Since DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.5launched, the Blizzard CMs have been handling a variety of player queries on the Battle.net forums. There are quite a few noob questions, suggesting that lots of people are coming back to the game with the patch (or even starting up from scratch). I figure you guys know most of that stuff already though, so here are some of the more interesting/detailed stuffs, or bug reports.

    The most common questions are about DiabloWikiMonster Power and the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine. We’ve got detailed bullet point lists on both of those on the wiki articles, but just since everyone keeps asking:

  • To get keys from the Keywardens, or Demonic Organs from the uber bosses you must have FIVE DiabloWikiNephalem Valor stacks.
  • You can get keys and organs on MP0, but you’ve only got a 5% chance.
  • Improve your odds by doing them on higher MP settings. Magic Find does not affect your chances of keys or organs dropping.
  • If the DH does not need a heal can the Templar heal the pets that are tanking with them? If so, who gets healed 1st?
    Grimiku: The templar will save his heal for when you or himself are injured, but the spell will always heal both of you. He won’t heal your pets, though, which includes demon hunter companions.

    Monster Power turns off after leaving game. Is this intended? Every time I log out or even simply leave a game, the monster power option turns off. Meaning I have to go back in options, click the check box to enable it, and then pick a quest with the appropriate monster power. Even if I hit a checkpoint, leave, and hit resume immediately, monster power is now of and I’m MP0…
    Vaeflare: We’re currently investigating the issue of the Monster Power option sometimes turning off when players log out or leave a game.

    can keys actually drop without monster power enabled, as was suggested in the infernal machine blog? Or was this a mistake in the blog, and the keys will only drop in Monster Power 1 or higher, as was previously suggested?
    Lylirra: Monster Power isn’t required. At MP0, the drop rate for both the keys and organ pieces is 5%. At MP1, that chance increases to 10%, at MP2 it’s 20%, and so on until MP10 (which grants a 100% drop chance for those items).

    A full five stacks of Nephalem Valor is required, though, so just keep that in mind.

    since the chance for a bonus item to drop on MP10 is 100%, shouldn’t that mean that any enemy that drops an item will drop 2? if the bonus item chance is 100%, no normal enemy should be able to drop only 1 item, right?
    If you kill a monster while playing on MP10, and that monster makes its initial roll check to drop an item, it should have a 100% chance to drop a bonus item. So, yes, in that sense, the monster should drop at least two items. BUT, since the initial item a monster drops might just be a pile of gold, it’s possible (with auto-pickup) that you may have just missed it. If you feel that something isn’t working correctly, though, then please be sure to post in the Bug Report forum so our Quality Assurance team can investigate.

    (Also, I saw this asked earlier, but the bonus item will always be a piece of gear, not a potion or gold or anything else.)

    I’ve read Blizzard’s notes on the infernal machine, and realize that each MP provides an extra 10% chance at a key. But there is no mention of Magic Find. Does anyone know if MF positively effects key drop rates?
    Vaeflare: I just wanted to jump in to clarify that Magic Find does not increase the chance of key drops. Only Monster Power level does so.

    does that mean nephalem valor buffs dont do anything either?
    A full five stacks of Nephalem Valor is required in order for the keys (and the demonic organs) to drop.

    Click through for more questions about the Infernal Machine, scoring keys and organs in party games, salvaging Hellfire Rings, and more.

    lyrilla can you possibly respond to the Infernal machine blog stating that monster power isnt required to get keys and organs to drop?
    Lylirra: Monster Power isn’t required. At MP0, the drop rate for both the keys and organ pieces is 5%. At MP1, that chance increases to 10%, at MP2 it’s 20%, and so on until MP10 (which grants a 100% drop chance for those items).

    If you are in a party and the portal device isn’t yours, is there still a chance of getting an organ piece drop if you defeat the boss?
    Anyone who participates in the fight, is present for the kill, and has full stack of NV has a chance at an organ drop regardless of who actually opened the portal. However, if an organ drops for one player, it’s not guaranteed to drop for all players unless you’re playing at MP10.

    When you salvage the DiabloWikiHellfire Ring for materials, do you just get the normal Firey Brimstone, or do you get your organs or keys back?
    Vaeflare: When a Hellfire ring is salvaged, it produces Magic (blue) and Rare (yellow) crafting material. Players will not have their grisly demon organs returned to them.

    The reason that we chose for Hellfire rings to be salvaged into Magic and Rare crafting material is because we didn’t want players simply farming rings for brimstones. Brimstones are quite valuable, and we want to keep them that way.

    I’d put this on page three if we had that capability in the wordpress script. Sicne I can’t put it any lower, it’s here. Watch Vaeflare audition for Bliz PR person of the year with this fanboy ode to the wonderousness of Diablo III’s cinematics.

    Would Diablo be a good Movie? I’m thinking it would be if the CG part is good.
    Vaeflare: What period of Sanctuary’s history would you want to see more of?

    One of my fondest video game memories growing-up was delving into Diablo II in order to find out where the story would take me, and what happened to the Dark Wanderer from the first game. I’d also really enjoy finding out more about the longstanding history of the Seraphim, and in particular: the members of the Angiris Council that we encountered in Diablo III. The lore behind the Diablo series has always captured my imagination, and I’d definitely enjoy seeing a related movie about the world of Sanctuary on the big-screen (I’m a huge film aficionado, especially where period films, high-fantasy, and sci-fi are concerned).

    That said, as awesome and epic as I can picture such a film being, we have no current plans at this time for a feature-length Diablo movie.

    Diablo III the most anticipated game of the year and possibly of the decade would definitely translate in to a great cinematic!

    I would love to see perhaps three films, each covering the adventures of the three games and perhaps filling in gaps with the lore to pad it out a bit. I’d definitely like to see them all about 2 hours long, so they feel like truly epic films and I’d like to see the trilogy released one year after each other, much like how LoTR was released.

    But for me personally, I’d like to find out more about Anu and Tathamet. I’d like to see more of the struggle and plotting between the lesser evils and prime evils. And I’d certainly like to find out more about sanctuary’s creation, the nephalem and the council.

    I think it’d be really cool to try and incorporate cinematics already seen throughout the series but in a much more modern sense. So we can be watching parts of the film and be like wow! That’s right, I remember that happening in Diablo I, I’m totally with this right now, whilst still being amazed by how much more there is to the lore.

    I often explain to people, the best part about Diablo is the lore, it’s not the depth of the game or the size of it, it’s the Lore and how truly fascinating the concepts are. So please, make a film and we’ll all stay a while to listen!
    Vaeflare: Trust me: I’m right there with you. 🙂 I was so incredibly pumped when we revealed the animated Diablo III: Wrath earlier this year, and it gave us just one more previous taste of the world of Diablo. Each and every time I see a Diablo cinematic, I want to see more. I want to find out more about the character and their life, and about what’s gone on behind the scenes or between-scenes with the various characters of the series.

    Personally, I’d also love to see a cinematic/film about Zoltan Kulle’s decent into darkness. In my mind, I’d like to think that his story began as a rather well-intentioned young man trying to save the world (as so many heroes often aim to do).

    Which characters would you want to know more about?

    Just to comment on that last one, since I’ve got an interesting tidbit. I was talking to a friend about this not too long ago, about why the long-planned World of Warcraft movie seemed to just fizzle out and hasn’t been mentioned in years, after the initial hype over Sam Raimi’s involvement. My friend said that no external projects from Blizzard properties ever fly since there are too many control freaks at Blizzard. Bliz will cede some power and control for minor stuff like comic books and novels, but for a big budget movie they want heavy involvement, casting input, script approval, etc, and no major talents in Hollywood will agree to cede creative control in that fashion, so the projects never advance beyond the press release stage.

    Either Blizzard changes that, or try to scale up their own cinematic department to make or at least remotely manage their own CGI movie, or Bobby hocks off a guest mantion and they handle the financing themselves and just hire some Uwe Boll type director… or we never get a Blizzard movie. IMHO, you’d be wise not to hold your breath for any of those possibilities.

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