Bill Roper On Diablo & More

Our main network site recently caught up with Bill Roper to discuss his latest project as well as his thoughts on his past work, including the Diablo series. In the interview Bill gives his thoughts on Diablo 3 as well as the lessons he learned while at Blizzard and Flagship Studios on Hellgate: London. Here’s a snip from the lengthy interview, it’s well worth a read:

To go further back in your career, you worked on Diablo, and that’s coming up on a third sequel. How do you think it’s been handled?

Ultimately they’re going to do a great job, because Blizzard always does a great job on products. I was interested by the big explosion that happened online when they released the first gameplay footage and screenshots, when that vocal minority was outraged that it didn’t have that dark, gothic, gritty look. But that actually made sense, because it’s not Blizzard North doing it anymore.

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