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    A selection of Blue replies to various questions in the Battle.net forums about the new DiabloWikiPatch 2.3.

    Warning: Westmarch Commons bounty bugged. This bounty quest is bugged, the chest to start it does not show up.

    Also check for the Medical Camp. The Medical Camp tileset isn’t spawning. So there is no way to complete the bounty. If it spawns in a bounty remake the game. If you are in a Public Game do it first. At least you will know whether to leave or stay.
    Tyvalir: Thanks for these, guys.

    I’m moving this thread over to the Bug Report forum. If you see any new bugs pop up, please check the Bug Report forum to see if others have posted on the topic before making a new post in that forum. That way, our QA team can get to it quicker.

    All my jeweler patterns are gone? Working as intended? Also why am i getting duplicates of plans dropping from caches?
    Grimiku: We haven’t seen too many reports of missing recipes (I’ll be watching out for more), but some of them were removed as indicated in the patch notes. Additionally, I noticed my Jewel Crafter filter defaulted on “Have Materials” rather than “All”. Have you tried using both filters? It’s located at the top of the artisans window in case you’ve never used it before and want to give it a try.

    I actually had the opposite problem in a sense… I completed the Act 2 bounty series and received 15 legendary plans in the Horadric Cache. Is this a bug or working as intended?
    Grimiku: Chances are those are lower level recipes that the game is back filling so you can complete your collection without having to search for them with low level characters. That’s a new feature that we put into patch 2.3.0 as well. 🙂

    As if Act Five bounties weren’t bad enough! As for the plans, it’s crazy how fast they dropped in Season Four on the PTR. Between Horadric Caches and Green Goblins spawning half a dozen (or more) each, new S4 chars had the entire Blacksmith and Jeweler crafting options filled out long before we had enough materials to start making those recipes.

    The other Blue questions/answers are all about stuff covered long ago on the PTR, so we’re quoting them below the fold. Click through if basic functions of DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube and the PTR itself are beyond your ken and you seek enlightenment. Or just want to feel better because you know more than nubs on the Bnet forums!

    Mask of Jeram power doesn’t stack with the helm.

    Intentional? Nothing in the notes stated it would not work. My fetishes were hitting 40 mil before the stack and still are after. If we are allowed to double up actually double the dmg! This is the xb1 version any wds try this on PC yet?
    Grimiku: A Legendary power extracted by the cube will not stack with the same Legendary power if the corresponding item is also equipped. In other words, you can’t double dip on Legendary powers. That said, I think some of you bring up a good point when you mention that, at a glance, there’s no way to know this while you’re in game. I’ll mention this in one of our upcoming meetings, and thank you all for bringing it up.

    Does any one know what happens to our PTR Chars? Is there a way to transfer it to the regular Diablo 3 or all that progress there is lost? And is the PTR down?
    Correct. The PTR has been taken offline as the 2.3.0 Patch is now live for North America. 🙂

    Where do i find the new cube? :/ Talked to Mr.kulle and nothing…

    Talk to Kulle in A2’s base. After that, port to Act 3 – Ruins of Sescheron.
    To clarify, it does not matter which act you talk to Kulle in. He’ll provide you guidance regardless (he’s a nice guy like that)!

    Our DiabloWiki.net article on DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube is fully updated with all the where/how/when/what info, if you’d like to avoid pondering questions like those answered above.

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