Blizzard commented on several changed, undocumented features, and bugs in Diablo 3 today, with the difference in male vs. female barb Leap rate up first. We posted about this a couple of months ago when a fan made a video to documented the female leaping faster than the male Barbarian, and it’s become a bigger issue since RoS’ release.

    The animations between the male and female Barbarian for DiabloWikiLeap is something that’s been different for quite some time, since the original Diablo III release in fact. Of course, the difference wasn’t very noticeable as, at the time, you couldn’t Leap multiple times back to back.

    With the introduction of Lut Socks, this magnified the previously unnoticed difference, and we agreed that we needed to fix it to make sure both animations were completing at the same time and therefore performing equally. We do agree the fix went in the wrong direction, and as a result you’ll see a change in a future patch where both Barbarian genders will Leap at not only a faster pace than the current implementation, but faster than the original female animation.

    Elsewhere, crafting plans are dropping much more often than in the past, and this is not a bug.

    Grimiku: Yep! The patch notes specifically call out Legendary crafting plans having an increase in their drop rate, but it turns out that all of them were increased.

    Leveling up a Demon Hunter tonight on Europe (where I didn’t play any Hardcore until just a couple f months ago and therefore do not have many of the old yellow plans), I found one yellow plan from level 50-59. Then I hit 60 and found 5 yellow plans in about 5 minutes, including seeing one dropped by 4 straight bosses while working on a bounty in the Keep Level 2. And once I got to level 61… nada. Not one more yellow plan for that character all the way to 70 (though she found 2 of the new RoS legendary crafting plans shortly after hitting max level).

    So yes, plans are dropping much more than they were pre-patch, but I found that level 60 stretch curious. Obviously the old Diablo 3 rare crafting item plans were meant to be end-game, so they mostly dropped at level 60. But now in RoS no one is level 60 for more than a few minutes, so there are dozens of rare plans that you’ll never get. Unless you get a level 60 friend to make you a game and then sit in town, so you can run around scoring plans while the friend doesn’t level up, so the monsters stay at level 60 and plan-a-rific. (Not that you’ll ever craft one of those level 60 rare plans, but if you’re a completist who just has to have them…

    The RoS DiabloWikiHellfire Ring‘s lava lake proc effect is broken since the patch. That’s bad. Blizzard knows about it and is working on fixing it. That’s good.

    Just letting you know we are aware of this issue and we actually have a hotfix on its way out to you guys that should resolve this. Thanks for the reports!

    Molten looked awesome during development.

    Molten looked awesome during development.

    Danger, because some of the Elite Affix ground effects are overtuned in the new patch.

    Go near a Plagued or Desecrator pool and barely touch it, your hit points will drop faster than Hogan’s wrecking ball in custard.
    Grimiku:Some of the ground effects are doing too much damage currently, and we intend to tone them down. We don’t have an ETA to share yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

    This one I have not noticed, since I haven’t played much in the patch and when I did I was leveling a replacement Demon Hunter and erring to the side of caution/resistance, because Hardcore, because my only good twink was a 2300 DPS bow with a -26 level requirement which covered my damage and let me spend other gear for Toughness. How about the rest of you? Noticed the hotfoot effects feeling hotter?

    The OP doesn’t mention it, but Molten would be my worry for ground effects if it’s been buffed too. Desecrator and Plagued are 1) fairly easy to avoid, and 2) not very damaging to a character with good resistance and regen. Molten though, can be quite painful if it’s from an Elite + minions, and they’re racing around stacking up the flames, even aside from the death explosions.

    Update: The excessive DiabloWikiPlagued damage has been hotfixed.

    I have a little more information to share with all of you about this, so here we go. 🙂 Plagued was doing higher damage than we intended, and we found the error. The good news is that it was something that could be addressed in a hotfix, and we implemented that fix last night. So, at this time you should no longer be experiencing extra deadly plague pools, but your regularly scheduled deadly plague pools instead.

    Update #2: The Hellfire Ring proc doing no damage has also been hotfixed.

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