crafting_hellfire_amuletBlizzard has broken their silence on the Hellfire Amulet exploit and posted news of a fix coming up, along with punishment for exploiters. Blizzard Announces Hellfire Amulet Exploit Fix:

    We’re currently working on a number of hotfixes to address an exploit that allows players to equip more than one passive from multiple Hellfire Amulets. While we don’t have an ETA for the final round of these fixes, we’re looking to implement those that address the underlying bug as soon as possible in all gameplay regions and will be sure to update the hotfix thread once they are live.

    We’re also investigating accounts which have been found to be actively using this exploit to gain an unfair advantage and account actions will be taken accordingly. This behavior not only undermines the spirit of fair play, but directly violates our in-game policies for Diablo III. It is important to us to continue maintaining a stable, safe, and enjoyable online environment for all legitimate players. This is an ongoing investigation, and we’ll be continuing to monitor Battle.net and will take additional action as needed.

    In the meantime, we encourage everyone to game responsibly. Not only can using exploits lead to account penalties, but it can negatively impact the enjoyment of your fellow players. We’re working as quickly as we can to fix the underlying issue, and we’d appreciate your help in keeping the effects of this exploit as minimal as possible until it’s removed from the game.

    For more information on how to report exploitative behavior, click here. For questions regarding account actions, please refer to our Account Administration.

    Good to know a fix is on the way, and retribution for those who have “actively” abused it. Would you guys liked to have seen faster action and some sort of quick fix on this? Blizzard could have frozen the Leaderboards so no one would run up any higher GR scores. Or perhaps stopped the exploit by disabling the passive skill function of Hellfire Amulets? (Or just removed durability from amulets, or made all amulets indestructible?)

    Obviously that sort of global action would inconvenience everyone, even players who weren’t using the cheat, but would it be worth the disruption to prevent cheaters from prospering? Or do you not really care if other people are cheating since it’s not a PvP game, and other players cheating to get stronger doesn’t impact you directly, unless you’re competing for rank on the Leaderboards…

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