A Blue hopped into one of those “total despair over very incomplete knowledge” threads that the Diablo 3 community seems to produce like sh*t through a dysenterial goose. So how about some Truths of the Reaper of Souls Beta:

    What will be BoA in Reaper of Souls?

    According to a ticket question gold is only BoA on the RoS beta and will be tradable on Ros.
    Vaeflare: I just wanted to jump into this thread to clarify that the information contained within the ticket linked in this thread was factually incorrect. In the current Friends and Family Beta build of Reaper of Souls, a number of items including gold, Legendaries, and some gems and crafting materials are BoA. We’re still in the process of testing out how this impacts the game as a whole, so that these changes are not final, and may be subject to change as the game evolves.

    As the Beta progresses and Reaper of Souls draws closer to release, we will have more information for you concerning how things are shaping up in terms of what items are and are not planned to be BoA, but in the meantime, know that it’s still a work in progress, and we certainly appreciate your continued feedback on the subject. 🙂

    Gold trading disabled.

    Gold trading disabled.

    The Reaper of Souls beta allows limited legendary trading (two hours from the time you find it to people in the game with you) now, as an incentive to play with friends, but as the OP said, virtually everything else is binding, including gold. Which is annoying as you can’t even give a friend some gold; say they’re new to the game and you’ve been playing since May 2012 and have hundreds of millions and nothing to spend it on anymore (which means I was right, but more importantly, Azzure was wrong!!1!) and want to drop unto them some wealth for their self improvement via enchanting. You will not!

    And since you can’t trade, drop, or give away gold, what can you exchange for a legendary? Only one you found in the same game. Even the legendary materials (which are in very short supply and required for all lvl 70+ legendary crafting) are BoA. As are legendary recipes, whether you already know them or not. It’s basically impossible to trade anything other than rares now, and they’re hardly worth trading (aside from jewelry) since it’s quite easy to gamble and then enchant a rare to nearly top quality (given the current quite limited pool of desired affixes on almost all armor slots).

    Will this state of affairs remain past launch? I’d be very surprised, unless Waterfiend somehow secretly became the lead developer of RoS. It seems like a beta testing thing to me, like the (formerly, judging by my drops the last few days) very high legendary drop rate, the now much reduced Horadric Goodie Bag reward rate, etc. Blizzard might not be rolling out whole new features in the RoS beta, but they’re definitely playing with drop rates and other subtle things that have such a large impact on the game and economy long term. And they will continue to do so, as we’re still very early into the beta; not even to the point that they’d usually have *any* outside testers.

    Bonus tidbit in that screenshot above. Currently in RoS when you bring a lvl 60 over from D3, it’s good strategy to use an Enchant to reroll the damage on your weapon. As you can see on my Demon Hunter, it vastly increased the DPS of her old D3 Calamity. This won’t get you a RoS end game item, but it will give you something that will speed you on your way to 70, when you should have little trouble finding a 3000+ DPS weapon.

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