Despite the multitude of new changes in recent patches, some fans are already growing restless and requesting more new content, and/or some official “State of the Game” type address from the developers. Nothing of the sort seems likely, at least not until a big convention in November. Big Diablo 3 News Coming At Blizzcon 2014?

    Do you got plans in the future ? Any changes ? Can we got some information about Season 2, what will be in it? What about S1 exploits ? When will the beta season will end? (Aka. Season 1) State of GRift ? Class balance ? Build diversity ?
    Vaneras: I don’t have much I can say on this topic right now, buy I just wanted to jump into this thread to assure everyone that we are reading your feedback as well as taking note of your concerns.

    don’t forget Blizzcon is in a month so probably we won’t hear any big news until then
    The developers have seen the requests for a ‘state of the game’ update, and they are not against that idea. BlizzCon is indeed on the approach, and while I currently don’t have information on the kind of news that may be shared before or during the event, I do hope that people will find BlizzCon interesting.

    I am bracing myself for disappointment, but what are our odds on getting a type of “state of d3” post with ur thoughts?
    Good idea … Let me talk about it with people back at Blizz… Blizzcon is coming up. –Josh Mosq [email protected]

    Seems pretty unlikely Josh Mosqueira would say “Blizzcon is coming up” if they weren’t planning on giving us some big infos at the show. Doesn’t mean we’ll get the second expansion reveal, but it seems safe to bet on something bigger than “more of the same.”

    Do you guys expect big news from Blizzcon? And/or do you even think we need it? Greater Rifts and the associated game content was all added in patches fairly recently, and considering that Diablo 3 is free to play, without a monthly fee or even any micro-transactions, we’ve gotten an amazing amount of high quality content added in patches. I’m not saying I expect a cash item shoppe or something, but neither do I expect an endless parade of big content patches. The game will likely stabilize at some point, with the next big thing coming in a not-free expansion pack.

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