Blizzard answers Questions about Nephalem Rifts in some forum posts today. How deep are Rifts? (Up to 10 levels, though almost always less.) Is there any reason to explore beyond the Guardian? (Not really.) And can we get a yes/no confirm to prevent accidental clicks? (You don’t need one.)

    Please Bliz make an option when opening a rift that asks if you would like to open it rather than just opening. I cannot tell you how many times clicking around the map I hit the area around the pillar and activate a rift on accident. For anyone who has done this please put +1 for a “Would you like to open a Rift” Feature when clicking on the rift pillar.
    Grimiku: We’ve accidentally opened up a few Nephalem Rift’s here at the office, but we also like how it feels to open up a rift with a single click. Currently our intention is to nudge the Nephalem Obelisk so that it’s a little more out of the way, but keep the rest of the process the same. This should help reduce the number of unintended rifts created, but allow people to easily enjoy them without interrupting the pace.

    Do you guys think they need a yes/no option on the Rift initiation? I do not and I haven’t ever clicked one by accident, though I can see how that could be kind of an issue in Act Five, since the town area is quite compressed. (All the town elements in Westmarch were repeatedly shuffled during the beta, and it was a lot more crowded in the early days. I still think the Blacksmith’s wagon takes up too much space poking out into the center of town, and his stupid sidekick gets in my way all the time.)

    Rifts have 10 levels ?

    I didnt know that i always teleport back to town once ive killed the guardian wtf how am i suppose to know this ?
    Grimiku: Nephalem Rifts are completely randomized, and can have somewhere between 1 and 10 levels. Sometimes you’ll encounter the Rift Guardian early on, but you can continue to clear out the rest of it if you want. You never know what you’ll encounter in a rift, so it can be fun to clear them out sometimes. However, there’s currently only one Rift Guardian per rift. Here’s a quote that might help from the First Look: Adventure Mode blog that we published talking about how much randomization goes into a Rift.

    First off, it means that Nephalem Rifts are completely randomized, featuring different content from Acts I-V—random interior and exterior tile sets, random layouts, random lighting and weather, random monsters, and (of course) a random boss encounter to cap it all off. Each Nephalem Rift dungeon can be up to 10 levels deep, but even that’s random too!

    What do you mean? Every rift I’ve done has a bar gauge that fills up and once it reaches 100% the rift guardian appears regardless of what level I was on.
    Grimiku: You can explore the rest of the Nephalem Rift after you kill the Rift Guardian, so long as you don’t turn in the quest to Orek. Currently, Rift Guardians spawn when you’ve killed a number of monsters (which is how you fill the gauge that was mentioned), and sometimes that happens well before you’ve explored the entire rift. For example, it’s possible to fight a Rift Guardian on the 2nd or 3rd level of a Nephalem Rift that has 5 or 6 total levels. If you kill the guardian, but don’t turn in the quest, then you can freely explore the rest of the Nephalem Rift.

    I found a Leg when i decided to continue a Rift after the Guardian was dead.
    Grimiku: I’ve been leveling my Crusader in Nephalem Rifts, and have been trying to explore every nook and cranny while I do. A lot of that takes place after the guardian is dead. Most of the time I’m just looking for more monsters to kill, but along the way I’ve discovered rifts have plenty of hidden treasures.

    I like the OP of the second thread, who sounds outraged that he wasn’t told that Rifts had more levels beyond the Guardian. How could he have known!?1!? Well, maybe explore and find things out for yourself, instead of just rushing back to town for maximum profit the instant you kill the boss? #kidsthesedays

    Guardians break out the full bag of tricks when they near death.

    Near death, Guardians break out the full bag of tricks.

    As I noted in yesterday’s news about Treasure Goblin packs in Rifts, all this info was covered months ago before and during the Beta Test. We posted our first article about DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts after playing them when they debuted at Blizzcon 2013, and covered them extensively as they evolved over the course of the beta, including on several Podcasts.

    All that said, I sometimes wish I was one of those forum posters who paid zero attention to the Reaper of Souls beta, since it would have been fun to see all these content features for the first time during Reaper of Souls’ launch week. I like knowing what stuff was like months ago and I enjoyed seeing it evolve and change and improve during testing, but sometimes I wish I could unsee, just to have some surprises.

    As for doing Rifts past the Guardian, that was a popular debate point during the beta. I’m biased since I once found a Goblin pack just around the corner after killing a Guardian, so now I feel compelled to always check just the next room or two… but what about the rest of you guys?

    I like the idea of a reward for completing a rift; some additional bonus you’d score for returning to town via the Obelisk at the end. How about a random thing at the end? A bit like that Wheel of Fate event in the Act Two desert, so at the very end of a Rift by the “Return to Town Stone” there would be a slot machine thing to click and try your luck. Options would include, an exp/gold reward, a golden chest, a fresh Elite pack, a Purple, a second Rift Guardian, a stream of Treasure Goblins, instant death, etc.

    You can imagine countless options there, and I think it would be fun. Kind of a completion bonus for emptying the entire Rift. (Or at least rushing through to find the end point.) Yes or no?

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