Big Game Change News Soon?

We know that Blizzard has been going back and forth on the DiabloWikirunestone system but could we be getting some news on game mechanic changes really soon? In response to a Tweet by Dontinquire who wrote an in-depth analysis (worth a read) of the Diablo 3 game mechanics back in December, Bashiok adds:

It’s pretty solid! Jay and Wyatt read it too. It’s going to need to be revised pretty heavily soon though…

The “revised pretty heavily” comment suggests that it’s more than just the rune system that has been altered to any great degree. Perhaps skills, gems, the action house?  I certainly hope that Bashiok’s response is an indication of an update soon and a reveal of any major changes we may not yet know about

Thanks to Neinball for the newstip.

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27 thoughts on “Big Game Change News Soon?

  1. Oh come on. How much more can they possible revise. There has to be a point where they say, enough is enough, we are releasing the game, and then patching any additonal problems post release. This tweet makes it sound as if we are going to have another August 1st. Which has me worried.

    • Except, they’re done with the system and now they just have to revise particulars and stuff…
      So, the fact they’re already part-way done with it should give you hope.

      Really? August? Blizzard is known for that stuff but even that is ridiculous.

    • I am sorry for the vagueness of my statement I should probably clarify, I mean August 1st, 2011, when large portions of the game were overhauled, GAH, RMAH and removal of skill points were announced, and when there were hundreds of rage-quit threads in the forums.

  2. I hope that, in addition to the rune changes, they at least overhauled the gems as the current ones on the official sites are just plain boring…

    • I agree that Glvl 14 gems don´t have any mods which would make all the grinding for them worthwile. We are supposed to grind for month+ for them, and the rewards just don´t seem… rewarding enough for such large long-term goal. Also, +exp mod equals a wasted family of gems.

      • Also the fact that Amethysts are redundant in that you basically just get more life (helm is a % life bonus, everything else is a vitality bonus) no matter where you socket them… so unless vitality does something else in the final game it’s essentially the same bonus…

        • they could be thinking that at some point in the game, say inferno, you will need all the life you can get?

  3. I hope they overhaul the skill system, the rune system, the gem system, and then polish it all for another 3 years. This is a joke… is it done for hype or is there another reason for the delay that somehow nets activision more money?

  4. Random Conspiracy Theory:
    The Diablo 3 developers are sekret heroes who are trying their super best to trick Activision into funding Diablo 3 until it the company goes bankrupt.

  5. i can see polish, some stat adjsutments, things of that nature. but i’ll be honest, if that guy has to overhaul that “manual” he wrote up i’m gonna be a bit irate.  that tome really sealed the deal for me.  well that and watching everyones beta videos.  i think they got a solid game going. what in the hell are they doing now?!  truly ridiculous.  🙁

    • What bugs me about this is that I finally got into the beta, and I’ve been compiling a huge document filled with feedback on everything you can think of. It’s over 40 pages in MS Word already (most of it skills and auction house whining).

      I made a post asking if feedback was pointless for now and Lylirra responded with this:

      It’s never too late to share your feedback, so I’d definitely encourage you to post. Even if we don’t happen to agree with you or act on your suggestions right away, the discussions your feedback may generate is always welcome in these forums. 🙂

      • Reading between the lines, this Lylirra post makes it obvious that they HAVE done a August 1st again. Oh GOD, spare us the torture!

  6. Well I for one am excited about the news and can’t wait to see what they’ve been working on that they decided was worth of delaying the game for.  If they’re sharing it soon then the major systems will really be complete and they’ll only be balancing afterwards.  That means we will actually be in a polishing-only phase and closer than ever to release! 🙂

  7. It started out as a pretty good read; had to stop when he started gushing, and just sucking up.  Yes, that’s right, all of us “hardcore” players that like to see real numbers in the skill descriptions aren’t really happy unless we need to alt-tab.  He found me out.  Next.

    • Yeah, I found that part kind of misinformed and just plain conjecture (despite his claim at the end that he tried to remain unbiased)… His argument that needing to leave the game to find out info about it means it is not simple enough kind of misses the point of why people are opposed to simplified tooltips… I would say if you need to leave the game to find out how a skill works then it is not informative enough…

  8. That was a great read. Very informative and analytically written, which often cannot be said about opinions expressed here;)

  9. Considering how many points that guy hits in his posts, the fact that it’s going to need to be “revised pretty heavily soon” is kind of scary… I mean… Did they really change that many systems that much? **** me sideways… 😕

  10. It seems to me that the game was nowhere near beta stage when they started the beta phase. Maybe Blizzard wasnt lying when they announced a very short stability test type beta. The battlenet infrastructure only needed a small test. The game itself was nowhere ready to be released in form of a beta, which in my definition means content complete with all systems included. They made so many fundamental changes, that it goes way beyond the final polishing touch that is normally done through a beta. Maybe they just have a different definition of beta, just like their unique definition of time spans (soon TM). Or they ran into unforseeable problems besides the RMAH issue.

  11. It’s also my impression that they simply never were anywhere close to release; the boredome that were items (stats) was an indication how little content was ready for this game. Not to mention gems, wtf is that boring level 14 shit i couldn’t care less about? Jay probably had an epiphany how little meat there still was to the game with the removal of skill/stat points and such shit, and as such are now frantically trying to introduce some new (meaning old) mechanics that will be sold of as totally revolutionally never ever been seen before wow genius.

  12. It sounds actually like Eve Online in that they have two servers for players:
    – Tranquility is the game server
    – Singularity is the test server

    Now, it sounds like they have a test server for the devs where they are able to plug in and plug out varying systems at a moments notice to test different iterations of different systems.
    I’ve just read this (, and the updated note regarding the tweet from Bashiok and this sounds completely plausible.

    Granted, the beta sounds like a bit of a joke, however the mechanics of the game are pretty sound (from the reviews from differnent magazines – ala PC Gamer).

    Thanks for the link to Dontinquire’s piece Flux, as it is a great read.

    I’m still hopeful until March 31st, as I reckon they have ironed out the direction they want to go in, and are just as excited as us to release as they are to hold everything back.
    Need I mention Peter Molyneux and his excitement over features coming out in Fable, only to eat his own hat!?

    Everything will be revealed sooner or later…

  13. Even if you estimate on the high side, at like 70/mil year annually, that’s still less than three weeks of majority-margin WoW revenue. It’s an R&D writeoff, and has been for almost 12 years now (if we take B’s own words in the retrospective video).

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