Skovos hints in-game.

    Skovos hints in-game.

    Another area of interest from this week’s Blizzard dev chat were the few mentions of the expansion and/or DiabloWikiSkovos, which most fans think/hope will be the setting for Act Six. Since Reaper of Souls released the developers have said almost nothing about additional expansions or their future plans, always giving that, “we’re just concentrating on making the next patch awesome!” dodge/avoid/evade reply. (They were a lot chattier about expansions during D3’s development, making several “D2 only doing one expansion was a wasted opportunity” type remarks.)

    The official silence has done nothing to stop fan speculation about when/if/what we might see in D3X2, and while there’s a lot of debate about what a 7th class might be (a Druid shape-shifting Necromancer, obviously) the theory most often put forth is that Act Six will take place in the Greek-style Amazon island home of DiabloWikiSkovos. The setting would be great with gleaming beaches, dense jungle rainforests, Venetian-style sinking cities with massive stone temples, and a general Greek-gods/island visual theme. I won’t go into all the reasons why Skovos seems likely, since Nobbie covered them all in much better detail a few months ago, but it’s what a lot of us are expecting and hoping for.

    There were plenty of questions asked about the (hypothetical) second D3 Expansion during this week’s chat, but none of them got any replies… except for a couple that mentioned Skovos. Blizzard Chat: Skovos and D3 Expansion Hints?

    What is going down in the Skovos Isles? Lorath and Tyrael are always going on about it. Is this a hint at upcoming new content?
    BrianKindregan: Sanctuary is full of deadly surprises, so the New Horadrim that Tyrael is sending out to help humanity have high rates of fatality. Skovos seems to be a particularly rough place to get assigned.

    But many other parts of Sanctuary are equally dangerous, so Skovos is just the topic at hand between Lorath and Tryael.

    So how about those Skovos Isles, guys?
    BrianKindregan: Skovos is a dangerous place!

    Brian is one of the writers and thus uniquely qualified to (not) answer a question about the story that may or may not be continued in an expansion that may or may not be revealed at Blizzcon in a couple of months.

    Obviously he gave no new info, and just repeated what the NPCs say in the game… but can anyone (besides Nobbie) divine deeper meaning in his words? Was answering any questions at all meant as a hint? Or is it a ruse to throw us off of their real plans? Do you guys expect to see Skovos in the full D3X2 game, or maybe just in an added area in some future patch, ala Ruins of Sescheron in v2.3?

    The ever-popular Skovos concept art, since it’s just so purty.

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