Bliz Posts on Allowed Language, Easy Gaming, and Content Patches

A fan on the EU forums repeated the common observation that the game looks way too easy. Zhydaris explained why.

Normal difficulty is intentionally very easy. And this is especially true in the very first sections of the game. We want players to get used to the game, its mechanics, the hero they’re using, and so forth.

Higher difficulty levels will be the real deal. Inferno is definitely not going to be a piece of cake. Tears will be shed. Lots of them. But the joy of overcoming these challenges will be huge indeed!

A fan pointed out that Diablo III is going to be rated M, and wondered if that means more adult language and topics will be allowed in-game chat. A CM replied, LOL, GTFO, noob! Or words to that effect.

In WoW, if we curse in chat, and someone reports us, (even though there is a Profanity Filter built into the UI) we can get suspended or banned. (Doesn’t have to be harassment or threatening either. Just any use of profanity that is reported by someone.) However, WoW is a T for Teen rated game.

Does that mean in Diablo 3, which is “aiming” for an M-Rating, will allow us to use profanity in the party chat or chat channels without being suspended or banned?? (so long as it’s not harassment or threatening?)

This is a reminder that all posts made on the discussion forums must adhere to the Code of Conduct. This includes use of masked/unmasked inappropriate, obscene/vulgar language.

It’s not clear that the CM actually read the message, since his link just applies to forum conduct, not in-game behavior, but it’s a safe bet that game will have similar rules. Check out the already-infamous D3 banned char name list if you want some idea of the restrictions Blizzard has in mind for us.

A fan asked about DiabloWikiUber Diablo or other such quests in D3, and got a scolding of a history lesson from Bashiok.

Uber Diablo was added in a patch years after the initial release, and the point of it was to sap SOJs from the economy. Which it technically did, but only by way of making people want to dupe more of them so they could summon Uber Diablo more often and get more DiabloWikiAnnihilus charms (which was the reward to make you want to turn in all your filthy duped DiabloWikiSoJs), and of course all that did was make Anni charms the more powerful currency.

It was largely a failure in its intent, but yeah it added some cool content if you got lucky and he appeared in your game.

Anyway, we’re not going to implement any content to pull duped items from the economy because we intend to attack that and any other hacks with our fully operational battle station.

But as far as just adding in content through patches after the game releases, for sure. We don’t exactly know what that would be yet, though.

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15 thoughts on “Bliz Posts on Allowed Language, Easy Gaming, and Content Patches

  1. I think it might be easier to learn the “mechanics” if you could at least pretend defensive skills were useful. “Oh look! I can blind monsters that don’t attack and die instantly!”

  2. Re: banned name list
    Yeah, forget all the blood and brains spattered everywhere; seeing another player running around with the player name “Bra” would surely start some impressionable kid on a downward spiral into depravity and debauchery, ending, of course, with meth-mouth (a name which, likely, will also end up on the banned list). I sincerely hope that the people making that list take a step back, at some point, and feel a bit of shame for taking it that far.

    • As a fan of some of the more “gritty” cable shows, it always amuses me how weird our censors are tuned. This last Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad, dude gets a head shot from a sniper, blood sprays all over the side of a truck. He slumps to the ground, and blood starts pooling all over the dirt. Then, at the end of the episode, Jesse drops an F bomb, and it’s censored out. Really? The F bomb is the problem? Not the gun shot, the blood, the implied hydrofluoric acid disintegration of the dead body? Yeah, gore is a-okay, no problems whatsoever. A boob or the F word are the worst things in the world.

      • First off, Breaking Bad is amazing and I haven’t missed an episode since it aired. Secondly I totally agree, most of the names on that list were pretty crude, but a lot of them were also just down right funny. What’s the worst that could happen from allowing the names? Some 13 year old kid decides to google a word because he’s never heard it before? Kids gotta learn what “Copulate” means sometime!

        In my opinion it’s just censorship for no good reason. If character names on a video game offend you, then you’re living a really sheltered life cause there’s much much worse out there than a dirty name.

  3. What I dont get is why do they feel they need to teach people how to play Diablo ? I mean if you haven’t figured it out by now….

    • They need to teach people to play Diablo because Diablo 3 is not aimed at the millions of people who played D2 years ago its aimed for the lowest common denominator wow kiddies who need their hand held.
      Yes I will still buy it but I don’t see myself playing for years and years like I did with Diablo 1 and 2.

      • @hosehed So you are going to finish normal and then stop? 😛

        P.S. I accidentaly “recommended” your post but there is no way to take ita back! 😀

    • The core basic of Diablo, most people know. The intent isn’t to teach people how to click to move or click to attack, its to get people used to the new skills, new features/mechanics such as artisans and how the outdoors/indoors are being done. Many things have changed since Diablo 2, the people who get into beta will have already gotten up to speed on these things but for the majority of us everything is still new, so we need a place to train, play around, and test things out.
      Also, its the first difficulty people, its not like whether its uber hard or EZ-mode will affect your opinion on the game. For us here, what matters most is what Hell/Inferno will be like, as thats the part of the game we’ll be playing the most. Having the first difficulty be EZ-mode just means we’ll get to the parts we want to play the most, sooner.

  4. This thing of making Normal a very easy playthrough is total BS. Even if you dont know this game’s play style and mechanics yet, the game is already accessible enough, no need to do this. The Beta streams show guys squashing everything on sight since level 2. I used to like being more cautious when fighting a moderate mob of zombies in D2… now you just toss 2 spells and run forward to the next mob, or else its not “awesome”.

    Yeah, sorry about the english and the rant, but I don’t think I’ll have the patience to do 4 playthrougs just to finally cry in inferno… with each char.

  5. I understand people want an unfiltered experience, but let me share my experience so far in the Path of Exile closed beta forums.  Any time I read about the MANY bugs that I and others are reporting, I see posts by handles such as
    a million variations of the name Anal, ala AnalCrusader, a million variations of the name Phuck, I won’t elaborate,  female and male body parts, and the list goes on and on in both the game and the forums
    Not cool when you are simply submitting a crash report, read up on things, or play the game.  Not cool since I was 13 years old and clueless.

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