Blizzard announces new game called Overwatch


This is not Diablo 3 news but it’s important. Blizzard has announced  a new franchise and title called Overwatch. The game is a team based shooter featuring an all-new cast of Blizzard characters.

The man in charge of the development is Jeff Kaplan and it’s due for release next year. The game looks fast and furious and it shares some similarities with Team Fortress 2 but has its own unique Blizzard style as you’d expect.

The official website is now live with beta sign-ups and the trailers are also up on IncGamers.

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  1. Is this Titan? I've been following what's up and coming and I don't recall anything about a new game.

    • Titan was supposed to be MMO but was cancelled (they announced it some time ago). But instead they made Overwatch I guess (maybe it evolved from Titan). And no, they didn't say anything, anywhere about Overwatch before.

    • There were speculations around a few months ago when Blizzard was registering trademark and domains, though these were far off, as we know now. Afair the conclusion then was akin to Overwatch being tied to expansions of the already existing universes, perhaps even the first planned expansions for Hearthstone or the yet to release Heroes of Nevereth already in the making. So no, no ties to Titan. (Except perhaps in the way Namik speaks of…)

  2. No, Titan was cancelled.

  3. Yes, I know they announced Titan was cancelled. I'm speculating if the cancellation was a ruse. Overwatch seems to be quite far along by Blizz standards.

  4. The setting and style seem too similar to the Titan rumors. This definitely looks like a stripped down, non-MMO version of what Titan may have been. Again, that's just going by the rumors of what Titan was, which most people never saw.

    The trailer was stupid, and doesn't seem to match the "mood" of the game. Gameplay looks pretty good, but in my old age, I'm pretty much over MOBAs and Shooters, aka, what this game is. Feels free to play/micro-transaction, too, just like Heroes of the Storm.

    • That was exactly my first impression as well. It would make sense for them to "pick up the pieces", so to speak, and reuse the assets on the failed project to save money if they wanted to push it into another to make up their losses. I'm just surprised they announced a new franchise at all, especially a shooter which Blizzard isn't exactly known for. I'm just a tad bit concerned that this is supposed to release next year and that Titan was cancelled so soon prior to this game's announcement.

  5. Hey Blizzard, some of us don't want to play games with other people.

    Oh, well, whatever. You'll get the SC2 moneys out of me for single-player, and I've gladly bought D3 and RoS, but the more of this online freemium forced multiplayer shovelware you churn out, the more of my leisure money I'm going to allocate elsewhere.

  6. Overwatch is a remnant of the PvP portion of Titan.

    This has been confirmed by Metzen.

  7. mmm interesting. I knew it was coming but not what it was or that it was coming at this Blizzcon.

  8. yeh, I liked Team Fortress 2.

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