Blizzard Black Friday Sale is now live

black fridayBlizzard is holding their own Black Friday sale but there’s something strange about it. Ah yes! There are no Diablo games discounted whatsoever.

Obviously, Blizzard feels the player base is so huge they don’t need any more Diablo players. I though they might throw the Diablo community a bone for this one. I guess I was wrong. Diablo really is the strange relative they want to keep hidden under the stairs.

If you are looking for cheap games then check out the PC Invasion Black Friday deals page.

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  1. I feel like although Activision sees Diablo as a huge profit – time to time – but not an ongoing one (for now) like WoW or Overwatch or CoD or even Starcraft, Blizzard genuinely wants nothing to do with Diablo IP. They know it wasn’t their IP in the first place and that’s the only exception. I think pretty much everyone knows now that Blizzard’s former owner bought the IP a few months before the first game’s release. Blizzard guys know it’s art style, it’s lore, it’s religious aspect, it’s mature rating, it’s hardcore aspects, unforgiving end-game and the hardcore Diablo community completely conflicts with the philosophies of Blizzard.

    They tried to rasp the rough hard corners as much as they could but that resulted in a lesser product, at least for some people. I feel like they don’t really know what to do with Diablo now. They don’t want to give up on their design philosophies but they don’t want to release an another Diablo 3 also with it’s controversies, scandals, poor user reviews, low replayability and playerbase sustainability.

    However, Activision has been forcing them to properly use (exploit?) the IP and the new Necromancer DLC is the biggest proof of it despite the fact that the D3 team never wanted to hear anything related to Diablo 2.

    I don’t think we’ll see Diablo 4 in the next decade. Thanks to Activision upper management they will be forced to release a new game in the Diablo franchise but Blizzard won’t want to experience all those years of development and headaches a possible Diablo 4 in the saga would bring. They’ll probably develop a bit different game on the Diablo universe that will be independent from the main saga where they can turn it into an ongoing profit to please Activision upper management. Also, this way Blizzard hopes to turn Diablo into something they completely like while in the same time limiting the possible outcry from the community and the media by pointing out it will be a totaly different game which happen to take place in the Diablo universe.

    This is not good or bad. It’s just the way it is. At this moment I came to a place where I like Activision executives more than Blizzard’s arrogant upper management. At least they’re really good at achieving their goal. Maximizing the profit. They’re pragmatists and they don’t care about anything else because of some absurd company culture or philosophy unlike Blizzard.

    • afraid your statement is pretty close to the truth

    • I’m afraid your statement is complete speculation. Totally made up drivel, since the Necromancer is going to be a big profit for Diablo 3 and it will quite possibly fuel another expansion or Diablo 4.

      • Of course. Just like yours. But I feel like there are strong signs for everything I wrote.

      • “since the Necromancer is going to be a big profit for Diablo 3” LOL

        they’ll make more from one month of Overwatch sales than from the Necro
        they’ll make more from their BlizzCon ticket sales than from the Necro

        • Please tell me the current best investment in the stock market, since you have magical psychic powers and can apparently predict the future. I said Necro would be a big profit FOR. DIABLO. 3. Nobody is talking about Overwatch and BLizzcon, so I have no idea why you thought bringing those up had any logical bearing on our conversation.

          • obviously I am refuting your psychic claim that the necro will be a big profit for D3

            for it to be a big profit Blizzard will have to recoup the cost of the salaries of the artists, animators, skill designers, QA testers for the necro

            and all the time they could have been working on other things

            the profit the necro brings in will be trivial compared to the profit of the blizzcon sales or the overwatch sales

            you want to know what stocks to invest in ?
            Apples is always a good bet

            but since you’re such an expert on predicting profit yourself you already knew that

          • “it will quite possibly fuel another expansion or Diablo 4.”

            it is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY laughable that the profit from the necro will cover 1/100 of the cost of an expansion or D4

            in NO way will it fuel an expansion or D4

            again, they will make more money from the blizzcon sales or from one month of overwatch

            fuel an expansion — LOL

        • Again, your psychic powers are so much more powerful than mine. Please tell me how much money, in dollar amounts, Blizzard is going to make off of the Necromancer. PLease also tell me how much money it takes in a dollar amount for Blizzard to develop an expansion for Diablo 3 or begin developing Diablo 4. I’ll wait. I’ll even take estimations.

          • ” Please tell me how much money, in dollar amounts, Blizzard is going to make off of the Necromancer. PLease also tell me how much money it takes in a dollar amount for Blizzard to develop an expansion for Diablo 3 or begin developing Diablo 4.”

            HA HA HA HA

            why don’t you tell us ?

            you’re the one who started all this predicting nonsense with your claims that “the Necromancer is going to be a big profit for Diablo 3 and it will quite possibly fuel another expansion or Diablo 4.”

            YOU are the one who predicted the BIG profit for the necro
            so you MUST know how much it cost to make the necro and you MUST know how much they’re going to make from it


            and you MUST know how much an expansion or D4 costs because YOU were the first to say the necro’s sales could fuel another expansion or Diablo 4

            so maybe YOU should come up with numbers for the predictions that YOU made


            but glassdoor reports the average salary for a software engineer at blizzard is $89k

            that’s one person

            how many developers, artists, quest designers, writers, level designers, network developers, QA testers do you think it takes to make a game ?

            and that doesn’t include server cost, marketing, voice actors, music composers

        • You made the claim that they would make more from Overwatch than Necro. You made the claim that BLizzcon tickets will make more than the Necro. You made the claim that you know how much expansions and game development coasts. I didn’t. The fact of the matter is, me disagreeing you triggered you and you’re just butthurt and lashing out. It’s a sign of a losing argument when the opponent pretends to laugh, as an appeal to emotions.

          • The issue that seems to be argued is profits verses revenues.

            Revenues is based on sales of a product, which seems to be your argument for funding expansions or new products. This is flawed logic.

            It seems that you are implying that revenues = profits with your points.

            Profit/Loss = sales – costs
            What is the total cost of production?
            What is the estimated on going costs?
            How much will the new DLC cost?
            How many sales are required to reach breakeven point after tax and maybe royalties are taken into consideration?

            Perma made a very good point on the financial aspects based on overhead costs and revenue streams.

            Some of the best games I have played, the companies had gone out of business and the IP for the games were sold to others. Development of the games series by the new IP holders either forced the companies into bankruptcy and sell the IP onto another company.

            I can’t see a D4 being made, the resources required to develop it and the income streams would more likely provide a loss rather than a profit. D4 would only be made if it was more of a monthly subscription service.

      • A big profit ??? First of all most diablo sites tells if the price is more than 10 dollars a very few dudes will buy it and even lesser will buy if the price will be 20 dollars or more ??? Fuel another Expansion or D4 is insane and complete wishfull thinking, why do you think most here think you are wrong ???

  2. They released the D3 battle chest less than a month ago. They aren’t going to discount it already.

  3. yippee. Can’t wait to buy a stupid murloc plushie or a damn tank top with the horde symbol on it. All the shitty stuff they can’t sell during the year is what’s on sale. GG blizzard.

  4. These sorts of things are always about grabbing peoples attention. They know if there is no point putting it on special if no one is around to notice it.

  5. Too bad you can’t buy everything at once up front, like you used to. Now you have to wait and buy bits and pieces and pay more over the long run for less stuff. Look at the new SC2 patch. Christ.

  6. I agree 100 % with jamesL and Permaximum and really dont understand martymarts statement ?? Its only wishfull thinking imo. I have been in the Diablo world since day 1 and talk with dudes from all over the world and so far maybe 4 out of 100 will buy it if the price is l0 dollars if more maybe 1 out of 100 will buy it I even dont anybody who will buy atm. Martymart have you any idea what it take to make Necro pack in manpower and money, do you think they make it with the left hand and in their sparetime, nobody can predict the future either can I but think if D4 will see daylight it will full price and a fee every month

  7. Just check this issue again and must admit Im surprised that martymart got 7 votes/likes that necromancer pack will fuel a expansion pack and even a D4 come on mates know its soon Christmas but !!!!!!!,
    it must be wishfull or dreams WAKE UP

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