Blizzard and cheat maker Bossland have been battling in the courts for some time and now Blizzard is seeking $8.5m in damages in the US courts.

    Blizzard has filed a default judgment (see court docs) in the US courts against Bossland. The default judgment is seeking $200 for every infringement inside the US which is estimated to be 42,818 infringements. Each infringement has a statutory damage value of $200 USD according to the court documents.

    Blizzard says that Bossland’s decision to default in this case is “a calculated and bad-faith tactic designed to shield its unlawful conduct from the reach of United States law.” The court document states:

    “The relief that Blizzard seeks in this motion is eminently reasonable and appropriate. It is limited only to those Bossland products that violate Blizzard’s rights, and is further limited only to conduct Bossland has committed or may commit in the future within the United States. With respect to monetary relief, Blizzard seeks only the minimum awardable statutory damages for violation of Section 1201 of the Copyright Act. It seeks such an award not to punish Bossland or obtain an unjustified windfall, but as a fair monetary award in lieu of actual damages, which are undoubtedly very large but are extremely difficult to precisely calculate, especially without the benefit of discovery. “

    Back in January Blizzard was successful in the German courts against Bossland who were ordered to cease selling Honorbuddy in Germany. Following the ruling, Bossland issued a statement saying they would move operation outside of Germany.

    Blizzard has been relentless at pursuing Bossland in the courts over the distribution of the Honorbuddy, Demonbuddy, Stormbuddy, Hearthbuddy, and Watchover Tyrant cheat tools. This latest court filing shows they are determined to put a stop to it.

    Thanks PC Invasion.

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