It was 25 years ago today that Allen Adham, Mike Morhaime, and Frank Pearce formed Silicon & Synapse which was to become the Blizzard we all know today. A video has been released to celebrate the occasion.

    Mike thanks the players and fans for their support in the video, and unfortunately this video glosses over the importance of the Diablo franchise in making Blizzard what it is today. It was through the Diablo community that Blizzard fans started to really connect, long before games such as World of Warcraft even existed, and even the early Warcraft games never had a community quite like the Diablo community.

    This site was here right from the start of the Blizzard fan fever and it’s sad that the Diablo fan base gets continually ignored when Blizzard celebrate a milestone. Diablo 3 gets a mention in the video with Mike saying “look what we did with Diablo 3”. Yes, just look. It’s taken nearly 4 years to fix it.

    It’s interesting that Frank remembers the World of Warcraft launch as one of their “early interactions” with fans, but in fact Blizzard North had been embracing the fans right from the Diablo 1 days understanding the importance of the real fans who visit sites like this one every day.

    Perhaps it’s because the early Diablo games were created by Blizzard North that it gets ignored so much. It’s perplexing.  All of us here know that Diablo played a huge part in Blizzard’s success and that’s what matters.

    Congratulations are in order though, this is a tough industry and Blizzard has managed to move with the times and has grown to be a powerhouse in the world of video games and their games have given millions of gamers countless hours of pleasure.

    In related news, VentureBeat has a lengthy article online looking back at 25 years of Blizzard games which is worth a read and it comes with a section for the Diablo franchise.

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