Blizzard Celebrate Diablo 3’s Launch With Stacks of Champagne

Blizard HQ was awash with champagne earlier today as the company celebrated the successful launch of Diablo 3 which has sold 6.3 million copies so far. Blizzard’s Cory Stockton Tweeted this image showing the festivities.

Get stuck in chaps!

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    17 thoughts on “Blizzard Celebrate Diablo 3’s Launch With Stacks of Champagne

    1. Exhibit A for why you don’t have PvP or RMAH or any access to the servers on release night.  Hope they had a real good time.  😉

    2. 6.3 MILLION! Diablo copies sold – 1.3? something million of the WOW annual substitution for free Diablo and we got 5 Million real copies sold (if we can believe the 6.3 million of course.  Inflated? Never can be 100% sure).
      5 million X $60 in change = ERROR.  Damn, my calculator broke.
      Next question?  What was the production cost for Diablo III.  Should you include the cost for Diablo III back when Blizzard North was making it before hell went in the crapper.  Maybe call that the write off portion.
      I call a 150 million production budget starting with the reworked version.
      High? Low?
      As far I know I don’t believe game developers / publishers like to give this type of information out.  At least I (almost) never hear of production budgets before.

      Edit: added (almost)

      • Well I think RIFT had a 100 million budget and Old Republic can’t be far off that either.

        • I guess I did hear about SWTOR budget.  It seems to me on the rare occasion game budgets are given it more about Hollywood egocentrism.

          • MMO are extremely costly to make. SWTOR reportly cost over 200 millions. If not for WoW, no publisher would ever justify that amount of investment.

      • If I recall correctly, there was info that SC2 development costs on release day was ~100M

        • Yes, the source was Wall Street Journal. However, they later retract the number and said they confuse it with another project which people assume it Titan. By the way, WoW cost 100 million dollar on release, so I believe the number is actually referring to WoW not titan.

    3. How about they do a little less celebrating and a little more making melee class useful.

    4. why do melee seem to believe they are so gimp compared to ranged still? WE GOT NERFED. Wiimply terrible now. They arent fixing anything just breaking whatever isn’t broken yet. The game is really bad I’m so disappointed. Worse than SWTOR. Hope Gw2 or wizardry online come out soon…..  

    5. Pity they didn’t do these sort of get togethers before making the game, then D3 might feel like its got some love in it. As much as I am currently enjoying being level 60 and running around doing what pleases me I can’t help but feel the game is more like a well crafted slab of marble, cold hard and lifeless.

    6. Well well…celebrating they say….For what? For releasing an endgame content with nothing but the same levels, mobs and yeah more death just to get those sacred valor stacks which will result in a couple of yellows more…great! Me and my friends are fighting the first two acts in Inferno and guess what no legendary and set items so far even with the valor bonus. I bet nobody is surprised, and moreover I am not even pissed anymore because magic and rare items (especially weapons) are like double the damage of those almighty sets/legendary. Sure, rings and amulets are still godly, but cost millions. Just a quick question for Blizzard: what’s the purpose of having hundreds of legendary items below lvl 60 when they don’t drop and finally appear useless. Thank you for the time spent on designing them. Honestly, I’m playing with the mind that sets and legendaries don’t exist just not to get furious over the grinding with no rewards. The same goes with the blacksmith plans. Do you really expect us to invest tons of money and salvaged ingredients for the stupid gear that is unlocked? Sure, it maybe nice for the your second and beyond character, but stashing some equipments for them while leveling up proves to be more inexpensive. And since those recipies that might change my opinion are missing (my friends got 2-3 which absolutely didn’t convince them to upgrade from level 5. Big investment  and no rewards. The AH totally sucks and at the same time is the only reason I keep playing. I don’t understand the listing of gems and blacksmith recipies. They are put as if Blizzard is selling them No price difference, no bids. Also you don’t see what is the output item from the recipe – no level, no basic stats, nothing. The same goes for gems. Where is the info on the stats on different levels? When comparing rings with the tooltip you can only compare one ring at a time so you have to switch them – I am sure this is very hard to fix…..Also nerfing Smocescreen but not changing the tooltip display – nice work again! I bet it’s very hard! And while I am on Smocescreen – one f-in’ second??? Maybe it’s not totally useless, but most of it’s rune effects ARE! 6 rage regen or 20% increased speed for ONE SECOND. Genius!!! On the other hand Blizzard sold their game. Since there is no monthly fee, they don’t really care how many of those who purchased the game will be playing it in the next few months. They already cashed out. Which allows them to simply don’t care and drink champagne, obviously. Sad  

      • jeez dude pressing “enter once in a while wont kill ya” 🙂

        Anyway d2 endgame sucked but however the itemization was pretty flawless… d3 (imo) is far superior in almost every way compared to d2 except hmm 🙁 itemization!

      • What they didn’t show was a Monk coming out to demonstrate Wave of Light.

        *GONG* *shatter*shatter*shatter* 😀  

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