Now Ancients get a {{double bracket}}.

    Now Ancients get a {{double bracket}}.

    Collection of useful Blue info and answers about new patch stuff. Blizzard Adds Patch 2.3.0 PTR Info:

    As the PTR is currently still running Season 3, the following Patch 2.3.0 Season 4 exclusive items will not be dropping until we roll over to Season 4.

  • The Demon’s Demise (Demon Hunter 1-Hand X-bow)
  • Lion’s Claw (Monk Fist Weapon)
  • Sacred Harness (Crusader Belt)
  • Dishonored Legacy (Barbarian 1-Hand Mighty Weapon)
  • Fazula’s Improbable Chain (Wizard Belt)
  • Henri’s Perquisition (Witch Doctor Mojo)
  • Bane of the Stricken (Gem)
  • We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and we’ll keep you updated as the PTR Season rollover draws nearer.

    I lost nearly all of my gem recipes on my level 12 crafter, and repair costs are in the millions….. Why?
    Tyvalir: Hey guys, just wanted to confirm that repair costs being too high for items socketed with gems on the PTR is a known issue. Many thanks to those who reported this!

    Reforge can turn your item into Ancient
    John Yang: The chance to reforge a legendary item into an Ancient version is 10% – same as the chance a legendary will be Ancient when it is crafted or obtained from Kadala.

    R E M O V E – T R I A L S

    just remove them already, so many players are asking for that.
    John Yang: The Realm of Trials has been removed from the game.

    That last thread was 3 months old, so you know John Yang was just waiting for this patch to go live so he could blow up that “mic drop” moment.

    There are a bunch of known issues as well; click through for the full list of those.


  • The current build deployed the Public Test Realm cannot be launched on Mac systems
  • Items

  • Repair costs are currently being greatly inflated by items containing socketed gems
  • Season Journey

  • This feature is not intended to be available until the start of Season 4
  • Note: Since the PTR is currently set up in Season 3, please disregard any issues you encounter that are related to the Season Journey feature until Season 4 starts. We will be announcing the start date of Season 4 on the PTR soon!
  • Crafting

  • Certain crafted items may be created with a higher required level than what is indicated on the crafting UI
  • Multiplayer

  • In multiplayer games, only one player will receive a bonus cache for completing all bounties in the bonus act
  • Social

  • The friends list does not dynamically update when friends are added or removed
  • Note: Logging out of and back into the game will force the friends list to refresh and pick up any changes
  • Lots going on with the patch and everyone’s trying to get on for some testing. Therefore queues are very long. Patience when trying to create, and it’s usually faster to join a game. Or join a clan and then join games clan mates have open. Our “Diinet PTR” clan is open to all, hardcore or softcore, until we hit the 150 limit.

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