Blizzard celebrate 20 years of Diablo at Gamescom

Gamescom kicks off next week, and although there appears to be no Diablo announcements planned, Blizzard plan on celebrating 20 years of the franchise.

Visitors to the Blizzard booth will be able to play all three Diablo games and a 3D artist from the Diablo dev team will be creating a piece of artwork live on the Blizzard stage. Alternatively, you can sit at home and play all three Diablo games.

Other Blizard plans this year include:


  • The world premiere of the new Overwatch animated short, “The Last Bastion,” will be revealed on stage and via live stream on our Gamescom site at 18:00 CEST on Thursday, August 18
  • The Overwatch Atlantic Showdown tournament will take place from August 20-21 on the ESL Arena stage in Hall 9, pitting the top four teams from both North America and Europe against each other, with a $100,000 USD prize pool on the line

World of Warcraft

  • From August 18-21, the Legion Café will bring a recreation of The Fel Hammer to central Cologne to celebrate the upcoming launch of World of Warcraft’s latest expansion (see the blog post for details)
  • Visitors to the Blizzard booth will be able to try out the new Demon Hunter class in advance of the August 30 release of World of Warcraft: Legion
  • Two of the top World of Warcraft guilds will race against each other in Challenge Mode dungeons live on the Blizzard stage

Heroes of the Storm

  • Brawlmania will deliver an epic Heroes of the Storm showdown on the Blizzard stage throughout Gamescom, as six teams of influencers and pro players face off in themed showmatches (see the blog post for details)
  • The Heroes of the Storm Europe Fall Regional tournament will take place from August 17-19 on the ESL Arena stage, with the winning team moving on to compete for a piece of the $1,000,000 USD prize pool at the Fall Championship at BlizzCon


  • Professional card-slingers and community personalities will battle it out in exciting Hearthstone showmatches on the Blizzard stage


  • Professional StarCraft II players will clash in exciting live showmatches on the Blizzard stage

And More

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  1. Translation: Blizzard says: What’s Diablo?????

  2. hardly

    “Visitors to the Blizzard booth will be able to play all three Diablo games and a 3D artist from the Diablo dev team will be creating a piece of artwork live on the Blizzard stage.”

  3. with all the money blizzard has been making off of us, their grand prize should be $1,000,000,000.

  4. My speculation: 1.) D4 announcemnet at Blizzcon in November — 2.) The next big chunk of the cancelled D3X2 at gamescom, maybe patch 2.5 incl. a new class for free (like druid) — That should keep people interested for a while.

    • Considering that it is mid August and the job opening for “Game Director – Unannounced Project” is still open, I think it’s unlikely that they will announce D4 this year. But we may well see an announcement of the speculated D1/D2 HD Remake.

      • Note that Diablo 2 was announced with just a simple cinematic teaser trailer back in 1998 at E3 ( That said, it’s well posible that they announce a D1 and/or D2 HD remake for Diablo’s 20th anniversary – maybe we get both a D4 trailer and the HD remake(s) because D4 would still be years away. ^^

    • If you want something not happened, let’s nobbie speculate about it.

  5. Fastest selling PC game of all time, selling 6.3 million units in its first week.

    Second or third highest selling PC game ever, behind Minecraft which costs what? Like $20?

    I really don’t understand why Blizzard doesn’t do more with the franchise.

    • It’s not the fastest selling PC game anymore. Source:

      BTW, it’s not that hard to become the fastest selling, because the number of gamers goes up steadily. So if there are 10 top selling games which all reach (say) 50% of the gamer population, and one appears each year, then each one will set a new record.

    • Wy would they ?
      All the community does is whine , nagg and rage (over nothing)
      Its coz of those naggers there is almost nothing left to do !!
      Forget D4 for the next 20 years.And all this is the fault of those fucking idiot naggers who can not understand that D2 is not the same as D3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. All three diablo games playable could mean hd remastered games though! I hope some big news regarding 2.5

    • “hd remastered games”
      that’s exactly what it means

      there will be no D4 announced at Blizzcon, but we will get an updated graphics version of D1 and D2

      and they will both be moved to an updated multiplayer server to combat botting and duping

  7. That would be WAY better than d4 …. Would play the —- out of that!

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