In the forums there are a number of Blizzard answers about PTR and Patch 2.1 Issues. First up, some of the basic “how do I PTR?” queries. If you want to install the PTR and help out with the testing, Blizzard’s posted a lengthy technical how-to. Also, someone asks this every PTR time also, so here’s the Blue reply:

    Can items/xp earned during 2.1 ptr be copied back to 2.1 final when it will be released?
    Grimiku: None of the progress made on the PTR will transfer back to the live game, so any items, experience, or achievements you earn while on the PTR will advance your characters on the live servers. It’s a great place to test out the new changes and features from the patch, though. I definitely recommend hopping over there to try it out if you’re interested in any of the new stuff.

    The PTR is basically a different version/duplicate of the game, which you can import copies of your current characters into. Nothing you do on the PTR can be copied back over, and you can copy over your character again any time you want, though this will overwrite anything you’ve done previously on the PTR. So on the PTR you can salvage every spare item for more Souls, play recklessly and die with hardcore chars, spend all your gold on enchants, etc, and if you don’t like the results just import your account again and overwrite the carnage.

    Bear in mind the cached copy of your account is usually a few days old, so anything you did on DiabloWikilive during the previous day or two will generally *not* show up on the PTR copy.

    Here’s an interesting question I wouldn’t even have thought to ask. Or to answer. I’ve been wondering and asking people what parts of Patch 2.1 will be available for Diablo 3 classic players. and I still don’t know; nothing the Blues have posted has ever said if D3 classic players will get DiabloWikiladders and DiabloWikileaderboards and such. Obviously they won’t get DiabloWikiGreater Rifts, but maybe some of the rest?

    I haven’t bought RoS yet but would like to see and play the changes in 2.1 which would help me make the decision to go ahead and buy the expansion but I’m a little hesitant to install the PTR. At this moment finances will not allow the purchase of RoS.

    Will installing the PTR automatically purchase RoS or will the PTR allow me a preview of RoS?
    Lylirra: No and no, respectively. 🙂

    You do not need to have purchased Reaper of Souls in order to access the patch 2.1.0 PTR; all that’s required to play the PTR is a standard Diablo III license that’s in good standing. That said, the PTR will not grant you access to any expansion-gated content (like the Crusader or Nephalem Rifts, including Greater Rifts). Content in the PTR will be gated in the same way that the live game is right now.

    Speaking of what’s not in the game, a number of the major Patch 2.1 features are not available on the PTR. There aren’t any ladders or legendary gems (yet).

    Where’s the Legendary Gems?

    I just seen PTR patch notes? nothing. I’m not sure about the items that put max sockets if it’s a gem or not, but even thought only 1 ??!?!?! LOL where is the gems ?
    Lylirra: We’re still developing and designing Legendary Gems, so they have not yet been implemented. They’re just not ready for testing on the 2.1.0 PTR right now. Once we’ve fleshed out Legendary Gems a bit more, we’ll patch them in with a later PTR build. Each PTR patch will be accompanied by patch notes (published in the PTR launcher and the front page of this site), so just keep an eye on those notes to see when Legendary Gems become available. 🙂

    Lylirra: Please note that Seasons are not available for testing at this time. While all Seasonal data has been patched in with the latest PTR build, the feature is currently (and intentionally) disabled.

    We don’t anticipate much of a delay, and once Seasons have been enabled on the PTR we will provide an update in this thread as well our official PTR patch notes.

    I assumed that ladders/seasons were “intentionally” not enabled since Bliz wanted players to test out the patch changes and skill changes and other stuff first. If they had launched the PTR with ladders, most people would probably have dived into that and started with level 1 chars in the fresh economy, which would have meant little testing and feedback on all the end game skill changes.

    Another question about Seasons/ladders, and what happens when they end.

    So the legs that i get in seasons cant transfer to my main account?
    Nevalistis: Once the Season ends, your items will be sent to your non-Seasonal characters. We’re still working out the exact logistical details on how that occurs, but that’s the intent. 🙂

    Seasonal Legendaries will also be added to the normal Legendary item pool once the Season ends, making room for new Seasonal Legendaries with the start of the next Season.

    Finally, we posted the first guy to share his adventure in Greed’s Domain earlier, but there’s another post from a fan who found his way through the Treasure Goblin’s portal… and he was only level 5! That’s either amazing or terrible luck, but it’s not like you can hang up some sign, “don’t want Greed now, save it for when I’m level 70.” Though I wish you could, in the same way you could turn off legendary drops from level 60-70 and save them for when you hit max level. (For instance, just last night I was playing a level 66 Monk while the PTR client downloaded, and I found a ThunderFury.)

    Hi guys, just downloaded the ptr ,and made a level 1 witch doctor. I did the first couple of quests and killed a treasure goblin,then i notice theres a yellow portal, So i click on it and im transprted to a zone called the treasure realm. There are mobs there and tons of treasure that you break and gold pops up,i managed to get 480,000 gold from there. Pretty awsome place.

    Here are the screens, and note how big the gold stacks are! Lots of them are 2000-5000… and the WD is level 5 and only playing on Hard difficulty! What would your normal gold stacks be at that level? Like 10-30? The guy said he picked up nearly 500,000 gold in just a few minutes, and he got disconnected before he killed Greed and opened the final mega-golden chest.

    The last 2 shots show Greed, so again, spoiler warning.

    I played a couple of hours late night and had no luck finding my own portal to Greed. In fact, it seemed to me and to HolyKnight that Goblins were a lot less common than in the live game. Obviously that’s impossible to say for sure without a lot more play time, but I did 6 rifts and some miscellaneous bounties and only saw about 4 goblins total, which was well below what I’d have expected from Live.

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