Better Cursor Visibility in Diablo 3

Better Cursor Visibility in Diablo 3

Some Blue replies to a common fan-complaint; the difficulty in picking out the cursor during chaotic, explosion-filled combat. In short, let’s get some better cursor visibility in Diablo 3!

Implement a Cursor customization option please. I’m colour blind and given the amount of action on screen, especially in a groups. I so often loose track of the cursor and hence either die or become some what useless to my team for X amount of time.
Hey VINEUK – thank you for sharing your experience and thanks everyone for your feedback on this customization option. We will highlight this request with our devs as a very valid quality of life improvement that is especially important for our fellow colour blind players 🙂

We will update you on the possibility of implementation of this option as soon as we have some info to share.

Hey everyone – thanks for your patience – I just wanted to reassure you that the request for this option has not been dismissed.

We simply don’t have any info to share from our dev team regarding this yet but will surely update you in this thread as soon as we have received it.

news-fry-not-sure-cursorOk im gaming on a 30″ display 2560×1600 res like many people do and im having trouble locating the mouse cursor when there is action and graphics filling up my screen. I miss with my meteor because i can find the cursor i cant be as good as i would like to be because i cant be because i cant see the cursor.

Im having to move it into one of the 4 corners of my screen so i can locate it and then its tricky to find even when i do that.

Cursor need the option to double its size and make it bright green or bright yellow or something because the colour and size it is now its very hard to locate it and we need to see where it is on screen to be able to play well.

Wuluxar: Hey guys, as Vineuk has pointed out there is a nice thread on this already so I will lock this one down.

Both threads are from the EU forums, but I’m sure the US devs have heard similar things all along. It wouldn’t seem like a real complicated thing to fix or add in, so I worry this is one of those “it’s our beautiful game and we like it how it is” issues, plus the fact that global programming changes (as opposed to tweaking values on a skill) seem to take forever. Remember how we went a a year+ in D3v when you couldn’t see all all active buffs or debuffs since only a few icons could show at once above the skill bar at the bottom of the screen?

So yes, options for larger or different colored or blinking or whatever cursor. I am not color blind, but I lose sight of it all the time, especially when playing ranged chars. My DH uses a DiabloWikiKridershot, and with Lightning Ball going out non-stop across screens full of monsters and Bosses and {wiki]Elite Effects[/wiki] it’s really hard to pick out the tiny gray cursor arrow/sword, which I need to deliver the Cluster Bomb on target. It’s worst when you lock onto a target and keep shooting at it while it moves around, so your projectiles are firing somewhere other than where your cursor is pointing, and then you stop firing at that enemy and try to figure where you are pointing…

Anyone else have issues with losing sight of the cursor during combat? Any tips or tricks for workarounds while we wait/hope the Bliz programmers can make a fix? #QualityofLife

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21 thoughts on “Better Cursor Visibility in Diablo 3

  1. Constantly. The cursor is red/grey/yellowish. Every demon is red, loads of grey armour and loads of yellowish dessert. That doesnt even include spells, teammates and their bloody spells.

    I hope for some cursor options, maube unlockable or so, to have some shapes and colours. Even bright neon pink might be an option for visibility.

  2. Its annoy for me as well I will sometimes just lose track of it like others have said just outta the blue. I'm not color-blind either but it just vanishes and i will miss and or mess up my bombardment placement all the time…

  3. Palette the cursor and allow us to pick our own color! Some size/design options would be helpful, too–but open choice color would solve a lot of issues.

  4. It'd be neat to see what changes they'll come out with. But I'm used to not being able to see things given that I'm gradually going blind and my character is forever lost in tunnel vision. Ha-ha.

  5. Works great. Easily changed it for default arrow, sword and glove cursors. 😉

  6. The key problem here is that the hover-over cursor is the same colour as most enemies and combat effects.

    This wasn't an issue with previous Diablo titles because the cursor stayed dark-grey, which contrasted well in combat.

  7. And is this allowed/save to use? I know that a while ago that one such program which changed the colour slightly (some grainy dark effect or so?) wasnt techniaclly allowed by blizz.

  8. I agree we could use a better cursor solution. Sometimes I can't find the cursor during a large battle even when frantically waving my mouse around! I have to force-move just to figure out which direction I'm facing.

  9. Annoying problem, I'm using a 30" monitor at 2560×1600 and can "feel" where cursor is most of the time, occasionally it gets lost and momentary confusion.

    Also concerned about breaking TOS by using yolomouse mod.

    I did see a video sometime ago where the player had a slight yellow glow around mouse pointer in game (probably about 3/4 inch in diameter), it looked like perfect solution but couldn't find the mod.

  10. And here I thought I was alone with this issue – I'm not colour blind either, and 'only' running 1920*1080 on a 24" widescreen, but lose the cursor all the time. I don't care how dramatic they make it; make it an option for those who want it…

  11. This has never been a problem for me to be honest. I play barb/monk most of the time though. Haven't noticed any cursor issues with my WD either, but I don't need to click with her (yes, its a she). I just drink coffee while the pets do the job.

  12. I don't notice the trouble much playing a melee char in RoS, and I can't remember it very often in D3 either. Not sure what it is about RoS that raised the visibility issue; more visual effects? Not like D3 was lacking in those.

  13. I have this problem too. I thought I was just getting old–glad to know I'm not the only one seeing (well, not seeing) it.

  14. I'm not even color blind, but I definitely have issues seeing the cursor sometimes. Sometimes there are just so many spell effects and demons all around to be able to see anything.

    Act IV is a huge culprit for me.
    When the mages are slamming down fireballs in the silver spire or whatever and you have a million of those hammer arm demons, etc it just gets overwhelming visually.

  15. I'm not color blind because I see all colors but not with their full intensity. It's quite a handicap and I loose the cursor very often so it would be great news if they could implement a cursor customization ! 🙂

  16. I knew I couldn't be the only one.. Occasionally I lose my cursor when there's tons of cramp on the screen. Also it makes it near impossible to see acid puddles, Frozen circles and arcane sentries that are winding up. I have to split my attention by looking down at my bar to check the expiration of buffs and the cool down on skills, asses the mob and kite while attacking, try to put my cursor highlighting the elite master,'s affixes, which is difficult because again there is too much noise on the board and it's even worse when you have monsters that are small hit boxed and naturally fast. I don't even want to imagine one such who rolled the Fast property as well.

    Customizable UI would be good. Put all of it closer to the hero so I don't have to take my eyes off of the ghosts trying to one shot me. I haven't played it but thee wheel in the console version looks a lot better

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