Blizz Reveals the Diablo Pinata

No party is complete without the Diablo Pinata, the latest creation from the Blizzard merchandising team.

The Diablo Loot Pinata provides the same fun and excitement as traditional pinatas while also letting longtime Diablo players relive their epic battles with the Prime Evil. In place of candy, the Loot Pinata’s adorable shell is stuffed with fully functional replicas of iconic Diablo items* and artifacts. Parents will be delighted to know that instead of the empty calories and sugar rushes yielded by typical pinatas, their kids will be getting additional exercise while they re-enact their favorite Diablo moments, such as the burning of Tristram or the slaughter of the Zakarum priesthood, all while using authentic weaponry from the game. Related to this article
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1 thought on “Blizz Reveals the Diablo Pinata

  1. [QUOTE=Erwwwd;6419756]They change the gaming experience of others who haven’t asked for it. That’s the reason I think, and it seems a pretty convincing argument morally etc.

    Morally… Players killing players in games. Swear words being thrown left and right. Morality has little to nothing to do with video games, I’m afraid.

    If you dont like situations you consider to be wrong effecting you, by all means – play single player.

    – MrOzio

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