The majority of questions fired at the CMs in the boards go unanswered but are they actually listening and relaying feedback to the development team? According to the CMs they are doing exactly that but sadly the development team have not come back to them as yet with any further answers regarding v1.04.

    Why do blues rarely talk about the game and improvements or stating they are actually listening to the suggestions made in the 100’s of constructive feedback threads?

    We certainly do make such posts, and we’ve made a number of them quite recently (which you can access by searching our posting history or by utilizing the Blizz Tracker). While the developers are hard at work behind the scenes, we’re also busy communicating with them and relaying information to them on a regular basis. As it stands, however, we don’t always have new information to report back to the community on particular issues or concerns, but we’re absolutely listening and are just as eager to share news and updates with you as you are to hear from us.

    That long awaited development update blog entry is what everyone is waiting to see to find out if Blizzard’s has really been listening and to assess whether their plan of action will resolve the game issues.

    However, it doesn’t really sound like it’s going to drop in the very near future (fingers crossed I am wrong on this), and I really do hope they have listened this time, and are not going to play the “we know best card” which we all heard pre-release.

    The waiting game continues, but based on all the discussion since launch, what are you hoping they address in the update?

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