Beware Diablo 3 Crack File

This is a friendly word of warning for anyone trying to do anything dodgy with the Diablo 3 Beta. Apparently Microsoft are warning against anybody downloading a file called “diablo3-crack.exe” from torrent sites because they will be  in for a shock, it contains serious malware.

The “fun” begins once the Pontoeb malware is executed. Pontoeb gathers power through obtaining information from the infected system, which it then sends back to a remote attacker. The information is gathered through a WMI query that retrieves data such as SerialNumber, SystemDrive, Operating system and processor architecture. But its ultimate goal is to morph the infected system into a zombie. It installs a backdoor where an attacker connects to in order to control the infected system and execute certain commands (for example, download a file, update itself, visit a website, and perform HTTP, SYN, and UDP flooding)

You have been warned. Do not download anything game related that is not official!

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18 thoughts on “Beware Diablo 3 Crack File

  1. Suspicious exe files from torrents may have malware. Also, that person emailing you is not a Nigerian prince or deposed dictator who needs you to hold vast quantities of money for them.

    More news at 11.

  2. Isn’t the first rule of Internet: Do not run downloaded .exe files? No wait, that’s the second rule. the first rule of Internet is You Do Not Talk About The Internet.

    • The server emulator those videos are made with is open source, you can read through the code and compile it yourself (if you know what you’re doing). There’s no need to download potentially malicious exe files.

    • You don’t “crack” an online game. You emulate it. There’s an entire world of difference.

      And no, those pills won’t enlarge your dangly bits either.

  3. Heh, one quick search on two fairly big torrent sites and I pulled up no trace of a “diablo 3 crack”.  Either they are on top of things, or people download these cracks from random sites…  Oh wait, this is the internet we’re talking about.

  4. Pontoeb(???????) XDD ahaha this is from Russia(or Ukr), but I can’t translate pont on engl… 😕
    maybe something like Show-off f**ker

    • Hmm, at first glance I thought you went with the ATHF Wongburger episode: “One in three chances of getting your d**k ripped off!”
      But you didn’t 🙁

  5. And after Diablo 3 is finally released, this headline would instead read:

    “Beware Diablo 3 is Crack File

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