A fan on the EU forums repeated the common observation that the game looks way too easy. Zhydaris explained why.

    Normal difficulty is intentionally very easy. And this is especially true in the very first sections of the game. We want players to get used to the game, its mechanics, the hero they’re using, and so forth.

    Higher difficulty levels will be the real deal. Inferno is definitely not going to be a piece of cake. Tears will be shed. Lots of them. But the joy of overcoming these challenges will be huge indeed!

    A fan pointed out that Diablo III is going to be rated M, and wondered if that means more adult language and topics will be allowed in-game chat. A CM replied, LOL, GTFO, noob! Or words to that effect.

    In WoW, if we curse in chat, and someone reports us, (even though there is a Profanity Filter built into the UI) we can get suspended or banned. (Doesn’t have to be harassment or threatening either. Just any use of profanity that is reported by someone.) However, WoW is a T for Teen rated game.

    Does that mean in Diablo 3, which is “aiming” for an M-Rating, will allow us to use profanity in the party chat or chat channels without being suspended or banned?? (so long as it’s not harassment or threatening?)

    This is a reminder that all posts made on the Battle.net discussion forums must adhere to the Code of Conduct. This includes use of masked/unmasked inappropriate, obscene/vulgar language.


    It’s not clear that the CM actually read the message, since his link just applies to forum conduct, not in-game behavior, but it’s a safe bet that game will have similar rules. Check out the already-infamous D3 banned char name list if you want some idea of the restrictions Blizzard has in mind for us.

    A fan asked about DiabloWikiUber Diablo or other such quests in D3, and got a scolding of a history lesson from Bashiok.

    Uber Diablo was added in a patch years after the initial release, and the point of it was to sap SOJs from the economy. Which it technically did, but only by way of making people want to dupe more of them so they could summon Uber Diablo more often and get more DiabloWikiAnnihilus charms (which was the reward to make you want to turn in all your filthy duped DiabloWikiSoJs), and of course all that did was make Anni charms the more powerful currency.

    It was largely a failure in its intent, but yeah it added some cool content if you got lucky and he appeared in your game.

    Anyway, we’re not going to implement any content to pull duped items from the economy because we intend to attack that and any other hacks with our fully operational battle station.

    But as far as just adding in content through patches after the game releases, for sure. We don’t exactly know what that would be yet, though.

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