A bunch of quick one-topic blue posts today, all answering fairly simple questions. So here they are, collected for easy consumption.

    I’m wondering what will happen to all the achievements like: “Beat Diablo in HC / Armageddon.” Will they stay in the game (archived) or just be converted to a new achievement like “Beat Diablo in HC / Torment” ?

    Grimiku: Achievements that currently have a difficulty component related to them will be changed into a Feat of Strength for Reaper of Souls. This way you’ll still have the recognition of having already completed the task, but we’ll have room to implement the new versions too.

    After Blizzcon we now know that all future legendaries are going to become BoA with a brief window of trading available for those in the game where it dropped, but what of the pre-existing legendaries? Are they going to remain unbound until enchanted or modified? Will they automatically become bound when Loot 2.0 drops?

    Grimiku: We have no plans to make legacy Legendary items bind on account as of current design, and we’ll be sure to quickly let you know if that changes. Also, it’s probably a good idea for me to clarify that “legacy Legendary” in this case means any Legendary that drops before our pre-expansion patch.

    Current crafting recipes crafted in RoS: Lets say i craft cain’s set at lvl 70.. will it be lvl 70 item?

    Nevalistis: Plans will not scale to level. So, a level 70 character crafting an item level 60 pattern will still result in a level 60 item. There will be new higher level patterns available for level 70 crafting.

    The stats on that item, however, is otherwise subject to the smart drop system and will roll stats appropriate to the character crafting it (so, Strength for a Barbarian, Intelligence for a Wizard, and so forth).

    Wait… can I change the stats of my crafts using the mystic? like re-roll

    Nevalistis: Crafted gear can be enchanted by the DiabloWikiMystic just like a dropped item can – meaning you can change one of the rolled stats on the item to something else, and that one stat can be rerolled as many times as you wish.

    Click through for more Blue replies on repeating Bounties, with some added notes about how Bounties worked and varied in the RoS demo at Blizzcon, and which act(s) will have the most variety in total bounties

    Going back to that last quote about DiabloWikienchanting Crafted items… we’ve done so many posts on RoS datamining this fall that I’m not going to go dig it up, but I think I remember reading at one point that Crafted items were listed as non-enchantable. The theory seemed to be that enchanting was meant to boost self-finding, not self-making (and certainly not trading). Thus what Nevalistis says here seems to be a new/changed tidbit. Not that’s surprising, given what Jason Regier told me at Blizzcon.

    Jason Regier: I wouldn’t read too much into the datamining stuff. …It’s like reading tea leaves. We change stuff so often at the office, like we just want to try out a whole bunch of new things and that’s really the iterative nature of life at Blizzard.

    There were several good bits of new info in the interview I did, but I continue to think this quote from Jason might be the most informative for us going forward, as we’ll continually see new RoS datamining details and want to take them more seriously than we should.

    I read that bounties are non-repeatable quests, so it sounds like once you’ve exhausted the bounties, there won’t be anything left for you to do in the game.

    Grimiku: They’re non-repeatable in that particular instance of the game. If you leave the game and create a new one, however, the bounties for each Act repopulate. Which bounties are present are randomly generated each time you create a new game, so there should be a wealth of options to explore (including the fully randomized Nephalem Rifts).

    DiabloWikiBounties respawn each game just like the monsters. The number of bounties per act vary quite a bit, since there are way more areas in some acts than others, but there must be 50+ per act in Acts 1-3? Every important quest and Act Boss can be a bounty, there are many many Purples who can be a bounty, and you can also get clear an area and complete an event Bounties.

    That 50+ estimate would be way low if you counted every permutation, but I’m lumping some in together. For instance I completed got Bounties in the Weeping Hollow on Mira Eamon and on Mange two different games… but really, that’s just the same thing. You’re clearing out the Weeping Hollow looking for a Purple for the Bounty; it’s not like you’re going to play differently if the purple is Mange, or Mira Eamon, or some other Purple grotesque.

    That said, Act One has way more waypoints than Act Three does, though. So I think technically you could say that there are more possible Bounties in Act One than in Act Three, at least more in terms of sending you to a different area or dungeon level, since there are more areas/dungeon levels in Act One.

    Act Four is the obvious difference, since it’s so much smaller. Virtually every game on the Blizzcon demo I got 2 or 3 of Iskatu, Rakanoth, Izual, and/or Diablo for a Bounty, with the others set to some random Purple in some random area, with perhaps an occasional “clear a dungeon level” bounty thrown in. (There are no events to complete in Act Four?) Generally speaking , Act Four remains a stay-away, even in Adventure Mode. Some of the Purples can be done very quickly, (Iskatu and Rakanoth rank up there with Ghom for most convenient to a waypoint) but there aren’t many levels in Act Four and they are huge, where you do not want to chase after a random purple. I tried to do one on the Silver Spire Level 2 and it took me 15 minutes of hard fighting just to find the bastard.

    Quests-den-666sSide note on the “clear a dungeon” type Bounty. I only saw two of those in at least a dozen Adventure Mode games, and both times the level was a fairly small one, like level 2 of a Goat Cave in the Southern Highlands. And yes, you get a “monsters remaining” counter when you’re nearly through. Let us hope there are sometimes Zombie Mothers on those areas that Diablo 3 may repeat one of Diablo 2’s best Easter Eggs.

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