Blizzard Battle.Net Mobile App now with social features

Blizzard has expanded the functionality of the Battle.Net mobile app to take it beyond a simple authenticator.

The Blizzard Battle.Net App now comes with social features including the ability to see what your friends are currently playing, mobile chat, and mobile friending. In other words, you can now add friends to your Battle.Net list should you bump into them while out and about. If you are really suffering from gaming withdrawal you can see what your friends are playing while you are stuck on a bus somewhere and imagine you were playing.

The new Blizzard Battle.Net App has rolled out from Android and IOS so check the relevant stores to pick it up. These new features are what many users have been looking to see added for some time.

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  1. It’s about damn time. Jesus.

  2. Screenshot of the app shows a Diablo player in Torment 4, act 4
    A subtle hint?

  3. Well, shit. Thanks for the heads up. On one side, this is basically confirmation Diablo 4 is in development, but it sucks that this is going to be yet another diabloless blizzcon.

  4. Actually, it a separate app to the Authentication.

  5. I’m unable to install Blizzard app it always show me your device don’t have enough space in Google Play I also tried on other app stores like Tutuapp but it shows the same. How do I get the app? Please help me.

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