Blizzard Celebrate Launch of Diablo 3 Console

A few of the Blizzard twitterers have posted pictures of the champagne celebration held at Blizzard HQ for the release of the console version of Diablo 3.

There was a lot of champers on offer but then again there were a lot of people involved in the development. The giant Orc statue looks pretty impressive in the sunlight too. For me, as a UK resident on a damp grey September afternoon the money shot is that lovely blue sky.

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  1. Dang, look at all the champagne they made cutting features out of D3 so they could resell it later in a $40 box.

  2. Like…

    – max players 4 (4 controllers)
    – Runes
    – Runewords
    – Randomly generated Maps
    – Skill trees
    – Stat points (just to come up with para 2.0 lol)
    – Forced Story bound
    – Low Res textures
    – no dynamic lighting
    – Simple damage model all Weapon based

  3. Would have been even more of a spectacle if people would stop trying to photograph life and actually take part in it.

    Pro-Tip: When there’s 3 or more other people with their phones up and ready to snap a photo or film video, just put your phone away and enjoy the moment. You can link to the youtube clip later on FB later. Sigh.

    • So true this. We have all turned into the stereotype Japanese tourist. Drive around in a bus, get out of the bus, take picture, into bus, fly home, look at pictures to see what you should have seen in real. Might as well buy a travel magazine.

      It is even worse at pop concerts:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/split-vatican-0314.jpg

      • Yeah I’ve seen that picture and it’s really sad.

        I recently went to London for a few days and every night I went to a show and always sat front circle. During the breaks looking down on the stalls there were countless people glued to their phones, writing some utter dribble on twitter (“sat in x theatre watching y show”). They’re not at the bar getting a drink or talking to whoever they’re with on a night out. Some couples were even both on their own phones.

        I also went to the Churchill War Rooms in Whitehall and there was this kid, must have been about 15 with an I-pad and at every single room he’d lean in and snap a picture then move on. He hardly looked at any of it with his own eyes, always through a device.

        A total waste.

  4. 420 k sales in 3 weeks.

    d3 on consoles must have been the biggest sales dud in the history of Blizzard. Vgchartz as source.

  5. I don’t want to buy the console version but there’s nothing else to play these days. No one else can afford to spend $100mil’s on gamedev cept blizz so this is it. :\

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