Blizzard Blues on the full Beta Start Date, the Red Target Outline, and more

Blue replies to a few points worth reading, from Friday afternoon.

A fan asked if the content of the “Friends & Family” beta would differ at all from the full “Enemies & Strangers” beta, and got a reply from Bashiok.

F&F and closed beta are the same thing content-wise (meaning up to Skeleton King) and NDA-wise (meaning there isn’t one), although we may be patching in some content as we go – it’s just a difference between who’s invited. F&F is, of course, friends and family, and we have some terms in place to ensure press and fansites are starting out at the same time by not having some but not others invited as a friend or family. In some cases those rules weren’t followed and we had to pull back some people’s access until the whole press/fansite list is ready to be allowed in. Just some simple mistakes leading to far too much confusion.

Hopefully that clears it up.

And before you ask, no we don’t know when the full closed beta will begin. Testing is going really well so far but we do have some issues we want to try to resolve first.

We have it on good authority that the closed beta is due to begin on 16th, this was the case a few weeks ago and as far as we know is still on track but of course it’s always subject to slippages.

Click through for more Blue comments on the Templar’s voice actor, localized versions of the Beta, and the red target outline.

You’ve probably heard the DiabloWikiTemplar speaking in the various gameplay movies, and if you’re a Star Trek fan and you thought his voice was familiar, you were right.

After watching several vids of gameplay today it occurred to me that the Templar sounds like Dominic Keating who played Malcolm Reed on Star Trek:Enterprise. I could not however find any confirmation of this. I checked Wikipedia and IMDB but couldn’t verify this. Does anyone know? It really does sound like him.
Bashiok: It is! Good ear.

A fan pointed out that there is no toggle on/off option for the targeting highlight, and remembers that Bashiok said we would have such a thing. CM Zhydaris replies that there will be more options in the final game, without specifically confirming anything to modify the DiabloWikired target outline.

You’re right, there’s no toggle option for the red outline in the current version of the beta, but please keep in mind that several options are currently missing and/or not available.

The release version will include more options related to graphics and gameplay.

Finally, a long and somewhat confusing series of replies on the UE forums states that the only beta servers now online are in North America, and that the Beta client will be English-only. Though there will be numerous localized versions of Diablo III upon the full game launch, of course.

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33 thoughts on “Blizzard Blues on the full Beta Start Date, the Red Target Outline, and more

  1. I didn’t watch much of Star Trek: Enterprise. (maybe an ep or two)  But I thought he souned like Sean Bean.  I wonder if the voices they have for some of the heros are finale.  Because something of them don’t sound very good, namely the male Monk.prise

    • I believe they won’t go recording new voices at this time in the beta. You can hope it’s changed in some of the content patches later, though.

      • Correct.  At this point in the game’s development all art and sound assets are probably final.  

        When a game reaches the beta the focus becomes bug fixing and balancing tweaks, maybe some text changes.  Assuming Blizzard follows the usual development cycle (and there is no reason to think otherwise, they just take a lot longer to do it) what you hear and see is what you’re going to get.

  2. Why not mention prooly the biggest news posted lately that they will release content patches inbetween expansions?
    They did say something about it a few weeks ago but they didnt fully confirm it till yesterday.
    “But as far as just adding content through patches after the game releases, for sure. We don’t exacly know what that would be yet, though” Bashiok 09-Sep-2011

  3. THIS IS FOR FLUX (i dont know how to contact him else)

    Since you posted this , I downloaded the Beta client.
    Now I started it just for fun, and It updated. Then I agreed with the terms of use and so on, and NOW I’M DLing the beta! I don’t have a beta key, that’s why I really wonder why I have access to it!

    here is a screenshot: (deleted cause you could see my email)

    • Anybody can download it and get to the log in screen…but that is as far as you’re going to get.  Until you account is flagged you won’t be able to log in.

    • You can dl the client and that is how all the data-mining occurred but you will not be able to log in at all.  So you can peruse the login screen and options menus.

    • really? that’s all? Oh crap sorry guys…

      I didn’t know this… When I last tried it, nothing happened, it wouldn’t start to download….
      pls delete ~.~

  4. I guess there are still some bugs and tweaks they would like to iron out first before they starting handing out beta keys.

    Sounds promising that the public beta…or the “enemies and strangers” beta if you prefer, will start this month.

  5. After seeing bug list from F&F test, you can be sure that public beta is months away, the same goes for official release.

  6. Hey all, I downloaded the beta not because I thought I’d be able to play it, but because I wanted to see the Video options. Has Blizzard mentioned anything about FSAA? There’s an option for FSAA but the only thing I can do is set it to “off”.

    • Man, please read the wholetext before you comment: Blizzard said that the full released game will contain more graphics options. They are working on the FSAA…

      • Don’t get your pants in a bunch. I read it. I was wondering if Blizzard had specifically addressed the issue of FSAA. It’s different than quoting Blizzard PR generalities.

        • Yes, they did address the issue of FSAA in a blue post last week or the week before. I believe it was in relation to a question about DX11 support in D3 and they hope to have that particular option available. Hope that helps.

  7. @urkomurko: please share with us this exclusive insider info that you’ve got! Basthiok says the beta is going very well, but apparently you know better and it’s in fact a total disaster and theyve been set back several months by what looks like (to a programmer) minor problems for a company as big as blizzard, but in fact getting the account name to really be remembered is a monumental task because they’re now writing all their code in assembler!

  8. Red outline/transparent monsters, popping numbers and text, and glowing loot needs to go. Too much arcady style at the moment, imho.

    • You can already turn off the numbers and text in the options. I expect the same will be with the outline.

  9. Waht’s the big deal about the red target outline? is it an issue with certain aspects of it, or just the outline in general?

    target outlines were in D1 and D2, they were just a pale yellow or blue, so the target outline isn’t really an addition to the game. and i can’t see how the color of the outline would matter. classic diablo to me.

    i can undestand people having a beef with the transparency thing though, but then it shouldn’t be referred to as the outline

    • “a few dozen testers” … I sincerely doubt there are fewer than 100 beta-enabled F&F accounts right now, but thats beside the point. 

      Skimming the bug report forum, I notice that at least half of them are duplicates of each other, if not duplicates of bugs in the Known Issues List.  Geez, I think I counted SIX duplicates of the bookcase bug, which was reported and acknowledged days ago.

      If you remove all of the duplicates, maybe half of the remaining issues are trivial art, text or scripting issues for the content team to fix (and may already be fixed in the latest internal builds — merging trivial fixes into the public Beta code & content branch is not going to be high priority).  The other half are all tied to either the server architecture or client-hardware-specific issues, both of which are what Blizzard has said they primarily want to find through the general Closed Beta. 

      If it takes them a even month to start the general Closed beta, I’ll eat my own shorts.


  10. I really can’t see this much bugs going on, though I think some small stuff could use polishing. Even if the focus of the beta is these server stuff, i hope there are some improvements on interface and dialogues by the release. I mean, in two-three months (guess) you can improve on a bunch of stuff without really postponing release

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