A fan posted news that’s more about SC2 than D3, but it’s still relevant to our interests. He cites a Bashiok’s reply contradicts Blizzard has banned a lot of players for cheating in Starcraft 2, including players who cheated in the single player missions. The article attributes this to the cheats affecting Achievements.  included in Starcraft this.

    We are not banning players for using single-player cheats.

    The confusion all comes from an inaccurate statement that we think cheating in single player negatively affects achievements or some such. Not the case. I don’t even know if the person who this story is based on actually got banned, but if they did, it’s because they were using a hack inside a multiplayer game.

    I would recommend that if you want to cheat in single player StarCraft II games, use the ones we put in there. A lot of the hacks out there work in both single and multi. If you get a third party hack and intend to only use it for single player, and then go play a mutiplayer game with it still on, you’re bound to get tagged.

    There are two questions worth pondering, here.

    1) Since you must be connected to Battle.net even during single player Starcraft 2 (and D3, someday) to earn DiabloWikiachievements, should Blizzard monitor that type of play for cheating? As Bashiok points out, there are cheats included in Starcraft, for the single player missions, which you’re free to use. You’re also (apparently) free to use third party cheats… but only in single player. Is this okay with you? Or would you rather see any B.net-connected play (thus eligible to earn Achievements) monitored for cheats? (I’m thinking more of D3 than SC2, in this case.)

    2) Do you want any and all D3 cheats, used over B.net, to be forbidden? Say there’s a D3 maphack, or pick it. Should Blizzard forbid those programs, and punish users with bans? Or do you just want people who use more pernicious cheats to be banned? Item duping exploits and town kill hacks and such?

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