Blizzard CM on subscriber only Twitch channel – No balance changes. No improved communication

It was only a two days ago Blizzard issued a statement that they needed to up their game when it comes to Diablo 3 community communication. Blizzard CM Nevalistis answered questions on a subscriber only Twitch channel so nothing seems to be changing. You can read a synopsis of what was said after the break.

Before you read the notes, Blizzard released this a couple of days ago following the exploit mess.

This may seem lenient, and that brings us to a philosophy we’re working on: improving our communication. This includes both currently and in the future.

So there you go, they want to communicate but only it appears through select channels. Thankfully a Redditor has posted a synopsis of what was said.

She described the response to necro as really awesome and everyone is really pleased with it (lol). Seems that the PR language for this DLC is that the release is smooth sailing and the community loves it.

Apparently, both community managers took turns taking week-long vacations right after launch, which overlapped with the recent exploit fiasco, hence the limited communication during that time. However, she did confirm that the exploiters on the leaderboards were punished individually, but she said they were relatively lenient (didn’t specify what they actually did). They did that because due to technical limitations, it was apparently very difficult for them to 100% confirm which were legit exploiters and which were not.

They’ve found some ways internally to balance out the longevity of the Necro skeletons. They’re still testing, so won’t be released yet, but future skellies will live longer!

They’re focused primarily on stability for season launch rather than changes. Therefore, there will be NO balance-related changes before Season 11 (and I’m guessing for its duration). She just said there will be some “down the road”. She didn’t rule out hotfixes for bugs and such, but take this as 100% confirmation that Season 11 will revolve around the current versions of all items and sets (no pestilence sets or Inarius buffs for you Necros :P).

So some bits of news there regarding no more balance related changes and that they were lenient on exploiters.

If Blizzard really wants to turn the Diablo 3 community into a more positive space they need start thinking about the actual community as a whole. Players want more information on what’s going on as it happens. Also, it might be an idea to stop turning up on random streams instead of communicating through more official channels and actually talking to the wider audience. Not everyone enjoys watching people play Diablo 3 when they could just be playing themselves.

Blizzard Diablo 3 community management has been a mess for years so it’s going to take some real work to turn it around. Let’s hope they knuckle down and give it the attention it deserves.

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  1. I have pretty much given up all hope for better communication at this point. I’ve stayed cautiously optimistic about their promises to improve. But if their way of improving is by doing interviews on twitch, that you have to pay for watching no less, then I’m not sure they really know what it means to improve communications.

  2. We’ve waited for years and years to no avail.
    One would think a billion dollar company knows what is best.

  3. Meanwhile back at the ranch in Overwatch, you have the Game Director Jeff Kaplan making essay length posts in the forums about his personal views on class balance.

    That team has always been active on the forums,they flat out do a better job, and its a team from the same company that produces Diablo 3.

    The bottom line is that the people make the difference, and it shows.

  4. I’m curious how big the Diablo 3 team actually is at this point. I get the feeling that most of the team has been moved into other projects and it is a bit of a skeleton crew left on this one.

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