One long-time bug with Diablo 3 weapons is that the “black” weapons, weapons that have +minimum and +maximum physical damage calculate their damage incorrectly, giving a bonus to DPS compared to the majority of weapons that have some sort of elemental damage. This bug was mentioned in one of the bullet points on the v1.07 known issues, setting off much player worry and debate about what would happen to existing weapons if this bug were suddenly fixed.

    MinMaxDam Affix is calculating the damage bonus on weapon incorrectly.

    There must have been debate amongst the developers since no reply was swiftly forthcoming, but now one has been made and it should reassure those concerned.

    We do our best to ensure that we alert the community in advance of game changes (just like we did for the Legendary Item Improvements), and in this particular case, I wanted to jump in to reassure everyone that “black weapons” (i.e. weapons with the MinMaxDamage Affix) are not going to be nerfed in patch 1.0.7, and we have no plans going forward to nerf them.

    Known Issues are just that, bugs that we know about. They are NOT necessarily bugs that are going to be fixed. The MinMaxDamage bug has been a bug known to us since July of last year, however, we did not want to fix a bug that would effectively nerf a large number of existing weapons. That’s why we did not fix the bug in any previous patch that we’ve released since the bug was found, nor are we fixing it in patch 1.0.7. Currently, the plan is that at such at time that we address the bug, the bug fix will only apply to newly created items, so as to not adversely affect existing items.

    I’m still curious though, in the hypothetical scenario that this bug is fixed, will it be a buff or a nerf? I think the theorycrafting folk would really appreciate clarification on what the expected proper behavior of the minmaxdam affix is.
    If and when we consider making adjustments to the MinMaxDamage affix (whether it be a bug fix or some other change), we’ll be sure to let you know in advance or otherwise provide as much warning as possible. We haven’t decided on anything yet, though, or really even discussed much in the way of possible changes. So, while I definitely admire theorycrafting and appreciate why you’re posting the hypothetical, there’s not a lot more clarity to provide other than what I’ve already given. It’d just be speculation at that point, and that’s not a very good role for me or any Community Manager to really serve.

    Players often point this out, but it’s very clear how the Auction House works to cement item features in place, giving the developers much less freedom to remark and rework and remodel their game world. We’ve seen much complaining about bugs being fixed that lower character skills, but at least those can be changed easily enough and didn’t cost millions of gold on the AH. If some whole class of weapons ever gets nerfed (or another class gets a huge buff and brings about devaluation of what’s currently great) there will be a far greater uproar.

    It’s going to be very interesting come D3X (or perhaps a big patch sooner then that) when we get new classes and acts and game features, and especially when entirely new ranks of items come in that blow all the current gear away. (I’m curious to see how much v1.07’s potentially-uber, DiabloWikiBoA crafting recipes cause the AH prices for Amulets and chest armor to drop.) Such changes will necessarily greatly devalue all current items, which doesn’t mean much if you just play for fun and want an opportunity to find newer and cooler stuff… but can be a real issue if you’ve paid a lot of RMAH for your gear, or have plans to sell gear and cash out.

    Are you guys eager for newer, bigger, better gear, or will you lament all your hard-won stuff becoming less effective and valuable, if only in comparison?

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