Between Diablo 3 Seasons Doldrums

news-seasons-featureIt’s only been a few days since Season Six ended, and with still a week and a half until Season Seven begins, what’s a Diablo player to do with their gaming urges? I understand that there are members of the community who do not play Diablo 3 Seasons … but I don’t personally know any of them, and thus I desire to know what makes them (you?) tick.

I wasn’t able to play any in Season Six until the last few weeks, and with a real life full time and part time job my gaming time is very limited… thus I was just really starting to enjoy the push when S6 ended. I manage to finish the Conqueror page in the Season Journey the last night of S6, punching that extra stash tab reward in the nick of time. Then I had a day off last weekend and had a real urge to play D3… but without a season going it felt pointless to bother.

How about you guys? It seems like most people still playing Reaper of Souls dive in each Season and then gradually drift away over the next months before regaining interest again when the next season starts. But that’s very anecdotal, and short of Blizzard releasing player stats, we can only generalize by what our friends do, or by what we can extrapolate from the Leaderboards.

What are you doing until Friday, August 5th at 5pm?

Do you play Diablo 3 between seasons?

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The fresh economy and the fun of building a new character and seeing them become powerful is what makes the seasonal experience fun for me. And while we joke about the power creep and ease of leveling, I had to admit that I’ve come to really appreciate how Haedrig’s Gift enables a speedy ascension to T6+ via that first guaranteed six-piece. So what’s the the joy of not playing seasonal? Just working on perfecting the same character over a long, long time frame?

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  1. I play seasons just to get rewards and then I get bored of it. My most playtime on D3 is on DH, where I set a goal to get perfect BiS items, and currently wait for T13, since the drop rates of legendaries are crazy. Basically every elite drops legendary. 20+ legendaries per 1 normal Rift in 10 minutes? Sign me in!

    • If you’re basing that on the PTR, you might want to hold off on those expectations. You probably experience the Legendary drop bonus that they usually apply to the PTR, which essentially turns every drop into a Legendary drop, especially at high Torment levels. While T13 should have improved rewards, it won’t be THAT drastic over T10 drops.

  2. If you’ve been playing since D3’s launch, stash tab is critical if not mandatory to receive. At the bare minimum I do this first, then follow my friends/clan in terms of where they choose to progress. I play more for the social aspect than anything else.

  3. All I do between seasons is clean out the mailbox, and prep a few characters for rebirthing by stripping them down to their undies. Been out of the Diablo scene for a few months, pretty much skipped season 6 and missed out on the stash tab, but I am refreshed now and ready for season 7 to hit.

    For this season it will be back to my favorite class the witch doctor, and even though they are projected to be have one of the strongest DPS builds (Helltooth Gargantuan) I have never enjoyed pet builds too much aside from the original Carnevil back in season 1 and 2. So I plan to try to complete season journey using either a Helltooth or Arachyr based mana spender build, or Jade. Currently leaning towards an Arachyr plague bats build, but we will have to wait and see what RNG blesses me with.

    • WD may have slightly higher DPS, but this season will be all about Demon Hunter, since the Unhallowed Essence set is in Haedrig gift and once you get the 6 piece bonus and the Yangs Recurve, it is just roflstomp up to level 70 Grift solo and nothing slows you down at that is well enough to get you the whole season journey.

      • I like play various class/builds( no only the viables for pushing Grifts) and really Helltooth 6p >> Unhallowed Essence 6p without none specific weapon.

      • For sure UE is a was faster farm set and will be way easier to complete the season journey with. I am not running an Arachyr or Helltooth plague bats build, or even Jade for that matter, for ease of us. I am running it for a challenge and above all for fun.

        Did the UE DH on season 5 (didn’t play season 6) and don’t really feel like repeating the exact same play style one more time. I will probably make a DH alt but I’m thinking of fooling around with the shadow set if I do. Only time will tell.

  4. I play seasons just to get rewards and then I get bored of play one or two class. I play and enjoy normally five class ty at the retroactive changes in sets, create viables alternatives builds,etc. Stash tab is mandatory to receive

  5. I have never played seasonal and I never will. I don’t see the point of having to level a new character and find all the same gear over again. Also, I like to play all the classes and I play solo. I’ve never even joined a public game. Used to occasionally play with a couple real life friends, but they have since stopped playing. So, in order to be able to experience the high level gear/builds on each class while playing solo, I play non-seasonal. Of course, it goes without saying that I wish the extra stash tabs could be obtained without having to do the various seasonal journey tasks. Oh well.

  6. Same feeling here. I was sitting in front of the computer, debating on whether to install a GOG game. But, nah, too lazy-D3 won out. Basically just leveling some leftover gems from previous seasons and putting them on my WW barb. Because reasons.

  7. I started playing Seasons in HC mode first as a challenge b/c I had failed many times in HC D3V before RoS launched. Then once stash tabs were added to the rewards I had to play it b/c I have so many inventory issues. The only class I do not play is the WD, so for me I can’t ever have enough stash tabs b/c I tend to keep multiple set ups for each character. As far as in between seasons I tend to see how far I can solo a GR with the class I just played (this past season it was DH for the first time in seasons), also level up gems to a basic level like 60 or 70 for augmenting legendary gear at some point. It’s also time to play around and have fun with none high GR builds on whatever character I feel inspired to play. Crusader pet build, captain america build, hybrid thorns and so on.

  8. I never have and never will play seasons!
    Just like D2 seasons “destroyed” the game for me because everyone left Non-Seasons.
    People fly up the levels so fast in seasons that i don’t know why they wont make it start and go for a week (most people should be PL500 after a week), then make it so they can combine for all the Non-Ladder people to make it so there are more people to play with.

  9. I’ve been back playing D2 , I gave up early this season after doing nothing but trying to get a stash tab , burnt me out . I play solo so was a tad mare difficult . I think if I was given the stash tab I would have played for a lot longer .
    So when season hits , I will be going for my stash tab then getting straight back to D2 .

  10. I would rather be forced to play a D2 Hardcore Ladder Impalazon with a broken spear than play one season of Diablo 3.

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