Blizzard Celebrates 26 Years of game making

Blizzard Celebrates 26 Years of game making

Blizzard has reached another milestone in game development history this week and they are celebrating with some statue vandalism.

The Blizzard statue is joining the celebrations this week as the company celebrates 26 years of game development. The party hat on the statue is just spectacular in the Tweet.


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    6 thoughts on “Blizzard Celebrates 26 Years of game making

    1. Everything they’ve done the last 6 years has been pretty mediocre, if not downright bad. B.Net 2.0 has been one big let down for a lot of folks who were on 1.0. I don’t know when they plan to “refresh” their line up again, but I hope they get back on track and find their way to greatness again. It’s sad to see talent vanish. It’s like watching Tiger Woods suck at golf.

      • I’d agree. WotLK has peaked WoW’s success in form of usernumbers. That was 2008+. Everything after that were very mediocre games like SC2:WoL (was ok-ish gameplay-wise at release and got patched into the grave soon after) and the pretty disappointing B.Net 2.0. SC2 expansions weren’t great, D3+X weren’t great, HS really isn’t that great and i guess HotS and Overwatch are not that great either, compared to LoL and CS:GO. Taking into account that Blizzard founded todays enormous eSport scene with SC:BW and WC3 and had a huge head start compared to Riot and Valve, and then ran at least two mayor francises (SC, Diablo), arguably three (+WoW), into the ground, you can only conclude Blizzards great times are over since almost 10 years now. Had they only fused with some small, highly creative and dedicated Gamestudios instead of some greedy-ass publisher, things might be different today.

        But anyways, thank you Blizzard for the great things between 1994 and 2008. It was awesome.

        • I agree 2.0 sucks and needs to go back to its roots. But Overwatch and Hearthstone are awesome games that show classic Blizzard quality. Reaper of Souls also made Diablo 3 fun again. I think if you gave Diablo 3 1.0 and game would be awesome.

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