Blizzard Bans Diablo 3 “Cheaters”

We asked the other day if anyone missed maphack, and if such a program would even be useful in Diablo III. I hope none of you took that hypothetical too literally, since today Blizzard announced that an unspecified number of Diablo 3 players were banned for using third party programs.

We’ve recently issued several rounds of account bans for cheating in Diablo III. In each of these cases players used a hack program for exploitive purposes, for example to zoom out their game view and kill monsters that were beyond the normal range at which AI is triggered. As we do with all Blizzard games, we will continue to monitor Diablo III for cheating and take action as needed.

As a reminder, we don’t permit the use of hacks or other third-party software in conjunction with Diablo III. Most of the programs out there that are intended for use with the game are actually cheat programs and automation programs (“bots”) that exploit Diablo III’s mechanics and provide players with an unfair advantage. However, “third-party software” also refers to any file or program that attempts to:

  • Obtain information about Diablo III that’s not normally available to the player
  • Transmit or modify the Diablo III game files
  • Provide access to features or abilities beyond what is allowed by the game’s design
  • Change how Diablo III interacts with
  • In addition to undermining the spirit of fair play, this type of software can cause nasty technical problems, game-related bugs, and stability and performance issues with All of which can put a demon-sized damper on your gaming experience.

    As we’ve said in the past, playing Diablo III legitimately means playing with an unaltered game client. We strongly recommend that you avoid using any third-party software which interacts with Diablo III—even if you are accessing that software from a reputable third-party site—as doing so can result in permanent ban from the game.

    For more information on all of this, you can check out a copy of the related policy for Diablo III over on our Customer Support site.

    The Blizzard blog doesn’t specify the program of course, but there were several different versions, offering similar features. None offered any actual “hacks,” but they did enable some macro and UI-mod type stuff. One was offered by the Duowan, a Chinese D3 fansite, and called the Duowan Magic Box, and player were using it openly, not believing it would run afoul of Blizzard security. An informative article about the issue can be seen on QQ, a Chinese gaming site, and it includes a feature list for these programs. Thanks to DrazzlibKun for the tip:

  • Instantly change the complete body equipment.
  • The liberation of the mouse: You can set a key to automatically attack or automatically walk.
  • The horizons unlock Zoom: You can see farther than ordinary players.
  • Auction house fast: Do not go to the game can be directly compared the auction and body equipment.
  • That’s the Google translation, and it’s a little iffy, but you can get the gist of things. This ap was providing three features many of us think should have been in the regular game in the first place: a full gear switch hotkey, the ability to remap the mouse to work with any button, and the ability to compare current gear to AH items from in-game. You note that Blizzard’s blog didn’t specifically mention those features, since most of us would go, “Man, those sound awesome. Why aren’t they in the game already?” Blizzard instead listed the zoom out feature, which is pretty obviously a cheat, since it let players attack monsters well out of the AI visual range.

    So, was this a third party program that enabled useful features that should have been in the game anyway and might well be officially added in future patches or the expansion? Or an evil hack that should be scourged from the Internet? It’s obvious which side of that question Blizzard came down on. What do you guys think?

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    29 thoughts on “Blizzard Bans Diablo 3 “Cheaters”

    1. If they were thorough with their “online only” requirement these cheats wouldn’t even be possible. Sending the position of anything at all to the client which is beyond the screen makes absolutely no sense whatsoever under any circumstances.
      Obvious Actiblizz didn’t incorporate a rigorous client server architecture, just a rigorous DRM method.

      • ye i still cant believe that you were able to cancel Auctions by setting back the Windows clock pre 1.03.

        if shit like this slips through the cracks i’d consider security and net-code half-assed at best.

      • Unless of course you wanted to stop monsters visually ‘popping up’ when players moved very quickly, like say teleporting or using a movement speed skill like furious charge or sprint…

        • Yes of course there should be some safety margin compensating for lag.
          However they know the movement speed of the player, and the movement speed of the monster including how it would behave. A buffer of maybe 1-2 units would suffice.
          They could even measure the latency to the client to have a practical zero margin.

          Instead they seem to went for a mechanism which loads the maps in fairly large blocks, a lazy system. And even with that system they could make monsters attack if they are attacked before they see you.

          • Just because the map is loaded in fairly large blocks, doesn’t mean the monsters spawn in the same large chunks. I don’t think we know enough about how the game actually does things to really debate this though.

            • Well we do know that they need to pre-load the area we before we enter it and the skills, man, they must pre-load the damn skills, I hate activating serenity or seven sided strike, only for the first monster and skill effects to pop into effect or jerk enough that the animation is finished and I’m standing like a lemon in the middle of a death pack.

      • Well, this is just great. A few dooshbags that use completely unnecessary maphacks are banned. LETS SEE THE HEADLINES OF THE MILLION BOTTER/FARMER/AH SCALPER BAN!!! This is such garbage.

    2. When they ban accounts what happens to the items on the AH? Are they still there to be bought just the gold spent goes nowhere or to the items just disappear off the market?

    3. RMAH gold price is the ideal measure to check for blizzards success in banning.

      If the gold supply decrease, the price will rise and you will know the real farmer, those with thousends of Nightmare/Hell 300GF bots, were the target.

    4. “Provide access to features or abilities beyond what is allowed by the game’s design”

      Great.. so how about u make the game’s design public then?
      Theres no way to know for certain you have access to features or abilities that are now allowed by the game’s design without having the game’s design to check.

      • Sure there is. It’s called, ‘playing the game and using your common sense’. If it’s obviously exploitative in nature, or not obviously allowed through the game’s interface, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

      • This is pretty disingenuous. Don’t download/install anything to ‘enhance’ D3 and you are safe. If you downloading/installing something, you are violating their terms and in danger at some point of a ban.

    5. Since the game has a RMAH (which I don’t use), no, no mods, not even multi-boxing. Istead of writing a post, I’ll try to sum it: a lot of things seems to be there (or to be absent) because of RMAH. Since real money is involved, it’s understandable that blizz wants to control everything.

      (Not that I think it’s the best idea around)

      I belive it’s the best to run diablo 3 vanilla (no nothing, not even the boxing thing).

      I don’t understand what the AH thing means (acess to AH while in-game? Auto-bidding?). Zoom fells wrong (if you’re not a d2 strafezon). Botting feels wrong. Auto swap should be implemented. Also, they could let you move item from inventory to stash/other char while on AH – or a search filter to see what you have stashed where.

      When you have 1 main character and keeps only what you plan to use, sell, maybe the UI works ok. If you like to pick 50k garbage and have 10 mules, I mean, 9, well… It’s easy to get lost. I’m almost vendoring everything I know that won’t sell for millions (aka everything) just to do a major clean up. In the end of the day, I always buy stat/vit/crit chance amulet because I don’t want to look for it…

      • Of course not. Botters, farmers and dupers help increase churn in the economy, which makes RMAH skim better.

        The idea is to target the average player that just wants to enhance or speed up the gameplay experience.

        Even better, just encourage them to leave it alone and go play WoW.

        That’s today’s blizz.


        • Sorry, but I think this is just rationalization to ease a guilty conscience.

          “just wants to enhance or speed up the gameplay experience” == cheating.

          Average gamers are the people that buy all those copies of D3 and make Blizz all that money. They do not want to irritate that group.

          Botters clog up their servers, kill performance, make rare items dirt cheap, and likely didn’t even pay for their copy of D3 anyway. I suspect Blizz is trying hard to get rid of them but have failed.

          I have not seen much in Blizzard’s communications to me as a D3 player that would indicate they want me to move to WoW.

          • “Botters clog up their servers, kill performance, make rare items dirt cheap, and likely didn’t even pay for their copy of D3 anyway. ”

            Nope, they’re the best customers, and despite rampant botting and duping, there’s no evidence anyone can straight-up pirate an account.

            “I have not seen much in Blizzard’s communications to me as a D3 player that would indicate they want me to move to WoW.”

            I guess you missed the first month of the game, and the fact that the patches were minimal effort until after Panda was released. That’s when they intelligently decided to at least go through the motions for the 15% of the player base left, in case they wanted to sell at least a few expansions a year or so later. They even let Jay start tweeting again!

    6. didnt realize these things possible. i must be in some sort of bubble, the zoom thing is cool, but will never attempt it.

    7. This is the same situation as with many of the old maphacks. They added some useful and reasonable features (ex. color highlighting of rune drops) coupled with some obvious cheats like displaying the map. I (briefly) and many others used maphack because of the side benefits, but I never tried to tell myself that it wasn’t a hack and I wasn’t violating the ToS. I accepted the risk and dealt with the consquences of a 30 day ban.

      Anyone who says they didn’t realize and thought these programs were legitimate is kidding someone — either you, themselves, or both.

      Should Blizzard try to adopt some of these features in the real game? Yeah, obviously. Are you a moron for thinking you wouldn’t get banned? Yeah, obviously.

    8. Over on the official Wizard D3 forum they just removed a thread that contained an auto hot key script that automated the skill rotation for Critical Mass/Energy Twister/Frost Nova/Explosive Blast

      The thread has been active for over a week and had many different variations posted in it.
      It even had the title “auto hot key script for CM/WW”

      Can’t believe it took them so long to delete it.

    9. Function number four I don’t quite understand. I study Mandarin and translate it as:

      Auction house quick comparison: You don’t need to enter the game but you can directly compare items on your character and on the auction house.

      Unless I’ve missed something; this is how the game always functions, right?

      • when you’re in game and you pick up an item, the game shows it to you, but it also shows you what you have equipped and how you’re stats would change if you switched to the new item

        at the bottom of the item you’ve picked up it will say
        +54 life
        +234 damage
        -0.1 % protection

        but if you’re in the AH and you’re browsing items you don’t see the comparison — how your stats would change

        to do that you have to “chat link” the item while you’re in the AH, then exit the AH and go into the game and then finally look at the item in the chat window

        really ridiculous

    10. Every time I read about a ban wave I think to myself: Crap, I hope I don’t get banned next time I login. Not that I use hacks, or really have any rational reason to fear being banned, it’s just an irrational fear. Like a bug poking the back of your neck.

      I’m probably alone on this, and just a paranoid weirdo.

    11. I’m using DarkD3. Am I about to get banned? You know what? I’m going to uninstall it anyway.. no sense in taking the risk.

    12. My friend is booting 3rd month 24h and no ban…

      This NEWS is to distract Your attention from Real black market

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