Blizzard Addresses Diablo 3 Latency and Log In Issues

Many fans had trouble logging on or creating games last night and today, and in a couple of threads Blizzard addresses Diablo 3 Latency and log in issues, which happily now seem to be (mostly) rectified.

Game creation should now be back to normal for most players. Thank you everyone for you reports today!

For players are who are still encountering latency, what kind of latency is it exactly?

  • Are you experiencing latency when you create or join a game?
  • Are you experiencing latency when you loot an item?
  • Are you experiencing latency when using movement-based skills (rubberbanding)?
  • Are you experiencing latency whenever combining items or item stacks?
  • Are you experiencing latency whenever loading into a new area or cut-scene?
  • Please list all that apply. If you’re experiencing latency during an action not listed above, please call it out.

    In addition, can you please also include where you’re playing from (country/province and/or city)? It’s possible this may be an ISP issue, but we don’t want to rule anything out just yet.

    impossibruFreaking game is unplayable and they ask what kind of latency?
    Not all players are experiencing latency. As a result, this means it’s not a global issue (i.e. something affecting everyone who logs in) and will require more troubleshooting to identify the exact cause. This is what we’re doing by asking for the kind of latency you’re experiencing, where you’re playing from, and what ISP you’re using. The additional information provides us a clearer, more accurate understanding of what’s happening, particularly in situations where not all players are having problems and where we’re unable to replicate the scenario internally.

    For some players, it seems that the increased latency may due to an issue with a specific ISP. (This may be something that’s out of hands, but we’re still seeing what we can do.) For others not on the same ISP, we’re still troubleshooting. Latency isn’t a binary kind of thing and can be caused by a litany of different sources. The extra info you all are providing in response to my questions certainly help. 🙂

    I only noticed this reading the blue tracker since I had zero trouble logging on or playing yesterday or today, whether I was logging onto US or EU realms. There were plenty of others in the clan on both servers playing fine, so clearly this wasn’t a universal thing… but for those who were affected, it was a show-stopper.

    Click through for some more Blues on this tech problems issue.

    I am aware these issues take time to resolve, just don’t like the idea of you guys trying to blame someone else so it can be out of your hands.
    Given that we’re looking into the reports from our end (not dismissing them) and reaching out to Bell, it’s both unfair and inaccurate to say we’re trying to pass the buck. I was just being transparent and very up front about the fact that there are some situations where we’re unable to assist with ISP-based or -related issues. Hopefully, this isn’t one of them and we can get that high latency for Bell users* resolved sooner rather than later.

    *As noted previously, we’re still troubleshooting possible causes of high latency for non-Bell users, too. Please keep providing your answers to my previous questions, as this can help quite a bit!

    What broke this time?
    In a nutshell, server load. We’ve made some adjustments to help reduce that load as well as implemented new code that will ideally prevent this same scenario from happening again.

    Blizzard tells the players to do a tracert and pathping because apparently it’s all the players fault. LOL
    As noted in another thread, by asking for trace routes, we’re not placing blame on the user, we’re simply attempting to better diagnose a problem so that we can help resolve it. Think of it like when a doctor asks for medical history or even day-to-day habits. That additional context can be key in identifying and treating an

    **UPDATE** 3/14 @ 11:20 pm PDT We continuing to investigate reports of high latency and appreciate your ongoing feedback (as well as the additional information you’ve shared in response to this post). We don’t have have an ETA on which this issue may be resolved for all palyers, but it remains a priority for us at this time and we’ll continue to provide updates as they become available.


    **UPDATE** 3/14 @ 5:53 pm PDT – Game creation issues should now be resolved for most players; however, if you are still experiencing in-game latency, we’d appreciate the additional information requested here:


    **UPDATE** 3/14 @ 4:35 pm PDT – We are receiving reports that players are able to get back into the game. Although it will not be necessary to collect further trace routes at this time, we do ask that you specifically call out whether you are able to access the game, create a game, or join in an existing one. Thank you!


    **UPDATE** 3/14 @ 3:25 pm PDT – We’re aware that many players have reported having lost connection to their current games and this is being investigated along with the previous reports in this thread.


    **UPDATE** 3/14 @ 11:45am PDT – Hi all, If you are continuing to experience the issue with creating a game, please run a Trace Route to the following address and post that information here. Thank you!


    **UPDATE** 3/13 @ 11:25pm PDT – We believe we identified the primary source of the issue affecting game creation, as well as the ability to join existing games. We’ve implemented a fix in the last few minutes and believe that players should now be able to create and join new games without any problems.

    We’d love for players to log back in and give this a test; if you continue to experience difficulty creating/joining games, please let us know.

    An important note, though: Due to the nature of this specific issue, some players may unable to join existing games (games that were created before we resolved the issue). However, you shouldn’t have any issues creating new games.


    **UPDATE** 3/13 @ 8:10pm PDT – Thanks for your reports! We’re continuing to investigate server issues based on your feedback and hope to have a resolution soon. As more updates become available, we’ll provide them here.


    **UPDATE** 3/13 @ 6:55pm PDT – Please retest at your convenience and let us know if you still have any difficulties creating games, or experience severe latency. Please be aware that as we are continuing to address the issue, it may yet take a bit longer before this has cleared up for everyone.


    **UPDATE** 3/13 @ 6:40pm PDT – We have identified the issue and are currently working to resolve it. We’ll be sure to update the post as soon as we have more information to provide. Thanks again for hanging in there!


    Greetings Adventurers,

    We’re currently investigating reports in the North American region concerning players being unable to create new games, and also reports regarding general latency.

    The blue threads are fairly tedious reading, aside from the occasionally amusement provided by various armchair tech experts. I do enjoy when players who probably need 3 tries to plug in a USB cable have all the Internet solutions. My fave was a guy who screamed about the connection issues and then linked to his model of computer on… I picture him in 10 years, sitting in a fast car while stuck in gridlock and calling 911 to scream about how he can do zero to sixty in 5 seconds, and why being stuck in traffic is therefore improssibru. (The meme image above is for him.)

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    13 thoughts on “Blizzard Addresses Diablo 3 Latency and Log In Issues

    1. News like this makes me glad I didn’t take the day/week off for the launch of RoS. If the game is dying under server load, I’m afraid the launch won’t be very smooth.

    2. QUOTE

      News like this makes me glad I didn't take the day/week off for the launch of RoS. If the game is dying under server load, I'm afraid the launch won't be very smooth.

      Please share. Blizzard hasn’t been able to replicate the problems some people have been encountering so what have you found to be the cause?

      • I haven’t a lot of lag on EU, but I did suffer from a 13 hour maintenance period needed to install a small patch. And if this problem is related to server load, I’m wondering how the servers will hold under the influx of new players who bought RoS.

        Stuff like that doesn’t really make me feel confident we’ll see a smooth launch.

      • “what have you found to be the cause?”

        Ever since 2.0 clan members and I have consistent 200ms+ latency at peak hours (starting at around 7 PM), instead of the normal 50ms. Imagine what will happen at the RoS launch, if their servers can’t handle the increased load just after a patch.

    3. Yeah, it does seem to be peak hours. For me, it’s on the weekend for the most part, with rubberbanding and long lag times, sometimes ending with a disconnection. I think I am in the heart of the issue, in Chicago and with AT&T. But I thought I had read that the Chicago thing was no longer an issue? That true?

    4. I had terrible spikey latency lately as well, but yesterday I changed ISP’s and it completely resolved my issues. It was still higher than it probably should be (~250) but my lag spikes disappeared.

      So I think there could be some truth to the claim that it is specific to certain types of ISP.

    5. I experienced some pretty bad latency two days ago, but that was it. Yesterday was fine again.

      Two days ago, latency for me seemed to be all over the place while playing. It would be up, then down, then back up and seem to fluctuate wildly. I happened to be farming for infernal machine keys, so I also experienced periods of not being able to start a game at all.

      On the bright side, however, I had collected enough keys to build 13 infernal machines and decided to go ahead and see if I couldn’t get any hellfire rings out of it. (Not the best time to even think about doing that, I know, I know!)

      I decided to play on torment I, so my paragon 90 wizard wouldn’t be very squishy at all. Latency caused a lot of rubberbanding, lag, misfires, and periods of time in which my avatar or enemies would just stand around for several seconds. I also didn’t expect much of a drop from that level of torment either.

      Within the first 4 infernal machines I played, I had collected 1 of each hellfire ring ingredient!! The last ingredient was funny. I got the drop, but my avatar was stuck in place. The game seemed to let me move around for a second, then snap me right back in place – and I could see the last ingredient right there, but out of my reach! Memories of Flux’s latency horror stories flooded my mind. I decided to wait a little while and see if the game would catch up to where I was and let me walk over and pick it up. I could still use all my skills, so what I finally ended up doing was change to teleport and teleported right on top of it. That must have fixed whatever had me stuck and I was able to get it.

      I don’t know about other people’s experiences, but getting a hellfire ring that easily seems extremely lucky. I was almost suspicious that the latency issue had something to do with it. Out of the remaining 9 machines I used, I only ended up with two other ingredients.

      So, yeah, that was a pretty crazy night. 🙂

    6. I have reset my modem. Repeatedly. Cleared my DNS. Ran traceroutes, etc. It’s completely on blizzard’s end, and I can’t play Diablo 3 at all due to the horrible lag, consistent latency, and rubberbanding. It’s just the most jerky, bouncy, slow, and unresponsive, pause-while-your-immobile-toon-dies crap i’ve experienced to date on this game. Shoot me.

    7. url=]Leatrix Latency Fix[/url]. I do not know if it will work for everyone, but it seems to have worked for me. At least for yesterday. Make sure to read all the directions. I or Incgamers take no responsibi
      Guys, I tried a latency add on that was made for WoW. I installed it yesterday. Not sure how it works, but yesterday something made the game playable for me. I had very little in spikes and was never disconnected. That, after 2 weeks of unplayable conditions. It’s called

      Leatrix Latency Fix

      . I do not know if it will work for everyone, but it seems to have worked for me. At least for yesterday. Make sure to read all the directions. I or Incgamers take no responsibility for what happens. But like I said, it seems to have worked for me. More testing needed…..

    8. I had rubberbanding issues like mad on the evening of 3/14. It lasted for about an hour and then automagically cleared up on its own. I didn’t bother reporting it to Blizzard because I figured everyone else was.

      Did get pretty annoying to have my Monk just standing there for 3-4 seconds and then bounce back to where I had been standing 5 seconds before. Luckily I didn’t get dropped out of the game and didn’t lose any loot from it. I look forward to the server issues when RoS comes out, Blizzard will get bashed again from all the people wanting to play single-player who can’t because they can’t get logged in to the overloaded servers. Hopefully they have the servers split, I won’t be picking up the “expansion” (more of an overpriced DLC) until it goes on sale for sub-$20. Hopefully by then the server overload will have cleared out a bit.

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