Blizzard are Listening to Feedback

The majority of questions fired at the CMs in the boards go unanswered but are they actually listening and relaying feedback to the development team? According to the CMs they are doing exactly that but sadly the development team have not come back to them as yet with any further answers regarding v1.04.

Why do blues rarely talk about the game and improvements or stating they are actually listening to the suggestions made in the 100’s of constructive feedback threads?

We certainly do make such posts, and we’ve made a number of them quite recently (which you can access by searching our posting history or by utilizing the Blizz Tracker). While the developers are hard at work behind the scenes, we’re also busy communicating with them and relaying information to them on a regular basis. As it stands, however, we don’t always have new information to report back to the community on particular issues or concerns, but we’re absolutely listening and are just as eager to share news and updates with you as you are to hear from us.

That long awaited development update blog entry is what everyone is waiting to see to find out if Blizzard’s has really been listening and to assess whether their plan of action will resolve the game issues.

However, it doesn’t really sound like it’s going to drop in the very near future (fingers crossed I am wrong on this), and I really do hope they have listened this time, and are not going to play the “we know best card” which we all heard pre-release.

The waiting game continues, but based on all the discussion since launch, what are you hoping they address in the update?

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    113 thoughts on “Blizzard are Listening to Feedback

    1. I think they already have a roadmap for this. 1.04 Probably early fall, then few updates in between to tweak 1.04 and likely 1.1 around x-mas. We are likely 4-6 weeks away before any Blog post.

      After that, I think they will be working on expansion, while leaving skeleton team for hotfixes/tweaks.

      • I’ve been reading both incgamers and the official site a lot in the past days, I REALLY hope they pull out 1.0.4 quickly. Honestly, I thought that patch will come out early august in the worst case.
        If what you think will actually happen, then we’ll arrive to the point when I’d simply say: Go, and have coitus with yourselves.
        I seriously don’t get what takes so long, and I was hoping that the PvP patch will be out by early september (back when the game launched).

        I feel like only treasure goblins are currently developing the game.

        • With Pandaria coming out in just 7 weeks, I would not expect this major Diablo 3 patch to be released before it. As I said earlier, their MMO has the highest priority, and therefore binding the customer too much to Diablo 3 is unwanted.

          I would not expect patch 1.0.4 to hit the live realms before Otcober, after Pandaria has shipped. This way, Blizzard can get the maximum numbers of players or “active accounts” from both games for the next investor’s conference call.

          We *might* see a PTR for Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 before that time because so many class changes are going into it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. Most likley it will just just be that blog they are already talking about since 1-2 months.

          • There is to much conjecture and conspiracy theory here.

            I will throw in my own conjecture here:

            Blizzard realizes WoW will be bleeding customers soon and will need to pursue other avenues for revenue. This means they are working on greatly improving Diablo 3 gameplay for one. For two they are working on the first expansion for Diablo 3. Third, they are working on a new IP that will be a mmo cash cow like WoW.

            • Are you sure that, for example, Diablo 3 PvP was actually postponed because “it didn’t meet Blizzard quality standards”? Or did they perhaps postpone it, so that customers don’t get too busy with “free to play” Diablo 3 PvP before Pandaria is out? Think about it.

      • Don’t lie to yourself. D3 will be contributing almost nothing to the bottom line this quarter. It is the absolute lowest priority. The only real discussion is how they’re going to salvage things to squeeze a few more bucks out of the XP in 4q13, and they won’t be having that discussion until the smoke clears after the panda release.

    2. I am so happy Guild Wars 2 is coming out soon. It will be a game I can really spend major time on hopefully.

      Torchlight 2 is only just done with act 2 so that game might be way off still. They seem to still have a lot of work to do with Act 3 and beyond.

      As for Mists of Pandaria? I am definitely not getting that. The game just has nothing that interests me.

      I guess the future updates for Diablo 3 I will just play sparingly. I really don’t like Diablo 3 and thus don’t play it right now. I still like reading about it though because I feel emotionally attached to the game even though I don’t like it. This is probably because of the long wait and because I liked Diablo 2 so much.

      • “I still like reading about it though because I feel emotionally attached to the game even though I don’t like it. This is probably because of the long wait and because I liked Diablo 2 so much.”

        Exactly. I’ve spent more hours on these forums (in the SPF) planning/discussing/trading for crazy or themed builds using random skills or forgotten but interesting uniques in D2, than I’ve actually spent playing D3. There are so many skills and runes that have no use past normal, that I’d really like to see made useful.

        I would love to see life steal become more viable. For all their talk of not liking hidden mechanics, I don’t see it posted anywhere on the Game Guide that there’s an 80% reduction to life steal in Inferno, or that there’s coefficients for crits and LoH. Why can’t my cleave proc as much as frenzy? It’s slower, isn’t that bad enough? Every single post in the forums has every barb use frenzy, but the skill isn’t fun for me.

        I think all of the i50-i59 legendaries should all be pushed up to range in the i60-i63, so that there’s more than one top legendary for each slot. It won’t help if they boost all the uniques, but there’s still only one for each slot that’s capable of being used in Inferno past A1.

        I’d like to see more cooldowns shortened, and some actually added. I think their fix for Smoke Screen was a joke, the skill would be much cooler if it lasted 3-5 seconds, but had an 8-10 second cooldown to prevent spamming (like the WD spirit walk, which is almost identical…) If a group of fast elites can spam their frozen/jailer/nightmare/arcane/etc, why do I have to wait sometimes up to 30 seconds for my CC breaker/escaper/mitigator? (I may have just made up that word, not even sure)

      • “I guess the future updates for Diablo 3 I will just play sparingly. I really don’t like Diablo 3 and thus don’t play it right now. I still like reading about it though because I feel emotionally attached to the game even though I don’t like it. This is probably because of the long wait and because I liked Diablo 2 so much.”

        To everyone who asks why we are still here… ^^^^^^^^^

        Worded perfectly. We are Diablo fans like you, but at least we admit it when are favorite franchise is turning into total garbage.

        • Am I allowed to admit that though I got a bit bored doing Act 1 MF runs with my wizard I am immensly enjoying leveling up my monk through NM?

    3. Hoping they address: drop rate, legendary item buffs, and most importantly giving a way for items to move out of the economy. It’s SO simple why D3 isn’t fun. It isn’t fun because the game is not rewarding to play (i.e. lame drops!).

      However, if the drop rate is increased (alongside GOOD Legendaries being added), there will be far too many elite items in the economy, which would over-saturate the market. D2 had character expiration and ladder, which funneled items out almost as quickly as they came in. I don’t think both of those are the solution, but there has got to be a modern-day solution to funneling items BACK out of the economy while simultaneously allowing high drop rates.

      This would cause the game to be fun again.

    4. Path of Exile is everything d3 could wishes it could be.

      It has skill diversity, build diversity, an economy that isnt inflated beyond comprehension, unique weapons that dont suck, randomized maps, real difficulty not just gear checks. IT DOESN’T HAVE A RMAH and it wont be P2W(even though it’s free to play!) unlike quess what? this crap i was fooled into buying on the backing of diablo1/2s great reputation. D3 is a spamfest. What do you do in diablo 3? You run the exact same damn map builds over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again and again and then and then and then and then and then and then….. and then……you play 100+ hours and never find an actual gear upgrade. In PoE you find upgrades often and earn currency(items used to alter gear/sockets/socket number/stats/socket color/etc.) to make upgrades often. There is actually 2 handed weapons in PoE that are worth using and making builds around UNLIKE D3.

      • did the “i still play D3 and enjoy!”-people become tired of having to write it under every second comment or did they get bored too by now? 🙂

        on topic: im no expert on PoE but as much as i know it could be the D3 we waited for

        • The difference between PoE and D3 is: PoE is not fixable and is broken in terms of engine and graphics, and will be hacked to death.

          D3 is broken system-wise, but guess what – that’s actually fixable.

          PoE is a brilliant game when it comes to itemization and laddering, but it’s going to be forgotten very quickly once it’s hacked by script kiddies and everyone else gets tired of horrible graphics and engine.

          D3 will live on for a LONG time, especially once they roll out an expansion or two.


            Horrible graphics? Wtf are you smoking?!
            The game not only has better graphics than Diablo 3 but it does it without hiding behind an artstyle. Diablo 3 is blurry as fuck.

            And no it’s not fixable, you really think they’re gonna change all game mechanics after taking your money? EVERYTHING in D3 sucks except the actual gameplay and animations.

            • Hah. Whatever you say.

              Not sure why you’re still posting on D3 forums though with such low regard of this horrid game. Too much bile accumulated?

            • Look at the characters running in POE, it’s beyond ridiculous.
              Of course the graphics suck too and that’s not the case in Diablo3.

              I don’t play it, so I can’t say if it’s a good game or not though.

      • I’ve been in the PoE beta since October 2011 (coming up on a year) and I play 1 hour of PoE for every 100 hours of D3.

        The game is missing some key design features that I would be happy to go into in more detail. (PoE is at the other extreme, where your current weapon/armor is almost meaningless because you hold onto it for about 1/2 a level; way fewer skills; less build diversity; quests are absolutely meaningless and there are too few; I still can’t stand playing in caves; the map system is abhorrent).

        By all means, go and play PoE. It is a decent game and I hope the servers stay on for more than 18 months.

        Side note: I’m pretty sure Azamas and IncubatorJones are just like Thrall, but on the other side. They sit on the edge of their seats with bated-breath, waiting for him to post so that they can then post. Quite amusing, but I’m not sure it is the effect they are looking for. E8 seems to be a new up-and-coming Thrall-hard too!

        • I’ve played the beta too and while I loved all the ways for item progression as well as the ladder types they have, I can’t stand the engine or graphics. That’s , IMO, unfixable, and why I’ll probably never play PoE. D3 has systematic issues, but engine is bloody good and I have fun playing even when the game is below average systematically (e.g. itemization, lack of ladders, bad skill balancing).

        • I’ve got a shocker for you: I think D3 is a good game. Don’t throw around personal insults if you don’t even know what you are talking about.

          • Not my point. My point was that I have evidenced you jumping on Thralls posts numerous times. Nothing wrong with that, it just makes you an honorary member of the Thrall-hards.

            I hope you are happy with the results of your efforts.

            • “I’m pretty sure Azamas and IncubatorJones are just like Thrall, but on the other side.”

              It’s pretty clear what your point was.

            • I award you 2 points for critical thinking skills. Well done.

              In the words of Tyler Durden, “shoving feathers up your *** does not make you a chicken”.

              You can say you love D3 all you want, but there are months of comment wall posts that prove otherwise. But by all means, keep letting Thrall get your goat. I find it amusing.

            • What, me picking on Thrall and saying that don’t draw the conclusion that the more game has sold the better it is? If that makes me a hater of D3, I guess I am.

    5. Reading the feedback and relaying info back to the devs is good and all, but what use is it when Jay Wilson is in charge?

    6. I don’t know what to expect or hope for in 1.04, because I don’t know what they’re looking at, working on, or even considering for 1.04! So I guess that makes a very simple “1.04 Wishlist”:

      – ANYTHING that makes me want to play the game more often!

      Ok ok. In all seriousness, I don’t really have a wishlist for 1.04, because unfortunately, the changes / additions / etc. that I would really like to see in Diablo 3 aren’t likely to make it into 1.04. I think it’s going to take way more time than a couple of weeks or whatever to implement the sorts of things that I’d like to see.

      Maybe they can “pull a Squeenix” and come out admitting the game was flawed and rushed, do some “leadership role changes,” and promise us a completely re-tooled, overhauled game in 2.0! ‘Cause seriously, they’re approaching the four busiest months in gaming (as far as new releases,) and either they need to have the game fixed before that hits, or they may as well bite the bullet and hunker down for the next 6 months or so. They aren’t going to be a holiday favorite with the way things are now.

    7. Does anyone know how many copies D3 has sold? I’m sure that’s an important factor all you haters and trolls are forgetting. 🙄

      • If Apple releases iPhone 5 tomorrow but it has horrible call-drop issues, it will still be the top selling phone for the first week because it will take people a week to realize it sucks.

      • When will you get it? Profits are no indication of whether a game is good or not. A social list of players being absent for days on end is a better indication.

        • My friends list is pretty full and growing. I PUG with different people on my list every night. Yours is empty because you filled it with people FROM THIS WEBSITE, a bigger collection of people that hate this game exists nowhere else on the internet.

          • Öhhhmm… So, why are YOU still on this website? (Sorry for asking, but your argument is incoherent by itself…)

            • Because this website has the best breaking news coverage out there. But trust me, I do NOT go on the forums here in search of battletags. I suffered enough fools from these forums in the beta…

    8. NOW they listen. Only now, after all these years of development. The dedicated fan base of D2 were telling them the same thing FOR YEARS. Now they want to hear what we have to say. After Bashiok’s sarcasm, all the smug posts, petitions, polls…

      Forgive me for being cynical. A big fat “We told you so” is in order here.

      • The dedicated player base of D2 is around 10K players right now.

        That’s trivial.

        Oh they are vocal and they tried to kill D3 from the very start even before launch.

        Hundreds of them posted 1/10 on Metacritic because they disliked the on line functions and a few thousands joined the ranks on one of 2 central meeting places.

        Ranging from making up stories like the “session spoofing”, duped items that were created on fake videos and hate being generated in every forum where fans would visit information.

        And the result ? 10.3 million sales showing a BIG RED flag to these D2 dudes.

        Sales that simply doubled even in the most hated trolling campaign in the history of video games.

        D2 is OLD, very OLD these days. As new players wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole after having played the engine in D3.

        No one wants to level a new character because you hit the wrong button in a christmas tree of meaningless skill points. No one of the NEW players.

        So Blizzard doesn’t need to listen to these old grognards of ancient games at all. The fact they pretend listening is already goofy.

        Luckily they never made an offline version in these times of internet crakcs or the game would have sold 50.000 copies total (the rest would be cracked 10 days before release).

        • Basically this.

          And I’m amazed that they continue to post on the board even after claiming that they gave up on the game. What is it, a job to them?

          Seriously, never seen an attitude like this ANYWHERE else in my life. Pretty pathetic.

          • Sales have no bearing on quality, sorry. I don’t care how much Diablo 3 sold because of the name alone. I want to know how many people are still playing it. And that number is most likely dramatically less…

            • How do you know how many people are playing D3?

              I know that many people quit, but that doesnt’ mean that the game is dead.

              Let’s say 10,000,000 units sold.

              Let’s say 500k are bots.

              Let’s say I read 500k (generous) posts saying I quit

              Let’s say 1500k quit silently

              7,500,000 Remain

              Problem? /trollface

              You whiners don’t get logic, do you?

              Don’t like my numbers? Make up you own. Neither one of us knows the truth.

          • It is a job to them.

            Making miserable the lives of fans that, of all things, hang out on a FANSITE! Misery loves company. Sad thing is, the website started taking a turn for the worse in 2009, promoted by a culture of Flux’s WoW hate and “Bobby Eyes” posts that drove all the solid fans away.

            It promoted the juvenille “LOLZ look, Bobby Eyes jpg at the bottom of another post! Actiblizzard corporate scum are making all the decisions!”

            @Lord_Jaroh really? A 3 month old game has a dwindling fanbase? You don’t say. Hey, can you share any stock investment tips, you seem to be a pro at forecasting and spotting trends.

            • It’s pretty spectacular – I’ve NEVER seen a reaction like this in my entire life, in any situation.

              Re: Flux, I think he does it as a tongue in cheek, and I can tell he’s wise enough to understand that business works as business works and it’s just not always in line with the consumers’ needs, and there is no changing this.

              I think the bigger issue are all the whiners who feel the need to keep repeating their by-now worthless opinions instead of saying something constructive.

            • Hey rytek, and that’s where you are wrong my friend.

              I am the biggest Diablo fan…. I love the series so much….

              And Diablo 3 imho is the absolute biggest disappointments in gaming ever.

              It honestly makes me quite sad…. So don’t speak for me when you imply that I am not a big Diablo fan… This game took out everything that made D2 great, added real money trading, and hell, they even cut out half of the game systems they planned pre-launch.

              Yeah, and I’m still here…..why? Because I am a FAN!!!

              Diablo 3 is a pretty mediocre at best.

        • What happened to you, Thrall? From one moment to another you got a completely different style of writing, transcending a completely different pattern of thoughts behind the words, than the Thrall we all learned to know. Only the arguments seem to stay the same…

        • I was wandering, why we don’t have “thumbs down” buttons anymore, while reading this comment. Then I saw that the author was Thrall.

    9. Oh, and the reason everyone is so frustrated with you, Blizzard, is because *shock* you aren’t giving us any information! Now, I know that’s nothing new to you, but you have yourself to blame for this. For the first three patches, as well as miscellaneous hotfixes, you were providing a steady stream of feedback and information, and you (seemed to) release the first few patches in a somewhat timely manner. And when they took a little longer, you still managed to at least give us what to look forward to.

      By feeding us information and game fixes on a regular basis, you essentially created our expectations for us, much like an addiction. You regularly fed the addiction for months, which introduced cravings and expectations for this information, and then all-of-a-sudden made us quit cold turkey. Have you ever seen how irritable, frustrated, and sometimes flat-out desperate an addict can get when they are cut off from their “fix”? Well, you’ve done exactly that to thousands, possibly millions of people who continued to check Diablo news sites, forums, etc. for whatever little bit of information they could get their hands on to scratch the itch, to let them know it would be ok. When you didn’t give in, or played with their emotions by teasing them (possibly unintentional) with information that wasn’t the kind they wanted, the kind they NEEDED, they became even more desperate and hostile, taking to the forums to vent their anger, or they just outright quit playing the game altogether (rehab.)

      They will find their fix somewhere else. Just sayin’.

    10. I’m just interested to see what changes they make to skills in general. I’m really hoping for an improvement to WD summons though.

    11. I can’t see Blizzard answering anything else than “yes, we listen” ; so this blue post is nothing new.

      The point is “do they really listen”, and we will only be able to check that when the next update (1.0.4) will be pulled out. Until then, it is only marketing and business communication.

      So far, most changes were for rmah balancing and tuning the “economy”.
      The core diablo fans want something else, more fun in the game ; will Blizzard be able to modify it’s cruising route by 180°.
      Only the next updates can tell that.

      • I can tell you now 🙂 Dont expect fundamental changes in 1.0.4 same old shh.
        As long as Jay Trollson is Game Director – the game will be crap(and then… they will double it!).Also as long as Blizzard care only about the money wich is their new “policy” nothing good gonna happend.

    12. THis game sold 10,000,000 copies everyone here needs to just shut their faces and bow down to Blizzard. 10 million copies!!!

      • I’ll do just that when they’ll make a turn back to producing quality games again, with soul and vision behind them, instead of quantity games as they do now and D3 turned out to be, lacking soul and with the only vision beeing how to maximize profits.

      • I’m almost certain that Thrall isn’t human, he must be a construction of some evil genious (possibly Bobby Kotick) created to troll and spew out nonsense. What does your comment even have to do about this news item? And it’s been said a million times: units sold doesn’t correlate quality. Then again, what do I know? I’m just a hater/whiner/troll.

        • I don’t know who this Thrall above is really.

          But he did use my name.

          And he is from the US as I never use the “,” sign only the “.” in those 10.000.000 copies sold.

          Always glad to see you are important so you get copycats.

          Friendly greetings from the REAl Thrall here.

          Btw. it is now 10.3 million copies sold.

          Any idea where it will stop 🙂

          • Why don’t you use your forum account to post these then? I know you have one, there is a poster with identical writing style. He also makes the same comparisons. Now that’s very odd.

        • That depends on who defines quality, doesn’t it?

          Whiners who never get satisfied anyways?

          Or average, normal players?

          Food for thought.

            • I’m not the one who started arguing quality. 10+ mill sold is a hard cold fact.

              The quality is subjective.

            • If quantity would be the only thing of importance (, and over ten million copies sold is an expression of quantity alone), then it would lead to a rather unfullfilling life for all of us.

            • But if we can’t objectively argue quality without resorting to taking quantity/popularity into consideration…

              WHAT IS THE POINT?


            • But you can objectively argue quality. Up to the point, where only the eye of the beholder can tell, if it is liked, or not. On the other hand it’s rather easy to spot arguments rejecting all points considering quality 😉

              Edit: Blizzard, for example, developed into beeing a popcorn machine. And I’m not quite fond of this developement.

    13. this is my wishlist:
      1. all the trashbag skills to be buffed/made useful (e.g. ice armor for wizard). they promised us so many builds and yet here we are with less than 10 viable builds for each class
      2. items fixed, especially legendaries

      push back pvp for another year, hell even put it in an expansion for all i care, just fix the skills and the items which are terribly boring

      • To 1: They promised us many builds. That’s right. But then they only delivered Setups. (Or do you see anything in the skill-/itemsystem that you’re building up to?) And most of them not even viable. (There you’re hitting the nail again.)

    14. Mr. Throll, what is best?

      1.Selling 10.000.000 copies of Diablo 3 and have a huge amount of drops in the sales of a future expansion and future Diablo franchise games?

      2.Selling 6.000.000 copies of Diablo 3 and have increasing sales of this game, maybe having it being sold for 12+ years (has happens with Diablo 2), and have a great success with a future expansion and with future Diablo franchise games?

      Diablo 3 is a HUGE marketing success. A HUGE sales success… in the short term. A good manager and a good business man knows that sustainability is the key in any business. Diablo 3 is killing the reputation of the Diablo franchise in spite of its commercial success. There’s no vision for the long term… there’s only a short term mindset… the run for profits. Do you see what’s happening around the planet with all the super-businessess that hada a short term profits mindset in recent years? They all were super praised for their results and since 2008 they’re all being self destroyed…

      Mr. Throll, man, you seriously lack some vision. I have convinced myself that you are just a troll that wants to piss Diablo fans (not Diablo 3 fans, Diablo franchise fans). Your objective has nothing to do with defendig the quality of Diablo 3 or Blizzard’s business decisions. You just want to troll and you use the most polemic topic to do so. You just want some attention…

      • Calm down, the second post was not even made by me but an imposter.

        I publish far mare constructive posts.

        Like … putting up those 10.3 million players that bought a product and then compare them with the … 3 servers worldwide they play this game on in a casual way.

        Add BattleNet, the continued success of Blizzard support and a game that doesn’t need any gearscores or attunements to keep playing and I am sure millions of players well keep playing it between other games on those … 3 servers.

        Battling its success is silly really.

        • Oh, you got me wrong, Mr. Throll. I’m not battling its success. I’m just stating that their HUGE success today may well be their demise tomorrow. That would be a shame, but it has been seen before.

        • Don’t need a gear score? What the heck do you think Inferno is and the game is at every point? A gear score. You need a certain DPS at certain points to progress because the game is made that way.

          Can you take a naked character and run the game like you could in Diablo II? My point suffices. This game is all about DPS.

          Short term this game is a amazing success in sales. Gameplay not so much. Can it be fixed? Absolutely. But to come here the few of you and keep saying this game is the best and way better gameplay than Diablo II is delusional. This game won’t survive 12 years in its current state, I never for the life of me thought I would roll three monks get them to 60 and be done with the game a month later. NEVER EVER! DII took about 3 years to be perfect but was never bleeding customers at the rate and ranting about it. Blizzard doesn’t want great box sells, they want retention as well. Something they aren’t getting at a rate they like currently.

    15. Too little too late, Blizzard. Unless they do a major game system overhaul then this ship is dead in the water. I’m looking forward to see the changes the make w/ 1.04, but I know it won’t be enough to save the game for me. Unfortunately I think they’re hedging their bets on the 1.1 PvP patch, which for me, does absolutely nothing because I don’t give a shit about Diablo PvP. Diablo, to me, is primarily a PvE game, and Blizz has royally screwed the pooch on that front. I’d rather they spend the time making the PvE portion of the game fun before they even attempt PvP.

      • Tell me … what’s too late.

        D3 is not a single server played MMORPG with 400 people on each dying server anyway.

        Why would it be “too late” when it is only a click away on Battle Net with 3 servers worldwide accessing it …

        In the totally UNLIKELY event that only 10% would play it now and then we talk about a game with more than 1 million players spread over 3 servers, supported by BattleNet and Blizzard.

        Of course even on a closed box like Xfire the retention rate has now equalised with 20% activity.

        count in the 4 million extra sales that Xfire never represented and 30% retention rate gives a whopping 1 million players per server count.

        Too “little” ? LOL You know any other game with one central 1.000.000 player AH ?

            • Well… he’s not living at your place…

              (Next time, please refrain [edit: from what you did here] to proper communication, unless the person has really offended you, as it is with me and Thrall.)

            • I have no idea what your mangled sentence means, but I will post what I please unless a mod has a problem with it. Jaroh is a big boy throwing around big ideas and picking on Thrall who is admittedly drawing bullseyes on himself. He can take a little criticism. Kthnxbai.

            • Sorry. I didn’t want to offend you. My interest is only that my personal vendetta against Thrall doesn’t take off to beeing the general way people talk with one another on this board. Please accept my apologies.

    16. -Quest completed should stay permanently completed.
      -Game creation shouldn’t be limited to one act.
      -Allow waypoints to swap between acts.
      -Remove 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor requirement in order to find rares.
      -Increase minimum amount a stat can have on items.
      -Remove useless stat combinations like str/dex, str/int, dex/int, thorns, healthglove increase, loot radius.

      • Health globe/loot radius is mandatory on at least one item. The default radius, well there isn’t one. Without a radius increase, you can literally be standing right next to/damn near on top of the globes/gold and the game won’t pick them up until you pass through the object. Complete BS in my book.

    17. Lessons learned from D3:

      – Create a game with 3 servers world wide (they already did)
      – Create a GAH/RMAH with more profession plans to trade and mats gathering to sell/buy.
      – Undouble the Inferno difficulty so everyone thinks he IS Bolt and can pretend he runs the 100 meter dash in 9.65 instead of 17.2 seconds.
      – Give some PvP to the masses, so everyone can pretend he is God.
      – Apply the excellent engine to Blizzard’s new DOTA game.

      – Avoid making the Legendary weapons much better as it will render all other gear useless and non tradeable.

      Say “you are right” to every poster on the forums and pretend you care.

    18. I hope they dial back some of the monster affixes or the way they operate. The way they behave now with walls/arcane sentries every 5 seconds, it just feels like you’re getting trolled sometimes. Or maybe I’m just a baddie!

      Hopefully more gems, more crafting options, more ways to progress your character outside of finding that perfect 1/10000 drop. Marginal accumulation of power is what this game needs, just tiny drops of dopamine.

      I don’t understand why they’ve kept gem recipes away from us, it’s damn hard enough to make the top tier gem, without the actual recipe being just as rare. Also: resistance gems, thanks.

      • Affix combos and the fact they can be spammed while our countermeasures all have cool-downs, sometimes ridiculous cool-downs, is one of my biggest complaints. I’m sick and tired of dieing through no fault of my own.

        An example from last night while playing my Monk and fighting a champion pack with Vortex/Plague/Frozen/Arcane. I’m face-tank beating down 2 of the 3 champs. The 3rd champ is separated from the two I’m fighting, engaged with another player. The other 2 players in the game are busy fighting a second champ pack that spawned in the same area, which really has nothing to do with my point, but why there are only 2 of us fighting this pack. Anyway, I’m battling, taking damage, healing my wounds from the melee damage, plague pools I’m standing in, and the arcane turrets passing through me. This, all the while dodging the frozen bombs, were all easily manageable, but then out the blue, after taking a couple of turrets hits and being at 60% life, the one champ I’m not fighting Vortexes me to his location dropping me right on top of a turret and into a pack of frozen orbs. Both of these go off a split second after I land, so there I am frozen in place with an arcane turret shooting me at point blank range, as in being continuously shot instead of the beam doing a quick pass through me. But was this the cause of my death. Of course not, I’m not stupid. I used Serenity to escape the freeze, stop the incoming damage, and heal back to 40-45% life. But then the bullshit occurs. I’m vortexted back to the 2 champs I was fighting seconds ago, and immediately placed right back into the same situation. I’m frozen in place, but this time with my escape skill on cool-down, 2 arcane turrets shooting me, standing in plague pools, while the 2 champs and other enemies in the area pound on me while I’m forced to sit their frozen unable to attack, move, use skills or portions and just watch my life drain until death.

        Bunch-of-crap, especially considering the asinine repair costs.

    19. Just allow me to clarify my position here. You’re obviously angry with Blizzard and the TEN MILLION copies they sold. There are 10.000.000 plus players playing with themselves furiously in the AH at all times tell me sir… WHY they should feel the need to fix anything with success like that? Working as intended in my opinion. I can’t wait to hear you whiners when they double it and sell the next copies and have 10 million players times 10 playing this game on just 3 servers. Look at McDonalds… over TEN BILLION served. No one can argue with quality like that. Go ahead crybabies cry some more. You may now post your pathetic excuse for a reply though it will probably be wrong… ten million.

      • I have no idea who you are but once again thank you for copying me. It’s really quite flattering to finally have fans here. I wish I got this much attention from my parents as a child. 😥

        • “I wish I got this much attention from my parents as a child.”

          That explains so much about you, it’s not even funny…

          BTW, logging in would avoid the copycat confusion…

          Out of curiosity, what build setups are you playing?
          Barb: Frenzy or sprint whirler?
          Monk: thunderclap with 900+ LoH and a bunch of defensive skills or ???
          Wiz: crit mass or hydra kiter?
          WD: vision quest spammer? (haven’t got one to 60 yet)
          DH: I don’t know the standard here, I use chakram: razor disc, bola shot and spamming Shadow Power: Gloom. It’s not top end, but it’s entertaining enough *for me*.

          • You pretty much summed up the Build Diversity of D3. For DH though, there is grenades/caltrops/LoH.

            • Going on a run-setup there… with Evasive Fire/Covering Fire and Elemental Arrow/Frost Arrow as a base, Vault/Tumble, Shadow Power/Shadow Glide and Preparation/Backup Plan as supplement and Fan of Knives/Assassin’s knives as the skill for enemies coming through… (Tactical Advantage, Hot Pursuit and Archery as passives…)

          • I think a lot of the problems with skill parity can be solved by dialing back monster affixes. A lot of builds revolve around not getting stomped by some obnoxious game mechanic like arcane/jailer/frozen/waller. I don’t care how much damage you do or how much LoH you have, if you don’t have some way to repeatedly mitigate that (ridiculous cheesy) damage through some life saving skill, you’re screwed. 🙁

      • You are opening my eyes 😯
        If Blizzard is to the gaming industry what Mc Donalds is to cookery, I understand better. 🙂

      • He can’t think for himself all he does is look at numbers. So is CoD best shit since electricity was invented in your opinion then?

        • Now it is getting really funny as the last 2 posts came from imitators. Certainly the reaction on the same post was hilarious.

          I am getting more famous by the minute 🙂

          Apparently some haters ran out of arguments so they try to imitate my Thrall character. Cool.

          The best is to give it up guys.

          The game was more successful than you wished for, now grow up and let the game be played by its fans.

          Heard that Flux ?


    20. Count me in the pile of people still happily playing, everyday, 3 months after launch. I think it’s quit clear to anybody with half a brain that sales numbers being crazy good doesn’t mean the game is the best of all time. I know it has issues, anybody that’s really gotten into it will tell you that as well. After reading several articles about Kotick and Tippl, I realize why the AH was so important, and why the itemization isn’t just right. I think updates and patches will happen as long as they are making the money they expect. But then there has to be people playing for them to make that money. They have kinda fucked themselves into a corner.

      • I would have given a recommend to your post. But for some reason, I just can’t add a “+1” at the moment. So I’ll do it this way 🙂

    21. I had a post in the general forums with over 600 views in which I went over a bunch of problems I was having, and by the responses, a lot of other people were having them as well. I took a lot of time, trying to present myself in a constructive manner. This thread was completely ignored by Blizzard.

      That’s the range of their customer service. Blues post garbage in garbage threads.

    22. Here is some feedback that would make me play a hell of a lot more often, ” Get Rid Of The Auction Houses.” Diablo is about the hunt for loot not buying loot off of an AH.

      • Yeah, I was going to point that out myself but I didn’t want to be THAT guy.

        Come on Rushster, get it together man.

      • Dunno if you’ve noticed, but for the past many years, they almost always say “Blizzard are” instead of “Blizzard is” — and it’s the same with other IncGamers postings, not just on their Diablo site.

        I think it’s just a dialectical (British?) thing.

        • … or just the difference between “hypothetical” and “out of experience”?

          edit: You know… legal entity vs. real person.

          • I don’t know. I mean, I know it’s nitpicking, but saying “Blizzard are…” just sounds really really wrong to me.

            • Ok … another example: If someone says “the US are,” he is generally talking about the governance or the people in the US in general. If someone on the other hand says “the US is,” he’s generally speaking about some sort of statistical or historical data about the entity “US” or the one or other of the parts making it up.

    23. No amount of feedback can save this game. It is too fundamentally un-fun to begin with, being based off of the AH and all.

      • Oh … I know a way to bring the game at least near to the genre-defining state, D2 has brought on the market. But it borders on a complete redefiniton of coresystems and enough of additional work, that it would only be realistic with a second expansion, and unrealistic, because it eats up ressources while not bringing in new fields of profit.

        edit: If you want me to deliver, just ask. But please don’t complain about the long read you’ll get 😉

    24. What a pathetic conversation on already resolved matters. All these comments!….
      Thrall, you (think you) defend things that even Blizzard themselves have admitted they have messed up. Good luck with that, lad.

    25. People think D3 is good? Everyone I know irl quit (20ish people), and I was the last one to quit out of the group a little less than a month ago. Most of those people are 40+ days since logging in at this point and were all D2 players/blizz fanboys. There is no reason to play this game. Everything is pretty dead at this point and blizzard has done nothing. You people are kidding yourselves, this game is broken and blizz will never fix it.

      • I know what you mean. I cleaned up my friends list tonight. Everyone I deleted was last seen 35 to 59 days ago. I’m pretty confident these people are never coming back and I’m not sure how much longer I can continue playing. 1.0.4 better bring back the fun of D2, otherwise I’ll probably be done. At the moment I’ve met a few new people online that haven’t been playing that long. Their enthusiasm while playing together is what keeps me playing, but I know it won’t last.

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