Blizzard Answers Diablo 3 Beta Questions

There haven’t been any new @Diablo tweets for a few days, but apparently Bashiok was in the mood for tweeting, since he made a number of bite-sized replies in the long-neglected D3 forum.

On likely Witch Doctor play styles:

The ideal Witch Doctor strategy (in my mind, from what we’ve learned about the class so far), would focus on map control and opponent harassment.
Bashiok: I think that pretty much described what most witch doctor builds will be about, but what will be more interesting is seeing what other types of builds emerge.

On the perils of excessive hard drive partitioning.

On my PC, I have 3 hard drives, My C: is almost full. It has about 16Go left for use. While my two other ones have 60Go free. So when I downloaded the thing for the beta, it automatically takes my C: into account & I cannot change it for one of my other disks that have more space. I’m afraid I wont even have a change getting into BETA because of that.
Bashiok: It won’t be 16GB, don’t worry about it.

On the influx of new fans the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta will bring. (I spent 2 minutes trying to figure out of the OP was joking/being sarcastic on that one. “Sanctity” of forums?)

During the end of StarCraft II’s long, drawn-out development period the forum became overrun with beta zombies. Together they clamored for the beta, united in their plight to get their bloody and soiled hands (at least those that had them) on the beta which they so hungered for. Now, as we approach the half way mark of the projected Q3 release window I fear for the sanctity of this forum.
Bashiok: It’s gonna be bad.

A question from a fan who hasn’t heard of the DiabloWikishared stash.

anyone have any idea if there will be ingame mailboxes? so we dont have 2 dump our stuff outside of town in some random game n risk losing it?
Bashiok: IThere are no mailmen in Sanctuary.

Bashiok finally broke out of his tweet mode in a reply to a question about people claiming to already have DiabloWikiDiablo III Beta invites.

We don’t have any keys to give anyone, beta has not begun, we haven’t even announced it.

The single legit way to express interest in helping test any-potential-yet-still-unannounced-betas at this time is to use the account opt-in, and run the system check tool.

Anyone claiming otherwise is a dirty liar, or is trying to scam you.

I remain surprised and perplexed by Bashiok’s repeated denials of the universal assumption that Bilzzard will distribute thousands of D3 beta keys through contests on partner sites, with pre-orders, via fansites, etc. Given that Blizzard has done that with every other beta test they’ve ever run, especially with the most recent ones for SC2 and the WoW expansions, what’s the point in acting as though it’s not going to happen this time?

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20 thoughts on “Blizzard Answers Diablo 3 Beta Questions

  1. I don’t think Bashiok is trying to say that they won’t necessarily give out beta keys to specific people or have promotions for getting beta access; only that they’re not doing it yet and anyone claiming to have a key already is “a dirty liar, or is trying to scam you.”

    • Exactly, they got no beta keys YET because there’s no beta yet. Lol I think Flux is getting older and less alert.

      • He hasn’t said, “no one will have beta tickets” but he’s repeatedly avoided logical opportunities to inform fans about how Blizzard always has handled their beta key distribution in the past. (And how they’re surely planning it for D3; if they haven’t had vastly detailed charts and planning guides to the dozens of business partners and websites they’ll be giving beta keys out through, for at least 6 months, I’ll eat my keyboard with tabasco sauce)

        So basically you guys say it’s cool that he’s misinforming by omission, in order to drive home the point that anyone who says they have beta keys now is a scammer? Would it be so hard to be honest and say, “We’ll be giving out beta keys through a variety of partners, but nothing has begun yet.”

        I guess this is why I don’t/couldn’t work in PR. The word parsing and lying until you don’t have to lie anymore would trouble me.

        • “Would it be so hard to be honest and say, ‘We’ll be giving out beta keys through a variety of partners, but nothing has begun yet.'”
          The business world requires people to guard their information all the time. It’s nothing new, and it’s nothing exclusive to Blizzard; it’s just the way things go and it’s nothing to feel “lied to” or otherwise get worked up about. Deals and contracts like these are tricky business. The last thing they need is to get sued (for example) by Target because Bashiok let people know that there would be exclusive pre-order beta offers when Target’s contract specified that they would be the ones to announce it on such-and-such a date.

          • I don’t know why y’all so fussed up about, he’s just saying your getting scammed (or you lie) if you got a mail about beta invite, and that’s it! When beta gets announce the whole bloody world will know. And besides there is a big difference between: not telling and lying.

        • Bare in mind that people will register there hardware details via there site (enableing them to select a broad cross selection of hardware to test). But with others they wont get to pick and choose beta testers.
          On that basis i cant say i can blame them at this point trying to drive potental testers to register with them.

  2. Had wondered about mailboxes. I’m sure people will manage with meeting up to trade

  3. “”Bashiok: IThere are no mailmen in Sanctuary.””
    Quick, someone mod Kevin Costner in…

  4. They’ve had a lot of problems with beta key scams lately, especially for WoW. This is in addition to the large number of scams that happen daily in and out of the game, and Blizzard has to hire people to take care of those who fall for them and have their account “compromised”. That’s the official term now. We used to just call it getting hacked but now it’s “compromised” which cracks me up.

    His post on the beta was so non-committal that he almost makes it sound like there may not even be a beta.

    • sometime I stop and remind myself… Bashy gets paid to write this stuff. Seriously. Think about that.

      • Getting paid to write something doesn’t make it any less true. In fact, that creates accountability.
        In response to the article though, I’m 100% sure he’s talking about the present time. We have already confirmed that 1000 beta invites will be given to Blizzcon ’10 attendees.

  5. Best case scenario.

    There has been a closed beta all this time and all this waiting was a conspiracy game :O
    August 3rd we will have our Diablo 3 Release.

  6. Oh boy, more posts by Bashiok containing absolutely zero information. He needs to start posting something concrete or stop posting altogether.

  7. ” any-potential-yet-still-unannounced-betas ”
    Is that supposed to hint that there won’t be an open beta for d3 considering they haven’t specifically announced a start date or any features for it.
    I wouldn’t put it past them to say “yes, we’ll reveal lots of new systems before the beta”, and then never actually have an open beta they have to reveal stuff before. 😛

  8. all we can do is wait. beta will be announced when the beta is announced and then some will get in and some won’t get in. The actual game will be released and potentially have no relation to anything we have played prior,  is this situation really that much of a concern, is there even a concern to begin with?

  9. You guys aren’t reading this well enough, imho…

    “We don’t have any keys to give anyone, beta has not begun, we haven’t even announced it.”

    This means that at the current moment they don’t have keys… If there’s no beta yet there’s no keys yet… Later on, they will have and can give it to other sources if they wish…

    “The single legit way to express interest in helping test any-potential-yet-still-unannounced-betas at this time is to use the account opt-in, and run the system check tool.”

    By “any-potential-yet-still-unnannouced-betas” doesn’t refer specifically to D3, the Bnet opt in works for any beta in the future… that’s why it also uses the word potential and the word betas

    That he hasn’t mentioned there’s going to be keys at sites doesn’t mean it won’t… because he didn’t either say ther won’t be… He only said what he had to say…

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