Bliz Event Interview Bonanza

Bliz Event Interview Bonanza

The EU/US day at last weeks’ big Blizzard pre-beta media event included a lengthy presentation about Diablo III features in the Blizzard movie theater. That’s when a lot of the game features and characters were shown off, the new cinematics were previewed, DiabloWikiRob Pardo revealed the DiabloWikiAuction House, and DiabloWikiChris Metzen talked about lore and story, etc. That presentation is covered in every article about the event.

In addition to that main presentation, there were interviews. DiabloWikiJay Wilson sat for two group interviews in which every attendee was welcome to ask questions, plus there were a number of smaller, shorter, private interviews granted to various media outlets. Those have begun to pop up online over the past couple of days, and while I’d prefer to focus on each one in an individual news post/discussion, there’s just so much news breaking that we don’t have time. So here are the quick links, and I hope to return to these in the days to come, to focus more on particularly interesting bits of news and game content.

If you guys have seen any interviews that I missed, do add them in comments and I’ll update the post.

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    11 thoughts on “Bliz Event Interview Bonanza

    1. “I joined Blizzard in 2006, and that was the start of Diablo III’s development.”
      I guess the concept art dated 2004 meant nothing, despite looking very much like a few things already shown in the game.

    2. I have had Zero issues with the game till now, i live in a fraternity house with over 20 other guys and internet isn’t that god damn stable, its all wifi, its not bad but when over 20 people use it at the same time i will for surely get kicked off. So now they take out singleplayer offline mode, that’s just retarded. So when there’s downtime to the internet, which there’s always downtime/maintenance/outages, you cant play a game that you’ve patiently waited over 10 years for, i mean dude come the fuck on…

      • Wilson: If you completely drop? Your character could die, but we don’t have a case where the penalty for that is harsh, unless you’re playing a hardcore characters, in which case I wouldn’t do that with a bad connection.

    3. …That interview did with Leonard Boyarsky is painful to read. I couldn’t stop cringing while reading it. You have an interview with the ”World Designer” .ie story and lore guy and you spend a majority of the time asking him really esoteric questions about the game design and tech issues. He had to resort to giving one line answers the whole time.

      • I’ve got those cued up for a post later today. All the skill stuff from the presentations, plus new skills seen in the screenshots and gameplay movie.  Plus other stuffs.

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