There haven’t been any new @Diablo tweets for a few days, but apparently Bashiok was in the mood for tweeting, since he made a number of bite-sized replies in the long-neglected B.net D3 forum.

    On likely Witch Doctor play styles:

    The ideal Witch Doctor strategy (in my mind, from what we’ve learned about the class so far), would focus on map control and opponent harassment.
    Bashiok: I think that pretty much described what most witch doctor builds will be about, but what will be more interesting is seeing what other types of builds emerge.

    On the perils of excessive hard drive partitioning.

    On my PC, I have 3 hard drives, My C: is almost full. It has about 16Go left for use. While my two other ones have 60Go free. So when I downloaded the thing for the beta, it automatically takes my C: into account & I cannot change it for one of my other disks that have more space. I’m afraid I wont even have a change getting into BETA because of that.
    Bashiok: It won’t be 16GB, don’t worry about it.

    On the influx of new fans the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta will bring. (I spent 2 minutes trying to figure out of the OP was joking/being sarcastic on that one. “Sanctity” of B.net forums?)

    During the end of StarCraft II’s long, drawn-out development period the forum became overrun with beta zombies. Together they clamored for the beta, united in their plight to get their bloody and soiled hands (at least those that had them) on the beta which they so hungered for. Now, as we approach the half way mark of the projected Q3 release window I fear for the sanctity of this forum.
    Bashiok: It’s gonna be bad.

    A question from a fan who hasn’t heard of the DiabloWikishared stash.

    anyone have any idea if there will be ingame mailboxes? so we dont have 2 dump our stuff outside of town in some random game n risk losing it?
    Bashiok: IThere are no mailmen in Sanctuary.

    Bashiok finally broke out of his tweet mode in a reply to a question about people claiming to already have DiabloWikiDiablo III Beta invites.

    We don’t have any keys to give anyone, beta has not begun, we haven’t even announced it.

    The single legit way to express interest in helping test any-potential-yet-still-unannounced-betas at this time is to use the Battle.net account opt-in, and run the system check tool.

    Anyone claiming otherwise is a dirty liar, or is trying to scam you.

    I remain surprised and perplexed by Bashiok’s repeated denials of the universal assumption that Bilzzard will distribute thousands of D3 beta keys through contests on partner sites, with pre-orders, via fansites, etc. Given that Blizzard has done that with every other beta test they’ve ever run, especially with the most recent ones for SC2 and the WoW expansions, what’s the point in acting as though it’s not going to happen this time?

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