IncGamers.com reports that the investment firm Lazard Capital Markets has named Activision Blizzard as the top technology pick for 2009, beating out Broadcom, Cisco Systems and McAfee.

    This is no surprise with WoW’s success and two top games in the pipeline (StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3, obviously), Acti-Blizzard will be quite a safe bet. As DiabloWikiMike Morhaime has said on several occasions, you get a lot of entertainment for a small penny with video games, and it’s likely the last thing people will stop buying. Replacing cinema and concerts with WoW is good for your economy, and still a social experience.

    This is obviously not Blizzard’s credit alone, but Activision’s lineup as well and since the two companies are now merged, the new Acti-Blizzard is a very good choice for investment.

    In addition, we believe a robust product road map along with tight expense controls in a stable videogame industry provide visibility for earnings growth in 2009.

    Full article here.

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