Blacksmith’s Legendary Plans Revealed

Blizzard has updated their official game guide with a bunch of new Blacksmith plans. The new additions are mostly his Legendary plans, which include numerous Item Sets, and quite a few individual items as well. Before you get too excited, note that these are just the names of the sets; no details about the items created, or the costs and materials are listed.

There are a handful of sets, all legendary, and a what looks like one legendary plan for every item type in the game. We know nothing about them at this point, but they have cool names including, Born’s Aegis Set, Cain’s Honor Set, Captain Crimson’s Attire Set, Aughild’s Treasured Set, Asheara’s Bindings Set, and the Guardian’s Regalia Set. Legendary items include Lai Yui’s Taiji, the Umbral Oath, the Wall of Bone, Deadeye, Pendergrasps, the Singularity, Black Bone Arrows, and more.

Also note that Blizzard has added three plans for the Staff of Herding, one each for Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. They do not list the ingredients required though, which you can see in the DiabloNut DB. (Spoilery.)

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24 thoughts on “Blacksmith’s Legendary Plans Revealed

    • Almost all of the these used to be on the game guide, yes. But for some reason, Blizzard removed most of the legendaries from the site a couple months ago, so I guess now a lot of the removed ones are returning as crafted items.

        • Not exactly… I know for a fact that the majority of those already had unique art but were removed. Off the top of my head, I can remember the icons for Cataclysm, Harvest Moon, Demon Hand, the Born, Cain, and Captain Crimson sets, Pendergasps, Umbral Oath, Wall of Bone, Unending War, The Magi, Singularity, Blood-magic Blade, Earthshatter, Fire Brand, Ruinstoke, Seven Seins, and Venomhusk. They were all unique icons.

  1. Obviously, you need the “fiery brimstone” material to make the legendary items. And I would assume you can only get it from breaking down legendary items you have no use for, or maybe from boss drops. Maybe chest drops as well with the MF buff! Will be interesting no doubt. And this is where all the money will be made initially on the RMAH. People wanting recipes and the mats to make them. We will be reading about some people or gold farming type companies making incredible amounts of money from these things within a few months!

    • It’s funny but this WAS the way that The Anvil of Fury was envisioned to work WAY back in the first Diablo. Crafting and cubing in D2 got closer to this concept and now we have this final tweak. Should be a fun and largely infinite enough process to entertain for years!

  2. so this might sound like a stupid question but do you find these like items or do you buy them from the blacksmith? im assuming you find them, but buying them for a lot of gold would be a good gold sink

    • The Blacksmith learns the vast majority of his plans from being leveled up, which you pay a lot of gold for. You don’t buy plans, at least not in the game (maybe in the AH) but It’s not now known how finding plans works into the game. In earlier versions around 50% of the plans had to be found, while the rest were learned by leveling up the smith. The ratio of found vs. training may change greatly in the final game, though.

      • i noticed that there were things that the blacksmith already knew by leveling up, but then there are these “plans” which are seperate.. so it must be an item you find?

        • I believe in the higher levels when the gear you craft starts getting really good, you will need pages and/or tomes in addition to the regular training costs.  If you go on the blacksmith page at Bnet there are already costs in gold/tomes/pages for leveling as well as costs for crafting which also require different tomes/pages.  The exacts could change on 5/15 but my guess is that it would be something on a similar path.  These tomes and pages of training are a commodity and will be valuable in the endgame.  keep them.  

        • Yes, there were findable plans in several of the beta patches. Early ones that the blacksmith usually already knew (since you’d trained him up a bit) but sometimes a higher level rare plan that he could not learn from training.  Bliz has long said that a lot of them will be things you must find; you give them to the artisans in town and they can then make those items. But how many there will be like that, and how rare they will be, isn’t yet known.

  3. I have a pic of the wall of bone on the gallery somewhere. It’s a nifty shield. (Edit: Nevermind, that was the lidless wall, unless they changed its name)

    Also of note is that two items, the black mushroom and the staff of herding, are account-bound (soul bound). You can drop them on the ground, and others can see them, but they can’t pick them up (like an item just purchased from the auction house). 

  4. The Legendary Recipes were there since September. The Game Guide hasn’t been updated.

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