Blizzard has announced that they will be presenting at the San Diego Comic Con, coming this July 18-21 and will be debuting new DiabloWikimerch at the show. What merch? Will we get a better look at the DiabloWikiBook of Tyrael? Maybe at last some Diablo 3 action figures that are plastic and affordable, rather than $1000 garden gnomes? They’re not going to tell us, yet.

    Blizzard Entertainment is excited to announce that our licensed products will be strutting their stuff on the show floor at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con!

    Along with showcasing some of the new licensed products coming out this year, the booth will also be where the writers and artists behind some of our comics and books will be signing. We will also be selling exclusive SDCC products for the first time.

    Yeah, we’ve been keeping busy.

    Keep an eye out for more details coming soon, including schedules and the products we’ll have available.

    It’s funny how Blizzard knows that their vague, no-detail announcements drive fans crazy. Travis and Wyatt repeatedly alluded to their habit of, “it’s under consideration” type answers in those recent livestream interviews. And yet it’s like they just can’t help it, as this blue post perfectly demonstrates.

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