Blizzard No-Comments on Diablo 3 Expansion: Reaper of Souls

So, what’s Blizzard said so far about yesterday’s teaser image that appears to show the title of the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Expansion?


Blizzard’s not in lock down mode or anything; the CMs made their usual forum posts, and there’s activity on the @diablo Twitter account and the Diablo Facebook page… but not a word about that DiabloWikiReaper of Souls teaser image. Blizzard knows it’s public (they posted it on purpose yesterday evening; it’s not a leak or accident) and they’re watching what all the fans and media are saying… but their strategy is to just let us talk and speculate without doing anything to direct the conversation.

No doubt we’ll get more official info soon enough, with Gamescom kicking off next Wednesday and a Blizzard media event scheduled for opening day. We don’t know if any of the Diablo 3 developers are heading to show for a presentation, though I’d bet they are. We do know that Lylirra, our chief liaison and the lead Diablo 3 Community Manager, is attending Gamescom. Just to talk about the Diablo console? I doubt it… but we’ll find out soon enough.

If you want something to commemorate the event, until we get some more new imagery, HolyKnight whipped up a subtle Diablo 3 wallpaper using that new image. Nothing flashy and not even any fiery runes; just the design itself with a bit of a border. Understated and yet intriguing, much like the teaser itself.


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    16 thoughts on “Blizzard No-Comments on Diablo 3 Expansion: Reaper of Souls

    1. Flux, how can you title the article “Blizzard Comments”, when they have, explicitely, NOT commented. It’s cheesy.

    2. Unless it’s meant to be: Here is a list of the comments Blizzard has made on this issue:

      No comments.

      Still … cheesy.

    3. Or did you mean, “Here is a list of the comments Blizzard has made on this issue: No comments.”. Still — cheesy.

    4. Might that be an entry to an infinite random dungeon,where everyone dies sooner or later (“Death,at last…”)?

    5. The Blizzard D3 lore being what it is, anything is possible. Cain is actually Death, and comes back to life, driven by his hatred, and consumes Tyrael and the other angels. Meh. I love D3, but too often the story-telling is a little amateurish 🙂

    6. In the eternal hunt for more mouse clicks and page views, Flux has hit a new low. :/

      I hope that titling articles the exact opposite of their actual content isn’t going to become a new trend here. There are better ways to spice up headlines than this.

    7. That little teaser honestly has me a bit excited. I dunno why. The phrase is reminiscent of nothing I heard in D3. So maybe they figured out how to tell a story without going full cartoon villain retard.

    8. QUOTE

      Reaper of Souls.... Necromancer is returning?

      It would be a welcomed class – couldn’t give two ****s if it steps on the witch doctors toes.

    9. it will not be a necro. we have two dex classes, two int classes but only 1 str class. so it will be a str class. probably a wolf/bear druid or paladin. can’t really be anything else.

      • Yeah I agree, but there’s no reason why they cant redesign the Necro to be a strength based melee fighting heavily armoured class.

        Man I can see the bitching that would occur if that happened lol!

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