Big Diablo 3 News Coming At Blizzcon 2014?

Big Diablo 3 News Coming At Blizzcon 2014?

Despite the multitude of new changes in recent patches, some fans are already growing restless and requesting more new content, and/or some official “State of the Game” type address from the developers. Nothing of the sort seems likely, at least not until a big convention in November. Big Diablo 3 News Coming At Blizzcon 2014?

Do you got plans in the future ? Any changes ? Can we got some information about Season 2, what will be in it? What about S1 exploits ? When will the beta season will end? (Aka. Season 1) State of GRift ? Class balance ? Build diversity ?
Vaneras: I don’t have much I can say on this topic right now, buy I just wanted to jump into this thread to assure everyone that we are reading your feedback as well as taking note of your concerns.

don’t forget Blizzcon is in a month so probably we won’t hear any big news until then
The developers have seen the requests for a ‘state of the game’ update, and they are not against that idea. BlizzCon is indeed on the approach, and while I currently don’t have information on the kind of news that may be shared before or during the event, I do hope that people will find BlizzCon interesting.

I am bracing myself for disappointment, but what are our odds on getting a type of “state of d3” post with ur thoughts?
Good idea … Let me talk about it with people back at Blizz… Blizzcon is coming up. –Josh Mosq [email protected]

Seems pretty unlikely Josh Mosqueira would say “Blizzcon is coming up” if they weren’t planning on giving us some big infos at the show. Doesn’t mean we’ll get the second expansion reveal, but it seems safe to bet on something bigger than “more of the same.”

Do you guys expect big news from Blizzcon? And/or do you even think we need it? Greater Rifts and the associated game content was all added in patches fairly recently, and considering that Diablo 3 is free to play, without a monthly fee or even any micro-transactions, we’ve gotten an amazing amount of high quality content added in patches. I’m not saying I expect a cash item shoppe or something, but neither do I expect an endless parade of big content patches. The game will likely stabilize at some point, with the next big thing coming in a not-free expansion pack.

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19 thoughts on “Big Diablo 3 News Coming At Blizzcon 2014?

  1. It might be a little soon, considering Blizzard's recent record with expansions (is Legacy of the Void ever coming out?), but I'd really like to see a new xpac announced.

    Patch 2.1 has been great, but I need moar character classes.

  2. Please, please, please have the second X-pack ready for announcement, along with skill points to add to specific skills we want to make a “build” for, and a Druid class or a class like a Native American type shaman. Please. *beg pray plead*

  3. The development team 'not being against' talking about their product sounds a lot like the level of enthusiasm they could muster whenever they don't currently have any unfinished/overpriced/overhyped stuff to sell to you.

    I'm surprised to see Blizzard's PR spins being trumpeted so compliantly here, though. The content they've released since launch is not so much an MMO-like content addition or a free-to-play bonus extra. They are actually just catching up on all the stuff they didn't manage to finish in time for launch – in the case of a tileset and ladders, they themselves have actually admitted that. When applauding Blizzard for post-release finishing their half-finished products, I'm afraid we're already miles beyond the fawnsite border. Which is a pity, really. =\

    • Is there any disagreement that RoS has released a ton of content in patches, for free? For a non-MMO that none of us are paying an ongoing fee to play, or even supporting via RMAH purchases, it's been quite substantial. Especially in the modern day video game industry, where many/most titles are obviously feature-lacking upon release, with not-free DLC offered to flesh them out over the months/years post release. If this was Call of Duty, is there any question that Greater Rifts would have been like $5-10 to activate?

      D3v did a lot of content in patches, but it felt like desperate catch up, trying to salvage a poor initial release, which Bliz basically acknowledged when they talked about why RoS was longer post-release than planned. RoS didn't feel incomplete or half-featured to me, in that way.

      And we're not anything approaching a fawnsite. I state my honest opinion about what's good or bad in the game, and I think RoS has given us a lot of content for free in patches. You might want MOAR, and so do I, but it's been a lot and of high quality. If I didn't think so, I wouldn't say so. I posted a big rant about how the controls suck for melee characters the post immediately before this one, and much of the new podcast is complaining about the lacking implementation of Realm of Trials and Grifts. Is that a fawnsighting?

  4. be4 they announce a new expansion or seasonal changes id like to know about if they are gonna have a tuning pass at some of the affixes on elites…. more specifically mortar reflect jailer and frozen they just nuke high def melees and ranged chars in grifts "mainly one bangs a char" (group or youself have to rerun the whole length of the grift again to catch back up)

  5. Maybe they are going to announce a major change to a game system or something? The ex-D2 addict in me hopes for some sort of major revamp to the way skills work – not gonna happen though.

    Maybe a glut of new items? Legendaries getting ANOTHER revamp? That wouldn't really excite though…

    Definitely seems early for a the next xpac to be announced.

  6. I’m constantly shocked at how much people think free content Blizzard owes them for a non-subscription based game that has likely already provided them with THOUSANDS of hours of entertainment for a negligible price. Patch 2.1 was practically a mini-expansion. Besides the normal tweaks that will come and go, each Season, from what we can tell, will have about 10 new legendaries, new gems, and one or two other things thrown in for good measure. Things ARE stabilizing, and the game has never been better, more fun, or addicting. And none of this is stuff Blizzard HAS to do. They aren’t reaping any profit from continuing to churn out content for D3 that isn’t expansion related. They are doing 10 times more than any other game company would in regards to Diablo.

    • You know, I would ordinarily completely agree with bashing the entitlement mentality of gamers in general, but Diablo 3 was so atrocious for a very long time, that I believe a little bit of entitlement is necessary with this game in particular… This game was just flat out awful initially, and it has still done some things I REALLY disagree with, like making Tyrael a mortal little weak milquetoast and taking away his awesome angelic appearance completely. Everything that made him cool. Plus, killing Cain off? Yeah, no. Just, no. At this point, Blizzard’s free updates are, to me, a way of saying “we are sorry we took a dump all over your favorite ARPG genre.”

  7. Gut feeling is it is too soon for an expansion announcement. Then again, could be wrong as ROS was released surprisingly quick given when that got announced only last year. If I was a betting man, I'd anticipate an expansion announcement in the first half of next year, with a probable release late 2015/early 2016.

    More likely for this Blizzcon, a state of the game type panel & hopefully some talk of a final content patch 2.2. Hopefully revisit bounties & add more legendary gems. Also add something else to do in the end game, something to hunt/farm for. I kind of miss having to hunt for purples for crafting materials.

    • I remember Blizzard specifically referring to patch 2.1 as "the first major content patch of Reaper of Souls". My guess is we'll hear the reveal of the second at Blizzcon, namely 2.2 like you said. While the rumors slated the next expansion for 2015 I doubt we'd hear anything about it this soon after RoS launched.

      There's also already a pretty worthwhile and time-consuming Easter egg hunt in the game, if you're up for that kind of thing; hellfire amulets. Beyond that, the entire game is basically a giant farming quest, aimless as it is.

    • We've gone over the timeline a few times on the podcast, but just to restate:

      D3v released in 5/12. Expansion announced 8/13, 14m later. Released 3/14, 22m after D3's release, 7m after RoS' announcement.

      RoS released in 3/14. Blizzcon 2014 is in 11/14. 8 months after release. We know Bliz wants to aim for 18months for their expansion packs, and we know RoS was a few months later than planned due to all the emergency content patching post release. So if they're back on their desired schedule, and aiming for a D3Y release around 18m after RoS, that would be targeting somewhere around Sept 2015.

      Would they announce an expansion pack 10m before release? Probably not, and probably D3Y won't be ready for 20 or 22 months anyway, which is about the typical WoW expansion pace. So probably D3Y won't be announced until early next year, with a target date for 4Q 2015. But hoping they're ahead of schedule makes Blizzcon 2014 seem more exciting!

    • i wouldnt mind seeing some kadala only legendaries with a purple name if displayed in chat/beam on floor it would give kadala new meaning

  8. It is not fanboi to state the obvious and the obvious is that we have gotten high quality patches that in essence we haven't paid for. I am nbot counting patches that are fixing problems of things not working well. I am including grifts and gems and goblins and uber stuffs. Plus reworking some of the sets and new sets. I think we got that for free.

    I would hope they consider expansions and DLC's. Because if we want to see the game continue to grow and develop and even get better with relevant real crafting, we are going to have to pay for it. And I want to within reason.

  9. Maybe they should bring 2.1 to the consoles first instead of working on 2.2 for the PC.
    For some reason I have the idea that the consoles are allready forgotten by Blizzard.

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