Blizzard Adds Items

The latest update to the official Diablo 3 site is their items section which gives a good list of everything you can expect to find in the game. As items are a key component to the game, not every thing is given away on the item listings and it’s fun to look through the higher level items before the game actually hits release.

Azzure has also posted his take on the items over on Diablo3Markets from an economy point of view.

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    60 thoughts on “Blizzard Adds Items

    1. I know it’s premature to say this as things might change, but the legendary items all look quite boring. The random modifiers could spice things up a bit especially on the high-level gear, but overall, nothing quite as impressive as in D2. I know D2 =/= D3 and that the developers don’t WANT gear slots to be dominated by legendary items, just saying, I had kind of expected something more exciting.
      Definitely cool to see items like Magefist returning, though!

    2. Interesting how the returning sets are all nerfed (number-wise) to scale with Diablo III’s spreadsheet progression. I like how the Tal Rasha belt still maintains its glorious purple hue.

      Edit: on closer inspection, these suck! They completely killed off the identities of Diablo I and II items in 3 by just giving random affixes to them, so they’re just adding these for the sake of nostalgia in name only. Seriously, Magefist is known for increased casting rate, Frostburn for increased resources, yet in D3 Frostburn has MORE increased casting rate than Magefist and no resource bonus. Same goes for every other piece of returning gear.

      • Yeah, I really hope these are temp stats in most cases. Unimpressive, generic, no real progression or innovation from the returning items, etc.


    3. Looks like there are followers items with a minimum level of 53, I thought they would be useless after Normal.

      I hope they can help us later in Nightmare and Hell, it would be awesome!

    4. Um didnt they say that there would be a progression of weapons and armour from 1 to 18 without any repeated models? Just had a look at the axes and they repeat ala d2 style with the same 7 models repeated 3 times as in normal, exceptional and elite. Is it just the armour sets that are unique?

      • I could be entirely mistaken, but it looks like there’s still a lot of placeholder artwork in the items.
        There are 18 (16?) distinct tiers for each class (for example a leather hood will look entirely different for each class when it’s in their inventory), but perhaps the generic artwork repeats since it’s never seen in game?
        That’s my assumption at this point anyways.

        • Yeah had a bit of a further look and thought that there was definetely some placeholding going on, lets hope thats the case, although looking at the helms everything past the casque looks ridiculous.

      • from what I´ve seen all normal (common or whatever they´re called versions of items) have unique models, the problem is there are 12/13/15/17 different types of chest piece/helms/gloves/… and Blizz said there are 18 tiers, so we´ll have to see. And all class unique items have recycled looks (at least right now) in each difficulty ala D2. Most crafted and legenderies also share models (again, right now they do but it could change in the final game) but there are couple of legenderies and crafted with unique models. One in particular I noticed is the Wall of Bones, legendary quality crafted shield with amazing art and excellent stats (considering it´s ilvl.23.

        Also, I agree with HardRock, legenderies have awesome names.

      • Woohaa!!!  I was hoping they would put this in!  Thanks for pointing this out!   I would have totaly missed it!

    5. Wow, seriously Blizzard? Bloodletter 1-handed sword AND a ceremonial knife. Why use the same name? Ol’ Big Blue made a boo-boo.

    6. Did anyone else notice how there are NO items with +skills of any kind? From what I’ve seen so far anyway…

      • Yeah I noticed that too…then realized that no skills have any level in Diablo 3, so a +1 to Wizard skills doesn’t really have any meaning. Probably the closest things are bonuses to specific class damage and/or recovery or character resource (such as +10 Hatred per critical hit…etc.).

    7. There are indeed still a lot of place holder images (take a look at the unique legendary bows) but some good looking stuff. I’m a bit turned off that they’re following the same item rank progression from Diablo II, essentially recycling all the normal difficulty item images for the higher difficulties. Still, it looks like a lot of the legendary items do have custom artwork so that’s a little bit encouraging.
      One thing that really caught my eye was the potency of the high level health potions – the highest level Mythic Health Potion (lvl 57) restores 8000 life! One can only start guessing the damage critters in Inferno mode will be dishing out…2-3K in one hit? Definitely put the Barb in front! 😀

    8. extremelly disappointed. unique items sharing the short sword models, modifiers very similar to wow (huge stats bonuses), boring.

      • Sadly, I must agree.
        There’s nothing interesting… all the items are so plain, stat-wise. In D2 there were things like Open Wounds, Crushing Blow, OSkill items, etc.
        Also, I think the random properties on Legendary items are gonna be painful more often than not. I know theres no +1 light radius, but imagine finding a Windforce w/ +1 light radius. Ouch.

        • They used up all the dev time to design pants and bracers…
          Also: Thumbs up for Pigpimple’s Crucio (Legendary Wand)!

        • I don’t know about you, but Harry Potter references were TOTALLY AT THE TOP of my wishlist for Diablo 3.

    9. No Arkaines Valor, No Veil of Steel & NO SHAKO!!! 🙁 & other returning items are only returning in NAME ONLY…
      Stats seems boring, like there is only a small pool to choose from.

      Art better be placeholder. Disappointing…

    10. OOoohhh, I nearly overlooked this:
      Runestone artwork, tiers, and levels! Notice @ the bottom: Unattuned runes. I don’t think they’ve settled on the mechanics of these babies, but if anyone knows, enlighten me.
      Also, does anyone else think that runes ranked 5 and 6 lined in gold, then rank 7 have no gold is kinda… goofy? Seems like they’d have more gold since the lower levels had none… oh, and ranks 3 and 5 are mildly cracked while rank 1 is busted to shit, lol.

      • So the plan was (is) to have every runestone that drops be unattuned.  Then when you place it in a skill, it randomly picks one of the 5 types, and randomly picks an affix.  Also it becomes attuned to that skill.
        For example.  You find magic unattuned rune rank 5.  You throw it in magic missiles.  Bam, Alabaster Magic Missile Rune of the Lion.  Can only be used in magic missile from now on, and it has the alabaster effect. Also +5 attack from the lion suffix.

        • This would make character builds completely random, until you’ll have several runes per skill. Probably that’s intentional, as it will force people to have more stable builds. I hope Blizzard QA is strong enough to make sure this works.

    11. i luuuurrrrvv looking at item names and images 😀 can’t wait to find ’em all!

      sash doesn’t look very sashy to me.

    12. So is that it? Legendary items do not look legendary, actually some of the normal level 5 swords look exactly like high level legendary sword! Blizzard is working on this game since 6 years for this? What a disappointment

    13. Like: lots of throwbacks to D2 uniques.  Set items are a separate type again.
      Dislike: Where’s the creativity?  Where’s the legendary item only affixes?  Almost every affix I’ve seen on a legendary I’ve seen on a magic item in beta.  +random mods?  Save it for crafted and rares please, I want to know what i’m getting on my legendaries.  Lack of random properties is one of the major things that separates legendaries from rares & crafts & normals.

    14. this cannot be all of the items……..
      i thought there will be extra stuff in the inferno difficulty……….. those high level(60 level) stuff seems a bit lacking considering there is a whole difficulty to beat.
      Set items are also quite lacking…….. are there no low level sets?

      • i think its work in progress.
        same as the skills: i just saw they changed gold vault and obsidian MfD. + many of the DH skills can GENERATE hatred now

    15. Lack of low-level set items is quite understandable. They never worked well – by the time you had a et it become useless. And you usually wouldn’t bother collecting sets through shared stash and exchange if the set has very limited time of usefulness.

    16. can someone tell me what “+ random mod” means?
      1. list of all possible mods
      2. maximum +attack/+defense/… that i can get with this. + is it different for every item?



      that means we dont have to see our %[4³$&[email protected] shoulderpads!! and if u dont like ur helm u can dye it invsible!

      on the other side: no need for invisible dye if there d be more gear that u DONT HATE. its not lookin as if i could choose between a wow armor and a realistic armor without building my skills around it. : (

      + u cant dye ur armor (unless u want to fight in your bra –  which no serious player will)
      + its unrealistic! magic = ok. but invisible dye = unrealistic (even in a magic universe)

      • some legendary items seems to be overpowered. like maras kaleidoscope. up to 271% more damage for wizards. does that count for all kind of damage a wizard is doing?

    18. Insane damage increase posibilities for wizards. With the right items damage increase of 1000% is possible. Also with the random properties insane defense totals are possible, some armors pieces have +700 def , combined with +100% defense attr, you have 7000 def armor piece (if it calculates that way)

        • Not really.
          1. There is no PvP outside the Arena. Unless there are hacks, PKs should be a thing of the past.
          2. Getting this kind of damage bonuses requires high end Inferno items with near perfect stats. A few of those have pretty random stats (like the 131-271% damage bonus on Mara’s).
          3. It’s hardly a problem based on the Wizard items. Other classes have powerful high end items, too. The best Barb weapons deal like 300+ damage per attack, much more than most wizard spells. Also, the items of the other classes often have stats like +attack or +to all stats which in turn increase all damage, too.
          Depending how you look at it, +1000% damage is either nothing special or extremely hard to obtain.

          • Actually, +1,000% dmg is nothing special. All classes get their dmg now from Attack and Attacks is calculated Att=% dmg increase. That means if you have 50 Attack (regardless of class) you´ll have +50% dmg increase. End game chars with full Inferno gear should 1,000 or more Attack, which means 1,000% or more damage increase.

    19. Overall I liked the items. I admit I dislike the repetition of gear, just like D2 had, and the sets and legendaries still did not seem to have truly special stuff in them, like different visuals in sets, or special atributes in legendaries… are they keeping this for the Xpac?

      Great things to notice:
      _There is a cost for combining Gems (50gold). Do the math and Perfect Star Gem cost like a million!
      _There are unnatuned runes. This sounded weird when Jay explained, let’s see if it will feel good.
      _Scrolls of reforging random properties: This will be very useful mid game
      _Only runes lvl 1 an 2 in a normal run? Talk about not “feeling awesome” huh:?:
      _ I did not saw the Elixirs anywhere, are they still in?
      _ Maybe I just did not noticed, but lots of the 25 gear pieces datamined could not be found there…

    20. super boring. some items i wont even care to use. scroll of reforging? haha they couldn’t make desirable items so they threw in that and the vanishing dyes.

      they really really need to revamp their item mods.  soooooooo boring i want to cry.

    21. The items just generally feel like they’re basing it all on Diablo 1 or perhaps 2 at release.  Which is what they’ve said, I know, but it just seems so wrong to ignore a decade of making D2 better and better.  It’s very depressing to see endgame gear be just beginner gear with higher numbers.
      And I’m sure it’s been argued to death already, but I’ll say it again: I haaate magic find (and gold find, and +experience).  It would work if it was somehow a separate thing, like necklace slots let you choose magic find or other item generation properties, but as it is, you’ll just find the biggest MF item and that’s it.  Screw being powerful.  The game it about finding items, especially with Inferno mode: there is never a point where you don’t want the highest chance to find good items.  So you’ll end up doing what many of us did in Diablo 2: store your “primary” gearset, untouched and ready for some rainy day that never happens, and run around in mismatched crap just for the MF rating.

    22. Very disappointed with the creativity of the items. Permutations on the same base 5 or 6 attributes does not lead to diversity of character builds and customization. What happened to Diablo style weapons that could have any number of crazy effects? Feeling sad about the WoWification of Diablo 3’s items, oh wait, even WoW’s items were more interesting…

    23.  To clearify issue of low damage on items. So you´re playing in Inferno and a sword drops. But, the sword only has 100 dmg, you think whats this crappy item doing in Infero, or why is dmg in D3 so low. Well, it´s actually not, it just requires you to do some math (which is something they said they´ll correct). Your weapon´s damage (i.e. weapon damage) is boosted by your attack in 1 on 1 conversion. So, late Hell, early Inferno chars should have around 1,000 Attack (based of off that screenshot of Clvl. 60 female Barbarian´s character sheet) which translates to +1,000% damage bonus. Which means that you actually have 1000 weapon damage. And then, that is further boosted by skills and abilities. So, a Wizard with 400 weapon damage, and 1000 Attack would deal 39,600 damage with Meteor (400 * 10 (+1000%) * 9.9 (Meteor deals 990% of weapons damage, which would be 4,000 in this case) = 39,600 damage from a single Meteor. Now, I don´t really know how much health we´ll have in full Inferno gear, but I do believe that should be enough to one shot anything short of a Act Boss.

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