Bid for Greatness: Buy Diablo 3 Props

As part of their promotion for the upcoming release of Diablo 3 on the PlayStation, a Bid for Greatness contest/auction is ongoing that will let fans “buy” some specially-created props seen on the Witch Doctor in the PS3 commercial. The full schedule is on the page linked above, but the D3 items are as follows:

  • Day 5 (7/20) Witch Doctor Mojo
  • Day 7 (7/22) Witch Doctor Cursed Skull
  • Day 13 (7/28) Witch Doctor Ceremonial Garb
  • To be perfectly honest, I don’t get this. Apparently players can earn achievement-like virtual trophies for playing other PS3 games, and this is a chance to spend those by bidding on various physical objects, including these Diablo 3 items. So I guess it’s not actually a contest, it’s just a way to let people who play a *lot* of PS3 games trade the result of those hours on special loot?

    That seems weird. Why wouldn’t they set a max price on these items and throw everyone who bids that much into some random drawing? That seems more fair and likely to interest more players than the super-rich, but then again, I have no idea how hard this trophies currency is to obtain, or what else you can do with them. And tragically, I probably never will.

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    9 thoughts on “Bid for Greatness: Buy Diablo 3 Props

    1. Huzzah! No news until November but hey buy some plastic sh!t from us to celebrate a better version of the game being ported to the console!

      Thanks blizz.

    2. I commend Blizz for the way they treat tangible goods related to their games, commercial props and old servers are cool things in my books and CHARITY auctions for things like that are awesome… Rewarding PS3 addicts with props for a game they probably don’t care all that much about since they are obviously hardcore console addicts to have that many points in the first place? No.

    3. Flux thinks it’s weird PS is rewarding their most loyal customers? Why am I not surprised…. On that note, I’d like to introduce you to Blizzard. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

    4. I don’t think Blizzard had anything to do with this (other than giving permission). Sony made the commercial, and had all the props made for it. It’s interesting though, looking through the comments on the Sony site, that the contest has generated mostly gamer rage since the only people with enough “trophies” to bid on this stuff are massive cheaters.

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