As part of their promotion for the upcoming release of Diablo 3 on the PlayStation, a Bid for Greatness contest/auction is ongoing that will let fans “buy” some specially-created props seen on the Witch Doctor in the PS3 commercial. The full schedule is on the page linked above, but the D3 items are as follows:

  • Day 5 (7/20) Witch Doctor Mojo
  • Day 7 (7/22) Witch Doctor Cursed Skull
  • Day 13 (7/28) Witch Doctor Ceremonial Garb
  • To be perfectly honest, I don’t get this. Apparently players can earn achievement-like virtual trophies for playing other PS3 games, and this is a chance to spend those by bidding on various physical objects, including these Diablo 3 items. So I guess it’s not actually a contest, it’s just a way to let people who play a *lot* of PS3 games trade the result of those hours on special loot?

    That seems weird. Why wouldn’t they set a max price on these items and throw everyone who bids that much into some random drawing? That seems more fair and likely to interest more players than the super-rich, but then again, I have no idea how hard this trophies currency is to obtain, or what else you can do with them. And tragically, I probably never will.

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