Beware Diablo’s Claw is Gonna Getcha

An odd thing has been happening in General Chat. Fake items such as Diablo’s Claw have been appearing, linked up, ready for clicking. The text is pink but once you click the text you can be unceremoniously booted from the game. The items we’ve ran into are Monk’s claws (here’s the base item).

Zouri and Strykerking sent over a shot of one such item – Savage Heaven Hand of Conflagration. In chat the text appears as [8===D] (see thumb on right) but when he clicked it he didn’t get booted at least.  The stats on the item are about 25 x the possible damage. He also got linked to one whilst running the butcher called [Diablo’s Cock Ring] – that’s certainly one for the collection.

The official explanation is that it’s generated by simply pasting in code directly in to the chat. A similar thing happened in vanilla WoW and, as was the case then, does nothing with your game.

Thanks for this report! We’re already working to resolve this crash (as well as make it more difficult for players to create “fake” item links) and have a fix planned for an upcoming patch.

Please note that this crash does not pose a security risk. It’s simply a technical glitch.

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  1. Yeah I had one which had swearing in it and was coloured orange. I clicked on it and got booted.

  2. Yeah I encountered this a couple of times. Since I wasn’t kicked out, I thought it was pretty cool. To some who doesn’t know much, it may be jaw-dropping though. I showed it to my brother and he was like :O

  3. Diablo’s “Rooster” Ring? Hilarious. Inappropriate but hilarious non the less.
    I’m not sixteen anymore but occasional “Richard” joke does amuse me 🙂

  4. That +30 Arcane Resistance. Totes needed that.

  5. Same exact thing happened to me–clicked Diablo’s Claw and and the game crashed. I knew it was a fake code as you can CTRL+V HTML links into the chat XD

  6. Someone linked to Tiger Blood, a unique potion that healed a huge amount of life and had 3 sockets.

  7. mmm nice valor stacks u got there

  8. can i get stats on diablo’s cock er i mean his ring

  9. So people not only *stay* in general chat, they click links in there, too? Who knew.

  10. that’s how they get hacked and whine about it

  11. it’s the same like clicking links in your email

  12. Blizzard coders never thought that this could be abused, well, reality check !

  13. you kinky devil you! this is Actiblizzard’s rude awakening, I’m loving it

  14. Diablo’s cock ring!


    Still waiting to find me a “Dirk the Diggler.” 

  15. pssst.. check the closet

  16. WTS Andarial’s Nipple Ring of Exquisite Tittilation! Accepting only SOJs!

  17. If i was to make of the these links, it would be: Goku’s Power level, damage 9000.1 😀

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