Blizzard brings new Tiered Rift Details, coming soon to the realms to add spice to our play experience. The thread started off with a fan asking about a DPS meter, and the Blue executed a rapid change of direction to the Tiered Rift topic.

    And it worked; I don’t care about the initial issue now that there’s MOAR about a new thing. Because shiny!

    Wouldn’t it be cool to see how much damage each person contributes to a group? Lets say 4 people are going to do a bunch of rift sessions, or (even more relevant) uber bosses. After the end of the run or each rift you can look at and see who is doing the most dps or whatnot and you can reset the log whenever.

    It would be a nice little inner competition between players in a group. I know there would be a lot of stuff that would throw it off but it doesn’t have to be perfect.. just a thought.

    “Play the game, don’t focus on who is the best.”
    Nevalistis: This is pretty much the reason we haven’t added one. Wyatt mentioned this at the Live Q&A during our launch event, but I know not everyone could watch it, so I’ll reiterate the comment here:

    While we know it’s disappointing to some folks, we don’t currently have plans to add a DPS meter to Diablo III. Our team feels that something like a DPS meter puts too much focus on just one aspect of the game. Diablo is a combination of activities – you have to pay attention to not just the amount of damage that you’re doing, but your toughness, healing, movement, how you aim certain abilities or skills, or your positioning. DPS shouldn’t be the only number that matters when you play (although it does play an important part).

    The call for this type of feature is often indicative of a desire for a way to measure your progress while playing. It’s important to keep in mind we do have some plans for competitive play, specifically with the upcoming Tiered Rifts feature planned for our first major content patch. Leader boards will be available to track your progress, so you’ll be able to assess your efficiency based on how quickly you can clear these specialty rifts and compare with the community at large. I don’t have details at the moment, but we will have more information on Tiered Rifts and Seasons in the near future. 🙂

    People constantly ask for in-game DPS meters, and usually they’re bad suggestions due to the sheet DPS issues in Reaper of Souls. That display is getting less and less useful as more players discover the utility of +elemental damage and +skill damage affixes, neither of which show up in the DPS in your C window or Profile.

    tiered-rifts-loading1That said, something in-game that measured the actual damage that players did would be interesting. Obviously Blizzard is trying to avoid it to keep multiplayer games from becoming a total min/max argument. That said, I’d like a stat like that even if only I could see it for me. It can be hard to tell just how much of the damage you’re doing in a multiplayer game; you don’t see the damage numbers for other players after all, and if there are a ton of AoE spells flying around, or someone else is using a build you’ve not tried out you don’t really know how effective they are. It would be intersting to finish a Rift with 2 other people and see if you just did 25%, or 30%, or 40% of the total damage dealt.

    But we’re not going to get it.

    We will get Tierd Rifts though, eventually. When? In the “near future.” Anyone want to estimate how that time frame compares to “DiabloWikisoon™?”

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