this game” type of game.

  8. Funny answers from Blizz. According with these answers D3 multiboxing is fine, however it’s NOT for WoW as it involves lots of macroses and automations. /cry

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