We know a LOT of fans very much enjoy the purely fanmade creations of the world of Diablo, and tens of thousands have been looking at different fan art & fan fiction articles, as well as fan monsters, fan character, fan locations and fan skills made by fellow fans. The quality of background, illustrations and functionality varies, but some of these articles have been viewed more times than traditional “DiabloWikicanon” pages.

    However, the most popular section by far has been the fanmade Diablo 3 classes which we started adding first, almost a year ago now. Perhaps they are so popular because the fifth Diablo 3 class has not yet been released, or the fact we “know” there will be more classes added in the two expansions. Designing a whole class also helps others with their imagination of the world of Diablo, which obviously is popular.

    The two prime examples are the Flagellant by Vizcire (from the D3 Skill Tree Contest) and the Arcane Warrior by Technomancer. These two are both shy of just a few hundred visits to be in the top-50 most popular articles of the wiki. Their popularity probably comes from the quality of images, backgrounds and skill information.

    If you want to make one yourself, it doesn’t need to be as serious as these two examples. Fan classes usually just start out just as a thread of ideas in the Characters and Skills forum, and if they have merit as a fan class, gets added to the big fan class thread. The author, or some friendly wiki editor, then adds it all to the wiki (with the assistance of the Class boilerplate, so it looks more like a “real” class) and the unique fan class page is born!

    In some cases, we have well known fan artists help out as well, making concept art for the new classes. One example is the Hollow Man by BigKevSexyMan, who got a treatment by no other than Delowyn.

    With these sections being so popular, we’ve now improved the wiki for more fanmade content. Read on for all the updates.

    Fan Stuff Separated

    The main thing is that we have incorporated all the fan-made articles into a new “namespace”. This is wiki slang for saying they are now a special type of article, sorted differently from all the others. They are now easier to find in searches, where they can be excluded or included by the user. The one thing you might want to consider is that you need to check the box for “Fanmade” material when searching normally to receive hits from fanmade articles, otherwise you won;t get a single hit on what you were looking for.

    Another advantage with this is that the wiki now allows ANYONE to create ANY sort of Diablo-related article without mixing up “real” and “fanmade” articles.

    At the moment, we don’t have many fanmade locations or characters, but with this system it’s super-easy to just create whatever fanmade place/location/person/monster/class you want to show your friends or fellow Diablo enthusiasts. Just make sure the article starts with the word “Fanmade:” (including the colon) and then write the full name without another space to assign it as a fanmade article.

    Still, you should never forget to categorize your articles and even though they all have the same “prefix” as such, they still belong to different categories, depending on what the article is about.

    What about Fan Fiction?

    Fans of The Dark Library now have their articles separated as well. They still use their same “Fan_fiction:” namespace, but now has the above mentioned search functionality. There’s a good 60+ articles from different fan fiction works and their multiple chapters and they are WELL worth checking out if you have not done so already!

    Don’t forget! Locations, characters or monsters in the fan fiction short stories are also a good candidates to be added as a fanmade dittos, to help readers getting in to the story even further.

    Enjoy or Add

    It’s fairly simple to browse through other’s work in the wiki. Just go to the fan creation section, where you can find links to all other fan-made pages.

    If YOU feel inspired to make a page of your own, a new class, monster, character or even just an article for a skill or a skill tree, it’s not that complicated.

    Wiki code might feel a little daunting at first, which is why we have made a help section just for this. It doesn’t include all the more advanced stuff, but there’s links to wikipedia if you are at that level. The Boilerplates in the wiki are also made to help making your work look just like a real article.

    Sometimes it’s really handy to write down your ideas in a place with easy access and leave open for others to give feedback or suggestions. This is what wiki pages are great for. If you do make a new “stub” article, make sure to link it from the Characters and Skills forum as well!

    Good luck with your own creativity, or just enjoy your fellow creative fans’ work!

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